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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Releases' started by waf, Feb 24, 2011.

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    Your plugin version TOTALLY makes sense.
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    I go by the year.month.day i release it. If there is something against it, then I will change it.
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    well then your the FIRST person i have seen to put the date for the plugin.... version doesnt = the date
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    Yeah, version date doesn't make any sense. Also, Bukkit already has the plugin lists... try /version, /pl and /pluginlist.
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    The version is fine. Quit complaining.
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    Oh, i did not know that Bukkit already has that.
    Either way, I intend this plugin to extend the functionality of the default list plugins built into Bukkit.

    I will be renaming the plugin to something else, since /pl and /pluginlist already exists. Kind of pointless to have a plugin just called "ListPlugins."

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  9. i was so happy when i saw the title but then the i changed my mind because it have no purpose yet well it has but already in bukkit and you know it
    i hope you can add more functionality and i hope it can become like permissions and essentials that big
    i ll keep an eye on this though
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    How about exporting a file with this info, make it a bit more helper checking up for updates? Just an idea.
    (Yes i know server.log has this info but with all the extra crap could be easier to have a neater list)
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    See Ubuntu version number.
    10.10 ( 10/2010 )
    10.04 ( 04/2010 )

    I think his method is really good and so simple.
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    Well i dont wanna continue about the version but i like it. Becuase now i can see when its updated ;) and great plugin! But something in it like unriveladeo sad is nice
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    Hi, I like the idea of your program, and was wondering if you can make it do one super helpful thing for me?

    Can you make an option in a config file to turn on or off output?
    The output would be an html file that would be configurable from the config file also. Configurable meaning I can tell it where and what.
    An example of the way the html output should look.

    This Minecraft server is using CraftBukkit build 450.<br /><br />
    This server is using the following plugins:<br /><br />
    <a href="http://plugins.bukkit.org/#ti=pluginsmanager&ta=all&au=waf">PluginsManager</a> v11.2.24<br /><br />
    I personally think this would be a great thing for all the MineCraft servers to have, so we as the players know what is available to us, and we can click the link to learn about the commands on how to use it.

    Plus, for running my own server, it will help me while searching here in the forums if I have a link to the plugin name and author, and a version number so I can quickly see if there is a newer version.

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    mostly done, have to move file manually as of now
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    Loving this new update to the plugin. :)

    I know nothing about programing in Java or for bukkit, so these are just my suggestions to make this program even better.

    Please try to make the program use a file folder under the plugins directory like other plugins do.

    Was re-thinking... Get rid of the On/Off toggle, and just make the program check the pluginmanger.settings file to see if output_file has a value... if so print it, otherwise do nothing. That should make it nicer.

    I hope you can fix this, as no matter what name I currently give the output_file it always seems to default to plugins.html

    Please add link features in the output file... maybe have a toggle for this option, as I can see where some people may not want to link back to the bukkit forums. ie. links:true/false

    I know this may be a limitation of Bukkit, but placing the file at a desired location is still the best.

    Make an in-game command to update the output_file. :) Or is there one and I'm not aware?

    Just trying to help out! Thanks so much for what you've already done. :D
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    i will make the folder under the plugins directory, just have not done it yet.
    the settings file does not work yet; it will be fixed in the next few updates.
    there is no in-game command yet; will be adding that in the next few updates also.
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    Something new to add.

    Can you make it display something like this at the end of the HTML file.

    "This page was generated on: 2011/03/11 @ 15:08:00"

    Without the quotes of course.

    You could also include a 2nd optional or toggle able line via the .settings that would look something like this.

    "using PluginManager v11.xx.xx"

    Again without the quotes.
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    will do this the next update.
    fixed the config file, see below

    do note, when i say "next update," it may mean the next few updates, not necessarily the exact next one.
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    Could you add column view option?
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    not sure what you mean by that.
    you mean to the outputted html file?
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    Yep, sorry for my poor English.

    Something like this:
    <strong>This server is using the following plugins:</strong><br />
    RemoteToolkitPlugin v0.31b<br />
    BackupPlugin v0.8.7<br />
    BorderGuard Lite (Round) v2.2<br />
    DeathTpPlus v1.8<br />
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    #Plugins Manager Configuration File
    #Thu Mar 17 23:39:19 PDT 2011

    Do I have this setup correctly?
    Please note that my MineCraft directory is on drive E:\CraftBukkit

    I'm asking, because I can't find a file named mcplugins on either drive.
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    is there any output on the console regarding my plugin? if so, could you post it?
    another reason is that i did not test this on windows. i use mac/linux, and it works fine, so next updates should fix the windows issue when i test it on windows.
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    2011-03-20 02:49:50 [INFO] [PluginsManager]: config.yml file successful loaded
    2011-03-20 02:49:50 [INFO] [PluginsManager]: Settings have been loaded
    2011-03-20 02:49:50 [SEVERE] [PluginsManager]: mcplugins.htmlcould not be created

    This is what v11.03.18 is telling me when I start my server. Hope it helps.

    Okay, took away the c:\webserver\htdocs from the output_folder_name and the file mcplugins.html was successfully created in the root directory of my E: drive... hope it helps.

    Hehe! Got it!

    Needed to be c:/webserver/htdocs instead of c:\webserver\htdocs

    Still love this program.

    How do I get it to do that column output of the plugins?

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    might be a limitation of how java works, possibly?
    i will see if i can make it so that both the "\" and the "/" work on all machines.
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    Can the config include 2 more settings? Please! :)

    One for each of the pretext.

    This server runs:


    This server is using the following plugins:

    So I can word them the way I want to. :p

    Its all good, and if someone else has my same problem, then hopefully they can read how to fix it here.

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    added all previously requested features.
    will add links in later updates, since the bukkit plugins pages is not fully functional yet.
    will eventually make commands work in game, since bukkit broke my original plugin.

    as a side note, does anyone know how to pin the first post so it shows on all pages?

    will add more options to configure how to display the plugin descriptions themselves in future updates.

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    First, I'm always thankful for the next update. And this one was very nice... it has improved my website greatly.

    When switching from column display for the plugins, and back to regular display, I always seemed to get column display only. Just to let you know.

    Here is something I'd like to see your plugin do... if it is possible at all.

    Is it possible to scan all plugins for their commands, and list those commands in a separate html file?

    Perhaps even list the commands in 3 separate files? Maybe check the permission of the command, find out of the word "admin", "moderator" is attached to the command, so a file for admin commands, and moderator, and then an "everything else" commands file.

    If it is possible, would really love this! Currently I keep 3 different files, that load depending on who logs in, 1 that shows all general commands that always get displayed, another for the moderators, and another for the admins. So no one has to go looking all over the web and forums to find out that 1 stupid command. :p Its just a pain trying to keep up with all the changes of all the different plugins... so this would be really awesome!
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    nevermind about the column output error.
    that was an error in my code.

    i should make a note that the toggles are "on" and "off" and not "yes" and "no"
    i will put that in the config file next time i update the plugin.

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    I must say that what you have so far is really great! Helps a lot when managing and going over bukkit and plugin updates.
    On the other hand.. if it is possible to list all the commands as mentioned here above, that would be simply AMAZING! :D
    I have seen options in other plugins when it comes to displaying help, if the plugin should only display certain help or include all plugin help commands. Think it was in EssentialsHelp (which is now in the main Essentials jar file if I remember correctly).

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