Inactive [MISC] ExpPlugin v1.5 - Modify the amount of EXP Orbs that each mob drops [1337, 1532]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by jimbobt123, Sep 22, 2011.

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    I've noticed a strange error. Every time the sun rises now, the mobs die and drop exp orbs for some reason, when they should only drop them due to a player kill them. Any idea why this is?
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    Well, I think I know what the problem was. I didn't get the damage last done to determine whether or not a player killed them. So, It probably makes mobs drop exp orbs no matter how they die. Thanks for pointing that out, I'll fix it in the next update.


    1.5 is uploaded now, mobs should only drop orbs if they were killed by a player (Except players, they always drop orbs)
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    I have problem with players exp. When im killing someone i don't getting exp. I set exp for players to 300 (i know its crazy but i want to try out some)

    Can u make something like: /give exp (player) (amount)
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    I can try to do that, but it won't be /give, that will conflict with pretty much every other command plugin out there :p

    It'll probably be /addexp [player] <amount>
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    I think it conflicts with spout, or doesn't work for CB#1550 any more
    No errors on console, but mobs just drop normal ex amounts.

    No definately Spout. I think it has to do with their api and changed entity names, but i'm no programmer, so i'm only guessing.

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    Pretty sure it works with #1550

    It may conflict with Spout, but I've never worked with the Spout API so I can't be sure. If anyone's worked with the Spout API and wants to take a look, the source files are inside the jar file.
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    I am finding this to not work with #1538. Mobs only drop normal EXP.

    Plugins installed: Essentials, FalseBook, WorldEdit, WorldGuard.

    I updated my server to #1550 and it still does not work. Same issue.
  9. thanks a lot for this plugin, and i'am waiting for the permission drops for each group :), just a question what is the normal drop for the ender dragon (it's the only one i didn't touch in the cfg)?

    ps : i don' t think that come from your plugin but when players leave the ender they lose all exp...somebody know what can do that ?
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    Not sure why this would be, it could be conflicting with one of the other plugins. Does it drop normal EXP, or just large orbs? Try setting cow to about 5,000,000 exp and killing one, see if your level goes crazy. Sometimes they drop the same number of orbs, but they contain alot more exp.

    I'm working on commands to add experience via a command atm, I'll sort out permission as soon as I finish learning how :p

    Not sure what the default drop for ender dragon is, you could try searching the wiki. I just put around 5,000 as a guess. Also, I think you might lose all your exp upon leaving the End by default, since it's the "end" of the game. Might be wrong though, I'll take a look at it.


    Just checked the wiki, and I was way off with my guess for the EnderDragon. It drops 20,000 exp by default. There's a full list of exp drops for each mob here if you want to keep some as default.
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    To be perfectly honest, the only time I ever see EXP orbs is if I'm in creative mode and I'm moving fast enough when I kill something that I leave the orbs behind. However, regardless of that, I cranked sheep and zombie up to 500 and 500,000 and there was no significant gain in EXP from either.
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    I'm just curious about something and I haven't really found the answer. Before I go and install this, could someone confirm something for me? To me it doesn't look like there is a way to configure types of death and all I want to do is enable other death causes as an experience drop. Currently with a few of mcMMO's skills and also with enchanted weapons, mobs are not dropping exp orbs. I do not need to change how much experience. Is this possible?
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    Perhaps when you die you still have your EXP but, make it a toggle in the config.
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    Nice this is really good. Going to use it on my server as well. Good job!
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    For some reason mobs are dropping normal exp no matter what I put in the config file. Perhaps a conflict with NoFarm?

    Just checked. Not a conflict with nofarm

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    Yeah, that's possible. I'll try to put that into 1.8 (Didn't release 1.6 or 1.7, I broke them both :3). Just one question. Do you want an option in the config file to enable ALL causes of death, or do you want to be able to choose which ones to enable? If you want to choose, I may have to make it into a YAML file, which is actually how I broke 1.8, so I'll have to learn how to do that properly first.

