[MISC/INFO] Dynmap-Essentials v0.60 - Show Essentials Warps and Homes on Dynmap [1.4.7-1.5.2R1.0+]

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    Mike Primm

    Version 0.50

    Current Release
    Latest stable and unstable builds
    Source Code

    Supported versions:
    Dynmap-Essentials provides a simple way to add visibility of warps and home points defined with Essentials. When enabled, warps are shown on Dynmap's web maps as labelled markers (defaulting to a portal icon and the label '[warp-name]', both of which are configurable). Also, when enabled, any player defined /home locations can be shown (defaulting to a house icon and the label 'player-name(home) (or 'player-name:home-id(home)' for non-default homes)', both of which are configurable). The plugin depends on the presence of both Dynmap and Essentials, and interacts directly with the Essentials API. Updates to /home and /warp definitions are automatically processed (on a settable period - default is once per 5 minutes (300 seconds)). By default, the plugin will be active after simply installing it (by unzipping the distribution into the plugins/ directory and restarting the server), with both warps and homes being displayed.

    Visibility of warps and homes can be controlled with the 'visiblemarkers' and 'hiddenmarkers' settings for each layer. Adding anything to the 'visiblemarkers' list will restrict visibility to only those listed (a blank list implies full visibility). Anything in the 'hiddenmarkers' list is then used to further reduce the markers shown. All the markers on a given world can be shown (or hidden) by including 'world:<worldname>' in the respective list.

    Homes can also be limited to only being show for currently online players, using the online-only setting for the 'homes' layer.

    After the first load, there will be a config.yml file in the plugins/Dynmap-Essentials directory. Details of the default configuration, and all the provided settings, can be found here

    Change Log:
    • 0.60 - Update for Essentials v2.11.1 (release) - WILL NOT WORK WITH OLDER VERSIONS
    • 0.50 - Update for Essentials v2.11.1.6, MC v1.5.2; Use plugin default logger for logging
    • 0.40 - Handle /vanish visibility changes, update to latest Essentials (v2.9.6)
    • 0.30 - Add configuration reload support via /dynmap reload; add anonymous usage stats via mcstats.org
    • 0.14 - Update to CB 1.2.4-R1.0
    • 0.13 - Update to CB 1.1 event model (1.1-R5 READY), add 'hide-if-hidden' option: hide player on map if reported as hidden by Essentials
    • 0.12 - Fix replaceAll exception, update for Essentials v2.8.1
    • 0.11 - Add support for 'online-only' option - only show homes of online players; fix marker set ID (was same as Dynmap-CommandBook)
    • 0.10 - Initial Release
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    Moved to releases.
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    Great, testing :D
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    Please support for CommandBook :D
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    Mike Primm

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    Could you please make a option to hide speciel warps and a option for hiding homes??
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    I get this error. Using the latest RB of Bukkit and Dynmap o.27.
    14:00:24 [WARNING] Task of 'Dynmap-Essentials' generated an exception
    java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: com.earth2me.essentials.UserMap.getAllUniqueUsers()Ljava/util/Set;
    at org.dynmap.essentials.DynmapEssentialsPlugin$HomesLayer.getMarkers(DynmapEssentialsPlugin.java:203)
    at org.dynmap.essentials.DynmapEssentialsPlugin$Layer.updateMarkerSet(DynmapEssentialsPlugin.java:109)
    at org.dynmap.essentials.DynmapEssentialsPlugin.updateMarkers(DynmapEssentialsPlugin.java:257)
    at org.dynmap.essentials.DynmapEssentialsPlugin.access$200(DynmapEssentialsPlugin.java:35)
    at org.dynmap.essentials.DynmapEssentialsPlugin$MarkerUpdate.run(DynmapEssentialsPlugin.java:250)
    at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.scheduler.CraftScheduler.mainThreadHeartbeat(CraftScheduler.java:137)
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.w(MinecraftServer.java:493)
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.run(MinecraftServer.java:425)
    at net.minecraft.server.ThreadServerApplication.run(SourceFile:457)
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    Mike Primm

    What version of Essentials are you using?
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    Any chance to show homes set via sleeping? I use /home in essentials, but homes are set by being in a bed. Will this work? or does it read home from userdata?
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    Mike Primm

    Getting the player bed spawn location is something that could be added - its actually not Essentials-specific (the base player data for Bukkit includes the information), so it might be appropriate to add to the dynmap core itself.
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    How do i use it how, do i see the map? plz help me!!!!!!!!
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    I edited your post and gave you a warning. Swearing does not get you help faster.
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    Mike Primm

    Do you have dynmap installed properly? If not, you probably want to start there - support for that is over in the dynmap thread itself (lots of data and links to data in the OP) - check out the wiki, in particular (https://github.com/webbukkit/dynmap/wiki)
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    So I have my map up and working, Dynmap version 0.29.2 and dynmap essentials version .11. I have not changed any of the default settings in Dynmap essentials. my warps are not showing up on the map. The map works fine other than that, am I missing something?
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    Mike Primm

    Are you seeing normal startup messages for both plugins ([dynmap] and [Dynmap-Essentials])? What version of Essentials are you running?
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    [dynmap] Dynmap WebServer started on /x.x.x.x
    2012-01-17 22:36:48 [INFO] [dynmap] version 0.29.2-719 is enabled
    2012-01-17 22:36:48 [INFO] [Dynmap-Essentials] initializing
    2012-01-17 22:36:48 [INFO] [Dynmap-Essentials] version 0.11 is activated

    Thats what it shows.
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    Have you installed Essentials?
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    Mike Primm

    Which version of Essentials?
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    Is it possible to limit this plugin to only show homes belonging to certain ranks ? say as an admin you have unlimited homes, and normal players is limited to 1-3 homes. Then perhaps i only wanna show the normal players homes on the map. :)

    Also, would it be possible to maybe pinpoint specific warps to show, and then it ignores the rest.? :)
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    Mike Primm

    Check out https://github.com/webbukkit/Dynmap-Essentials/wiki - for the warps, you can use the visiblemarkers setting to limit the warps shown to a specific set (and hide the rest). For homes, you can do the same - the problem with limiting them would be deciding which ones to show (e.g. if you have 10, which 3 do we show, and how is that decided consistently?).
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    how do you make the map look 3d
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    Mike Primm

    The 3D maps are generated by default - you just need to select them using the menu panel on the right edge of the map
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    Merrick King

    when will this be out for 1.2.3?
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    Mike Primm

    It still works on 1.2.3
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    Merrick King

    and 1.2.4?
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    Mike Primm

    That is the default, yes.
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    Merrick King

    would you be able to do things like this to work with other plugins like guilds?
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    Mike Primm

    In the message above you say the icons are configurable, how do we do that? Where are the icon images stored and which icons can be used? Can I just change the name to any icon in the dynmap web images directory?

    Thanks for your help and doing this plugin, very useful.
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    Mike Primm

    You install custom icons using the /dmarker addicon command for dynmap: this allows you to import a PNG image as an icon (dynmap will take care of making it available to the web server from there). Once an icon object is defined, you can set the icons used for the markers in this plug using the 'deficon' settings in the config.yml file (one for the Homes, one for the Warps). We don't currently support per-user or per-warp icons.
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    Merrick King

    Hmmmm. Made a custom perspective with 64p width for 'surface.' It's still rendering after two days :D Looks amazing though.

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