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    Support for this plugin has been discontinued. If you wish to take over, please contact me.


    AuthorGreeter simply greets authors when they join your server. This can be practical when you're having problems with a plugin and you want to be sure that the person joining is actually the author (the nickname is checked against the author-name from the plugin.yml-file, no config required). Oh, and you boost the ego of plugin authors (yes, sarcasm) joining your server, thus motivating them to develop more features for existing plugins and churn out new ones ;)


    Jar (Github)
    Jar (Dropbox) (wget-friendly!)
    Source (Github)

    Supported plugins (not dependencies, can run without):

    • Can be configured to only notify admins
    • Long and short version, long version lists plugins made by the author running on the server, short version only shows number of plugins.
    • If you have certain plugin authors frequently on your server, then you may add them to an ignore-list so that the message isn't displayed!
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    - authorgreeter.admin

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    [] denote optional arguments, {} optional parameters, () alises
    /ag - this text, in-game.
    /ag (a)dmin(o)nly [t/f] - show or toggle adminonly mode
    /ag (l)ong(v)ersion [t/f] - show or toggle longversion mode
    /ag (a)dd(i)gnore name - add someone to the ignore-list
    /ag (r)emove(i)gnore - remove someone to the ignore-list
    /ag (l)ist(i)gnore - list ignored authors
    /ag (c)ash(r)eward {[value]} - lists or sets cash-reward
    /ag (p)er(p)lugin {[t/f]} - sets or shows per plugin setting
    /ag (i)tem(r)eward {(a)dd/(d)elete} {[itemid]} {[numberof]} - shows, sets and removes itemrewards
    /ag (v)isited - list authors who have been on the server

    How to set up rewards
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    If you'd like authors to get cash and items per plugin, do this: "/ag pp t" - this will award each author per plugin he or she has on the server - when you add another plugin from that author, that author will be awarded upon the next join for that plugin only.
    If not: /ag pp f - this will award each author once only

    To give authors money upon joining, do this: "/ag cr amount", for instance "/ag cr 100" will give each plugin author 100 iConomy-money upon join (or more, depending on pp)

    To give authors items: /ag ir a 20 10 - joining authors get 10 glass upon joining your server.
    /ag ir d 20 - no more glass for authors!

    To do-list
    • [medium/low] Greet certain players/Mojang-staff.
    • v0.2.2
      • Fixed NPE upon an author's join with a blank config.
    • v0.2.1
      • Fixed once per author-mode not giving money.
    • v0.2
      • Rewards: items and iConomy-money!
    • v0.1
      • Release!
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    tha d0ctor

    very cool, too bad my server isn't cool enough to have plugin authors come in :/

    you should make an API, im sure there are some other plugins you could base off this
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    How so? What should said API do?

    My plugin will detect authors of any plugin (which has the author's name in the plugin.yml-file).
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    tha d0ctor

    you could use it to make a custom greeting for each member, use it to compare the person's name again a database to accomplish something, greet certain members with a specific announcement that applies only to them, greet Mojang developers, etc
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    I'll add that as a possible to do.
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    Perhaps be able to give the authors configurable rewards?
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    I was thinking of hooking my plugin into iConomy etc. or give the authors certain items upon joining the first time (configurable, not preset obviously)
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    tha d0ctor

    good idea!
  9. nice like your plugin. But now my players ask me what my "hidden" tests are :D
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    Tell them it is magic (it truly is.. and possibly a few lines of code)!
  11. hehe :D all in all nice plugin works fine atm :)
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    All I'm saying is that I'd be more likely to join a server to help out with plugin problems if this is installed. Because yes, I do have an ego.
  13. +1
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    Well, then fun thing is that when I added "(yes, sarcasm)", then that might actually imply multiple levels of sarcasm! :D
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    changelog has to show two latest versions without a spoiler
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    Sorry for the wait, been busy in real life.

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