Inactive [MISC/FUN] ColourFireWorks v2.0.8 - Fireworks, Player drop parties/party and more [1.4.6-R0.1]

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    Colour Fire Works
    V 2.0.8 - Tested on CB build 1.4.6-R0.1​
    Drop Party (Video) ||| Show case (Just film and ask) ||| Latest Version (coming soon)​

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    Christmas 2012

    New for this christmas use "/present" ingame ;) (View bukkitdev for more info)

    • Default fireworks, completely configurable
    • Bukkit Permission Support
    • Use redstone to launch fireworks (from signs)
    • Block fireworks in world guard regions players can not build in
    • Create custom fireworks and spawn any item, mob or exp you want.
    • Create drop parties that your players can add items to
    • Make users pay (vault) to use fireworks
    • Potion effects supported
    • See below for more information
    • 'colourfireworks.*' - Player can access to every part of colour fireworks
    • '*' - Player can launch fireworks
    • 'colourfireworks.unlimited.*' - Block will not be consumed at launch
    • 'colourfireworks.redstonesign.*' - Player can use all redstone fireworks
    • 'colourfireworks.dropparty.*' - Player can use every aspect of the drop parties
    • 'colourfireworks.economy.*' - Player can use every economy firework
    • 'colourfireworks.reload' - Player can reload the config files
    • 'colourfireworks.notifyupdate' - Player will be notified when there is an update available
    • /colourfireworks - Shows the credits and help
    • /colourfireworks reload - Reload the configs
    • /colourfireworks stop dropparty - Force stops the current drop party
    • /colourfireworks dp ban <id> - Bans an item from all drop parties
    • /colourfireworks dp unban <id> - Unbans an items from all drop parties
    • /dropcast <message> - Broadcasts a message to the server
    Drop Parties
    • Drop parties are created by placing a sign.
    • * o = Run once
    • * a = Repeat drop party
    • Enter either "v" or "h" on to the first line
    • * v = Show what items are
    • * h = Show as cake until picked up
    • Entering [dp] onto the second line.
    • To create drop parties you must have the permission 'colourfireworks.dropparty.create'.
    • Players can then add to the drop party by clicking the sign ( 'colourfireworks.dropparty.add')
    • Any item can be entered unless you have blocked it.
    • The time for any item can be changed
    • If people are told when a specific item is entered can be toggled
    • Can auto repeat
    • Items can be displayed as other items so people don't know what their getting
    • For redstone place a sign
    • On the 2nd line put [Firework] then on 3rd line put the firework type
    • For example [White], [Red], [Pumpkin], [Exp] or [Custom1].
    • For best results each sign should only have one redstone wire touching it.
    Quick Help

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Older Changelogs

    v1.3.6 - Many fixes to Drop Parties, adds a few more drop party features. Custom firework height can be changed.

    v1.3.5 - Drop parties and a small reload fix

    v1.3.4 - Improvements to way data is stored, removed console error

    v1.3.2 - Exp Firework, Custom Exp, a few fixed

    v1.3.1 - Remove dyes after X ticks, play effect on remove. Updated for minecraft 1.2.5.

    v1.3.0 - Minor Tweaks/Bug Fixes. Added new mobs, adjusted item limits for new items. Updated for minecraft 1.2.3.

    v1.2.8 - Improved config file for mobs, added custom messages, added block durability
    and stoped default fireworks being used in custom fireworks.

    v1.2.7 - All fireworks block Damage can be toggled off, Mobs can be spawned from custom fireworks, messages can be turned off and added checks for config.

    v1.2.6 - Reload Command, Block custom firework block damage, Blocks air spawning, Improved generation

    v1.2.5 - Custom fireworks work on signs, items are checked and improved creation

    v1.2.4 - Adds custom fireworks!

    v1.2.3 - Adds the snowblock firework to the sign, firework height can be changed

    v1.2.2 - Adds a snowblock firework

    v1.2.1 - Improved Config file, more permissions, no longer two links for jars with w.g

    v1.2.0 - W.G Support. Items can be removed on attempted pickup. Signs are better.

    v1.1.6 - Damage from the fireworks to blocks can now be turned off

    v1.1.5 - New way to set of redstone fireworks, spider ammount is configurable

    v1.1.4 - Should fix fatal error with redstone. Thanks for the reports.

    v1.1.3 - Adds redstone activation (thanks Samkio for the help with that)

    v1.1.2 - Ops can now launch unlimted firworks. Host can choose to alight dye to reduce server lag

    v1.1.1 - Ops can now launch fireworks with no permissions needed. Host can change the item needed to be held

    v1.1.0 - Dye / other items are spread out. Adds pumpkins! Host can configure the ammount spawned

    v1.0.1 - Abilty to make unlimtied fireworks from one block, dyes are a bit more spread out

    v1.0 - Release

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    Waitin for video/photos.
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    haha love it! You released it :D
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    seems cool testing it
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    Not working on 1185 and I can't update because some of my plugins don't work well in 1317+ :(
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    Sorry about that, but the plugin uses some features of bukkit that are only available in later versions i belive.
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    A funny thing would be if wool blocks where created in mid air and then dissapered lika a real firework
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    I have the same problem, permissions don't work with 1337 :(
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    Update to bukkit permissions? i will add an option to default to op at some point.
  11. Sounds Cool!
    Gonna test it on my server!
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    i have one question is there a plugin to remove the items on the ground since items sometimes cause lag?

    other than that Great job!
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    Great! Looking forward to redstone activation :)

    Nice work
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    i will allow an option to set the items on fire when they fall to prevent this.
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    ok thanks!
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    Allow to be activated by redstone
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    Nice, can you make it so the dyes will despawn after a set time that you can set in the config? because if you are setting off a lot of them it can get kind of laggy with that much dye laying around.
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    ok done that ;)

    Will look into this, as being set on fire isnt the best of ways :p

    im working on it :p, just got a few bugs.
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    Great job Craftiii4 :D
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    This looks like a great plugin!
    And I have a suggestion >.< Could you make it impossible to pick up the dye that burst from the fireworks? That would be major awesome :)
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    will look into for tommorow :), thanks for the suggestion
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    when will we able to use redstone?
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    What Velocity did you use to set the block up?
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    love the plugin man :D. Nice photo btw. what who said that?!?!!?
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    you can use it now, still a bit buggy though

    would you like to be able to change the velocity? and the Y velocity is 1.5

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    wonder who xD ?
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    It dont works here a plan
    wool =:
    redstone =-
    button= .
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    did you read it? "To use redstone you must type in the command "/fireworks" every wool/pumpkin block you place from now on (untill you relog or type in the command again) can be activated by redstone."
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    I have a suggestion put to shine in the night sky. thank you.
    I love this plugin !

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