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    Its as simple as the Title says, you can charge any amount of any Item (default is Gold) for defined commands!
    If you now think: "Omg why does this dude release a plugin i can create in 5 Minutes"
    1. I need only 4 Minutes :p
    2. Its an nice Idea (i think)
    3. It gives Gold more sense
    4. It stops youre users teleporting around like they never had there own feet
    Config File:
    May you dont want to charge everybody the same commands.
    So there is an dynamic Permissions function like: # allows the user/group to dont pay for /tp

    [Download] Source includet

    • V 0.2 - bug fix (oh loool)
    • V 0.1 - releasing this Plugin :D
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  3. it could solve a problem i have with my server but what i need is

    cost 10: warp location1
    cost 100: warp location 2
    And there is a bug. If you set the cost at 100 gold for example and if you have less than 100 in your inventory it still performes the command.
  4. Wow a plugin like this actually exsists! :O
    Thank you for taking 4min and making this amazing thing!

    I have noticed the bug that Subba posted in the comment above aswell :(
    And I saw that if I type /warp "name" and I misspell the name it still uses the 1 gold, even tho I don't get warped.
    Would really be epic if you can fix this, or at least the first bug :)
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    Oh lol... im not really surprised that my users never told me that xD
    But that i didnt realize this bug -.-

    @Xickle @Subba
    fixed :D

    Xickle, its possible, i may take a look at this. But don't count on me ;)
    Maybe somebody has an better idea than checking the Location of the User b4 and after the command? (i see several problems with that, for example flymod, speedmods, ...)
  6. Wow thanks for fixing this! :D
    Since the bug was saving people lots of gold, that could be the reason the users kept quiet? xD

    Since I'm not a plugin developer and have very little knowledge of making them, I can't really help much with the suggestions for the 2nd problem. :/
    Perhaps if you would add an alert before the gold is taken and command executed? So the users can confirm or deny(with a command /gldr yes; /gldr no perhaps?) using the wanted command(like /tp) before it's too late?
    I see that fixing this is indeed a challenge. I guess plugins don't really log if a command was executed successfuly or if it failed. :(

    Adding a suggestion: Would be useful if players could see the prices for commands, before they see that they lost loads of gold for teleporting once or something like that xD
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    Would using iConomy (or other economy plugin) funds instead of gold completely detract the point of this? I like it a lot, but I'm just wondering if there'd be a possibility for tying in all commands to an already existing currency?

    Saying that, a plugin for what I described may already exist, I just haven't looked for one yet :D
  8. There are loads of plugins for iConomy, and I think there's at least 2 of them that charge money for commands.
  9. hello. i want to charge enderpearls for teleporting. But i wanna charge gold for some other commands.

    Can u make this multicurrency?
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    Woo, I've been looking for a while for this plugin! I would also like to have multiple currencies, as po5 said.
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    Cool, simple plugin.

    I like it, thanks a lot! :)
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    Would also appreciate support for "/command subcommand"

    Great plugin buddy.
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    I like how the smallest plugins... can make all the difference... in the world.
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    Hi, I wanted to ask: Could you possibly add the feature of paying gold to use a button, lever, or pressure plate? I'm making a casino with redstone and I don't want people gambling for free. (I DON'T want to use a Casino Plugin... They're just too... NOT-challenging :)...) Anyways, the command would probably be something like /gldr price <amount> and when you typed it, a message shows up saying, "Price Selected; Please choose your button, lever, or pressure plate to apply the price." It doesn't HAVE to say that, but maybe along the lines of it...
    Please reply back...
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    can you charge seperate amounts for different commands?
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    Could you please update this?? It doesn't work with Minecraft 1.2.3
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    FYI, I took initiative, semi-learned java, and updated this myself, using Seta's code. If you'd like a copy, email me:
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    Great! Unless you were intentionally keeping it private, do you think you could upload it to someplace like Upload Files and provide us with a download link?!
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    Sure thing, here is the link(sorry for the slow response):
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    Please could you add iConomy so we can use that to charge? Thanks :)

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