Inactive [MISC] ExpPlugin v1.5 - Modify the amount of EXP Orbs that each mob drops [1337, 1532]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by jimbobt123, Sep 22, 2011.

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  2. These are the only entries
    30.12 19:45:39 [Server] INFO [EXP PLUGIN] Developed by Jimbobt123
    30.12 19:45:39 [Server] INFO [EXP PLUGIN] v1.5 enabled

    However, passive mobs (like sheep) are still dropping xp orbs even when they are set to 0.

    This is using the RB 1.0.1

    Its possibly it may be conflicting with Moneydrop?
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    it doesn't work for me, no errors :(
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    I tried it with a clean server and i tried setting pig exp to 500. Not even close to that after
    I killed one. It seems the plugin is not reading the like it's supposed to. If it is reading it correctly, then it's probably not getting the exp values to the setDroppedExp() method, or whatever method he used to set the exp.
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    Feel free to take a look through the source code, it's in the jar file. It doesn't seem to be an error with my code though, since it works perfectly for some people and not others.
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    Do you think you could develop a plugin similar to that using food?
    To modify the amount that each food gives hunger back (bad english?!)
    Also i would like to see yml config files ;)
    Nice plugin so far, i like it :)
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    Interesting idea, I'll take a look at starting a plugin like that if I can't already find one in the plugin releases. If I find one, I'll post a link to it here, if not I'll see about making one. YML format is sort of a secondary priority right now, I'm trying to first find out whether all these issues are due to setting up incorrectly, and if they aren't, fixing them.
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    On my Windows Server 2008 R2 32bit, RB 1.01 b1597 your plugin is runnig fine ;)
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    Would do useful to the possibility to set amout of exp from mobs who spawn from mob spawners. Just to reduce the experience grinding.

    And where is Magma Cube? And why slime is just one? There is Small Slime, Medium Slime and Big Slime.
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    I'm pretty sure the slime drop is universal, regardless of size, but I may be wrong. The version of Bukkit I wrote this with kept throwing errors at me when I tried using:
    if(mob instanceof MagmaCube){
    So, I didn't add it. I'll download the latest version of the API and take a look at what I can do.

    Not sure about changing the EXP based on whether it was spawned through a spawner, but I'll take a look.
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    um im using this plugin on the latest craftbukkit for 1.1 and when i use it it wont let me i only get like 4 top of exp orbs when i set to a high # how come its not working for me?
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    Once again, I have no idea unless you tell me what other plugins you are using, CB version, any console errors, etc.
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    there are no errors the only plugin that can cause any prob is the lockette plugin but i think thats it. no error code,no more xp,just a norm xp drop :/
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    I switched all the exp amount gains to make it a lot harder to gain exp on my server. Yet when I kill monsters in-game they still give me the normal amount of exp. How do I fix this?
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    Could you upgrade the plugin to 1.2.4-R1.0?
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    I won't be able to update this plugin for a while now - Busy with exams.

    To all the people saying it doesn't work, it WILL NOT WORK on any build after 1.0.1. If anyone wants to keep this updated while I'm away, feel free, the source code is inside the jar file.

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