[MISC/INFO] Dynmap-GriefPrevention v0.40 - Display GriefPrevention claims on Dynmap [1.4.7-R1.0+]

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    Mike Primm

    Version 0.40

    Current Release
    Latest stable and unstable builds
    Source Code
    IRC: irc.esper.net #dynmap

    Supported versions:
    Dynmap-GriefPrevention provides a simple way to add visibility of GriefPrevention claims to Dynmap's maps. The plugin depends on the presence of both Dynmap and GriefPrevention, and interacts directly with the GriefPrevention API. Updates to claims are automatically updated (on a settable period - default is once per 5 minutes (300 seconds)). By default, the plugin will be active after simply installing it (by unzipping the distribution into the plugins/ directory and restarting the server.

    Visibility of regions can be controlled via the 'visibleregions' and 'hiddenregions' settings. Besides listing the owners of the regions to be made visible or hidden, entries with the format 'world:<worldname>' can be used to make all claims on a given world visible or hidden.

    Also, the display of the region outlines can be restricted to a minimum zoom-in level, via the 'minzoom' setting. When non-zero, this setting causes the region outlines to only be displayed at or beyond the given zoom-in level.


    After the first load, there will be a config.yml file in the plugins/Dynmap-GriefPrevention directory. Details of the default configuration, and all the provided settings, can be found here

    Change Log:
    • v0.40 - Updated for latest GriefPrevention
    • v0.30 - Updated for latest GriefPrevention, added mcstats.org usage tracking, /dynmap reload suppprt
    • v0.10 - Initial release
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  4. How download i this plugin?
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    Mike Primm

    The link in the OP.....
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    this plugins is for 1.2.3, but work in 1.2.5?
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    Looks like this will help lots, thanks! :D[diamond][diamond][diamond]
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    This is a good plugin but why does the config load in a .txt doc and not a .YML?? It makes it hard to configure.
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    Mike Primm

    Mostly for the same reason that 90% of the other plugins use YAML - its standard for Bukkit plugins :)
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    But my question is why doesn't you plugin load a .YML file?
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    Mike Primm

    Um, it does... config.yml is a YML file...
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    Actually it doesn't and I can prove it. I went to load the plugin and I got a .txt not .YML. I'm on my iPod so I'll send you the file in the morning.
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    Mike Primm

    With respect, you sending me a file will only prove you sent me the wrong file. I've got the source, the binaries, and the code running right in front of me, and the only file we have and make is plugins/Dynmap-GriefPrevention/config.yml.
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    Now I do I go about making the images of the map higher quality? It gets blurry with you zoom in.
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    how do i download this and wat is the op link

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