[MISC/FUN] Launch Yourself v1.0 [1.2.5-R4.0]

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    Launch Yourself - Launches you like an arrow when you shoot a bow.[arrow]
    Version: v1.0

    • Turns the shooter into the shot by launching you when you shoot a bow.
    • Can make launching only work at the cost of an item (configurable amount too)
    • Configure the power of the launch.
    • Can add a cool down
    • Take no fall damage when landing from launch (configurable)
    • Change the delay of when the arrow it shot to when you are launched to give it a "rope-tied-to-the-arrow-tied-to-your-leg" effect.
    • One permission that gives access to launching.
    • Another permission that gives access without requiring special items.
    • /launch toggle or /launch t toggles launching
    • /launch ?/help/(anything else) shows player what item and amount they need.
    Just run it once and it will generate a config with default values, edit these to your liking :)
    Download v1.0
    Source code
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    Changelog please.

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