Inactive [MISC/FUN] ColourFireWorks v2.0.8 - Fireworks, Player drop parties/party and more [1.4.6-R0.1]

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    Colour Fire Works
    V 2.0.8 - Tested on CB build 1.4.6-R0.1​
    Drop Party (Video) ||| Show case (Just film and ask) ||| Latest Version (coming soon)​

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    Christmas 2012

    New for this christmas use "/present" ingame ;) (View bukkitdev for more info)

    • Default fireworks, completely configurable
    • Bukkit Permission Support
    • Use redstone to launch fireworks (from signs)
    • Block fireworks in world guard regions players can not build in
    • Create custom fireworks and spawn any item, mob or exp you want.
    • Create drop parties that your players can add items to
    • Make users pay (vault) to use fireworks
    • Potion effects supported
    • See below for more information
    • 'colourfireworks.*' - Player can access to every part of colour fireworks
    • '*' - Player can launch fireworks
    • 'colourfireworks.unlimited.*' - Block will not be consumed at launch
    • 'colourfireworks.redstonesign.*' - Player can use all redstone fireworks
    • 'colourfireworks.dropparty.*' - Player can use every aspect of the drop parties
    • 'colourfireworks.economy.*' - Player can use every economy firework
    • 'colourfireworks.reload' - Player can reload the config files
    • 'colourfireworks.notifyupdate' - Player will be notified when there is an update available
    • /colourfireworks - Shows the credits and help
    • /colourfireworks reload - Reload the configs
    • /colourfireworks stop dropparty - Force stops the current drop party
    • /colourfireworks dp ban <id> - Bans an item from all drop parties
    • /colourfireworks dp unban <id> - Unbans an items from all drop parties
    • /dropcast <message> - Broadcasts a message to the server
    Drop Parties
    • Drop parties are created by placing a sign.
    • * o = Run once
    • * a = Repeat drop party
    • Enter either "v" or "h" on to the first line
    • * v = Show what items are
    • * h = Show as cake until picked up
    • Entering [dp] onto the second line.
    • To create drop parties you must have the permission 'colourfireworks.dropparty.create'.
    • Players can then add to the drop party by clicking the sign ( 'colourfireworks.dropparty.add')
    • Any item can be entered unless you have blocked it.
    • The time for any item can be changed
    • If people are told when a specific item is entered can be toggled
    • Can auto repeat
    • Items can be displayed as other items so people don't know what their getting
    • For redstone place a sign
    • On the 2nd line put [Firework] then on 3rd line put the firework type
    • For example [White], [Red], [Pumpkin], [Exp] or [Custom1].
    • For best results each sign should only have one redstone wire touching it.
    Quick Help

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Older Changelogs

    v1.3.6 - Many fixes to Drop Parties, adds a few more drop party features. Custom firework height can be changed.

    v1.3.5 - Drop parties and a small reload fix

    v1.3.4 - Improvements to way data is stored, removed console error

    v1.3.2 - Exp Firework, Custom Exp, a few fixed

    v1.3.1 - Remove dyes after X ticks, play effect on remove. Updated for minecraft 1.2.5.

    v1.3.0 - Minor Tweaks/Bug Fixes. Added new mobs, adjusted item limits for new items. Updated for minecraft 1.2.3.

    v1.2.8 - Improved config file for mobs, added custom messages, added block durability
    and stoped default fireworks being used in custom fireworks.

    v1.2.7 - All fireworks block Damage can be toggled off, Mobs can be spawned from custom fireworks, messages can be turned off and added checks for config.

    v1.2.6 - Reload Command, Block custom firework block damage, Blocks air spawning, Improved generation

    v1.2.5 - Custom fireworks work on signs, items are checked and improved creation

    v1.2.4 - Adds custom fireworks!

    v1.2.3 - Adds the snowblock firework to the sign, firework height can be changed

    v1.2.2 - Adds a snowblock firework

    v1.2.1 - Improved Config file, more permissions, no longer two links for jars with w.g

    v1.2.0 - W.G Support. Items can be removed on attempted pickup. Signs are better.

    v1.1.6 - Damage from the fireworks to blocks can now be turned off

    v1.1.5 - New way to set of redstone fireworks, spider ammount is configurable

    v1.1.4 - Should fix fatal error with redstone. Thanks for the reports.

    v1.1.3 - Adds redstone activation (thanks Samkio for the help with that)

    v1.1.2 - Ops can now launch unlimted firworks. Host can choose to alight dye to reduce server lag

    v1.1.1 - Ops can now launch fireworks with no permissions needed. Host can change the item needed to be held

    v1.1.0 - Dye / other items are spread out. Adds pumpkins! Host can configure the ammount spawned

    v1.0.1 - Abilty to make unlimtied fireworks from one block, dyes are a bit more spread out

    v1.0 - Release

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    Read the topic again please.... Redstone is now done through signs.


    Having blocks glow is possible, entitys im not sure though (a primed tnt is an entity) Will have a look
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    Jordan R

    Hi I want to make a custom firework, but I don't get the config at all and can't find a little instruction sheet to help me with it. Maybe you can help, or you can add this in your next update?

