[MISC] GlassRoof v1.0 - Add a glass roof above your world [935]

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    GlassRoof - Add a glass roof above your world
    Version: v1.0

    (in response to this request)

    This plugin simply replaces the entire top layer of a chunk with glass whenever a chunk is loaded. This is NOT REVERSABLE (without effort) so DO NOT USE unless you really want a glass ceiling.

    Download - Version 1.0, tested on build 860 + 935

    Version 1 - First release, tested on build 860 + 935
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    To what end would this be useful? Would it prevent rain or something?
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    Yes, this prevents rain and snow, but there are better ways to prevent rain and snow. ;)
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    As said in the original post, it was a response to this request :)
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    My god ur awesome
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    So does this spawn glass on the 128 lvl or 127?
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    It spawns glass on the highest possible level, you can't normally build there.

    (unrelated note: testing all my plugins on build 928)
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    Hey, could you post the source? Would be interesting for me, because this is a very simple plugin.
  9. Could this be changed so you can choose what block is placed above your world? (I personally want water to be the ceiling so the entire world would be underwater).

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