    Which version of the plugin and Bukkit are you using first of all? Also, sorry if you've read this before, but sometimes they drop the same number of orbs, they just each contain more EXP than usual. Try setting some mob's drop ridiculously high then killing one, see if your level goes up by a few hundred. If not, I'm not sure what the problem is, I'm currently using 1.5 on my server with CB #1532 and it works fine.
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    I'm currently running 1530, which it was working fine before. But now it doesn't. I'll try updating my bukkit.
    And it's not the number of orbs. I set cows to 0 exp, and they still drop it.

    Updated to the latest version of bukkit (1572 I believe) and it's still not working correctly. I'm still having to use 1.4 which means mobs drop exp on sunrise.
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    I would love the ability to choose :)
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    The plugin is great but is this not bug ? when i die i lose all my xp ?
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    There's no file, just a jar file with a few folders in it which I have already searched.
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    In that case, I'll sort that out as soon as I learn how to get the YML format working :p

    You always lose Exp when you die.

    Ok, first of all, why would you go into the jar file? If you've used plugins before, you will know that's not at all where the config file gets generated, and if you haven't, then you drop the jar file into the plugins folder of your server and then reboot your server. A folder should appear inside the plugins folder named "ExpPlugin", and the config.propperties will be generated in there. The only reason you would need to go into the jar file is if you wanted to take a look at the source code for it.
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    I droped the .jar and it made its folder. I checked out the config. seems simple enough. I changed a pig xp to 5000 saved, and restarted the server. kill a pig.... 5xp.
    is there a cap? is the version out of date?
    im running 1.0 on server and my game.
    Checked server log. no errors reported.
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    i'm in the process of updating for the bukkit RB. There is sort of a cap, but it's well over 5000. They just stop droping any EXP over about 1000000000. The latest released version works with the versions stated in the title, not sure about the RB. I'm pretty much in the testing stage right now, so I should have a working release ready in the next few days.


    Here's my config file for testing:

    #EXP Plugin by Jimbobt123. 
    #Edit the number for the mob you want to edit EXP drops for.
    #Thu Dec 15 19:16:49 MSK 2011
    Set it to that, then kill a cow, see if your level goes crazy. If not, it doesn't work with the RB and I'll fix it.
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    Add Giants :D
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    That could be the problem, my wife has a habit of "upgrade"ing anything with a upgrade button. the uprade here. is to the : unstable build for bukkit.
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    Giants are in there already.

    Yeah, probably not such a good build to use lol
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    ok idk why im the first to correctly test and post but here goes..

    tried this with a new server with no other plugins java 32 bit on the latest bukkit release= did not work
    tried this with a new server with no other plugins java 32 bit on the latest bukkit nightly build= did not work
    tried this with a new server with no other plugins java 64 bit on the latest bukkit release= did not work
    tried this with a new server with no other plugins java 64 bit on the latest bukkit nightly build= did not work
    this doesnt seem to work anymore.

    p.s. I hate posting im a lerker it just ticked me off that this was started in Sep. and its Dec. and no one could to take 15 min to test this and post back.
    and dont expect devs to test there plugins your lucky they took the time to post it at all after they got it working for themselves, so if your going to leach you can atleast test it..
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    If you're going to complain, you could at least give more details than "did not work". Which version are you using? Do you get any errors in the console? How exactly did you test, which configuration did you use? I'm not using version 1.5 yet, I'm still using 1.3 on Bukkit 1.0.1-RC1, and it works fine. People don't seem to realise that I can't fix anything unless I know what's going on. "It doesn't work" doesn't give me enough details to start working on a solution. Anyway, I've taken a break from working on this, since I have exams in the next few weeks. I'll start working on it again once they're over.
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    decapitated the wife. reinstalled a stable bukkit. plugin works.
    Thanks. umm where do I hide a body?
    <grin j/k shes alive... for now.>
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    Good good, not sure why it's not working for some people and not others. I'm gonna assume the people who can't get it to work are installing it wrong, with the wrong Bukkit build etc, until somebody actually bothers to give me a console log.

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