    I want to make a firework that uses the Melon block to activate.

    What will drop from it will be seeds, wheat, cake, and bread. I don't want anyone to be able to pick up the cake, bread, and wheat. Only they can pick up the seeds.

    I want the seeds to drop 10 times, the cake to drop 24, the bread to drop 5, and the wheat to drop 10 times.

    Also if you're able to, make 1 pig spawn out of the firework.

    How will that work with this custom config?
    use: false
    fireticks: 201
    FireworkBlockID: -1
    use: false
    ItemID: 0
    Ammount: 16
    CanBePickedUp: true
    SetAlight: false
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    You can not currently spawn mobs from fireworks, will look into it ;)
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    Jordan R

    You did it with the Snowmen and Spiders though? Oh well thanks a bunch anyways =).

    Also do you think you can make it so the TNT in the air doesnt destroy anything? I want to give this custom Firework to my players public and I don't want buildings getting blown up accidently and stuff haha :).

    Here's my whole config with the new custom firework added, which works 100% :).

    Problem is that I set the block-breaking to false so fireworks cant break blocks.

      ItemIdNeededInHand: 288
      DamageBlocks: false
        Drops: 15
        SetAlight: false
        CanBePickedUp: false
        Drops: 32
        Spiders: 4
      Height: 1.5
          SnowBalls: false
          Diamonds: false
          Gold: false
          SnowBalls: true
          Diamonds: false
          Gold: false
          Snowball: 20
          Diamond: 6
          Gold: 12
        SnowMen: 4
        ItemSpread: 4
        use: false
        fireticks: 202
        FireworkBlockID: -1
            use: false
            ItemID: 0
            Ammount: 16
            CanBePickedUp: true
            SetAlight: false
            use: true
            ItemID: 362
            Ammount: 10
            CanBePickedUp: true
            SetAlight: false
            use: true
            ItemID: 354
            Ammount: 10
            CanBePickedUp: false
            SetAlight: false
            use: true
            ItemID: 297
            Ammount: 10
            CanBePickedUp: false
            SetAlight: false
        use: true
        fireticks: 201
        FireworkBlockID: 103
    BUT, i tried testing it and launched a firework in a test house and the house blew up :(.

    EDIT: So where do I put the "DamageBlocks: false" config for the Snow firework and the custom fireworks? Help!

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    I meant from custom firework. To disable blocks getting destroyed, change the DamageBlocks to fals.

    Try reloading the server?

    EDIT: Hm, it dosnt stop custom fire works block damage, i will include that in the next update, thanks ;)
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    Jordan R

    Yes right now the blockdamage option only goes for the Wools. Not the snow/pumpkin, nor the custom fireworks. =)
    PS: Please leave a small tutorial here when the new update is released for making the blocks able to be destroyed or not so I know exactly where to put this option in my config! =)

    Thanks a bunch!

    Oh! EDIT you did it =D Thanks man!

    Here we go, custom firework blockbreaking option works now, but the Snow one and Pumpkin one still does not work with the blockbreaking option, only the Wool and Custom fireworks.

    I have tested the snow and it doesn't work, I didn't test the pumpkin at the moment.

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    How do you shoot fireworks?
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    By default you must click the blocks with a feather
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    EDIT: NM Found it!

    Is there an updated tutorial for the config options? Example the mob spawning commands and such?
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    Haha it looks pretty fun :D Downloading.
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    Not yet, will do one soon.
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    Thanking you :)

    Just not sure what parameters to use in the config to spawn mobs and such. Plugin is working great aside from that :D
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    Nice plugin keep up the good work!!!
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    Hi i was just wondering if this plugin will be updated to the next build. Thx Bye
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    i will update to R5 yes
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    Alright thank you
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    or what about iron blocks rain iron golems? or:
    Webs rain down spiders!
    Gold rains down gold stuff (golden apples, gold blocks, gold armor, etc)
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    Still no potion effects? :(
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    Redstone help? I've tried it and it's not working.
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    Place a sign, on the secound line put [Firework]
    and on the thrid line put the firework you can put any of the following:
    White, Orange, Magenta, LightBlue, Yellow, Lime, Pink, Grey, Sliver, Cyan, Purple, Blue, Brown, Green, Red, Black, Pumpkin and SnowBlock.

    Ids can be used as well. For example [35] is white as well as [35:0]. [35:14] is red and [86] is pumpkin.

    If on the 3rd line you put "[help]" or "help" Then you will be shown the list ingame.

    Custom fireworks are like this, [Custom
    X]X being the firework number
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    This is not working...maybe make it so you choose which block to use as a firework?
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    This Plugin is great! i saw it on my freinds server and now im downloading it onto mine![diamond]
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    Its working here? and you can make custom fireworks with which you can pick your blocks.
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    well, i did all the commands and it's not working
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    Commands? there is only one command and that is to reload the plugin?
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    Maybe instead of just wool blocks alone you can use a setup like this?

    or this


    and then light it by hitting it with a (redstone) torch?
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    i'm so lost then
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    Place a wool block, get a feather. Right click the wool block with the feather.

    XD, like the idea. Guess I could do something like this, what would it emit though?
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