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Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by kTrn, Aug 4, 2011.

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    how can i make the elevator works?
    i make the same elevator that you did the same blocks u yoused but still when i click the buttons the elevetor wont get called. thanks for your plugin its incredible awesome <3
    thanks for the answer
  3. hi! check elevator here
    this is my personnal server, you will not able to use anything (new player set to ghost rank) but it may help you to see what you do wrong.
    other way check if you have set to ON elevator feature.
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    Fucking great, can we get some spout support. I'm also interested on seeing if this plugin could be made modular, I'dl ike certain things from it, but not others.
  5. 1° i'm looking on it, spout is a good bridge. Quest in window, etc. May be plan for the client side
    Client side will give more chance to do what i really want.
    2° already done, all feature can be turn to <on/off>

    Support BUILD 1060 , release 1.8.8 (inDev)

    Just want to say that i'am working on Spout support and trying some cool things with.
    I hope to show you soon what empyrium will become next !


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  6. New inDev build available !
    v2.0.0-Beta :
    - Spout support / optional
    - xp bar added (thanks mcMmo who help me to learn how to use Spout)
    more new spout feature soon with quest book and npc quest giver interface !


    Uploaded with ImageShack.us

    edit : v2.0.2beta screen take on a french server
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    Can you make the NPC face nearby players. Drone like npc's are killing it for me.
  8. Yes i can, i take a note of this.
    May i will bring this change with the new name tag system. (ex: <NPC> Toto)
    At this time i'm working on the HUD 'look&feel", like this Quest Book GUI :
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    Please fix a config.yml file.
    To make everything online is much harder tbh.
    Just a though :) Nice plugin.
  10. Hi!
    If you dont want to turn on/off features in game use this (at your own risk) :

    - do backup (admin cmd*)
    - turn off server
    - browse ".\plugins\empyriumSave\"
    - edit this file "ktrn.empyrium.admin.EAdmin.sv"
    - turn on server

    Exemple :
    welcome;Welcome $user ! @see /empy to list all available actions.
    hey, look at this ;)


    i will release this version soon ! some tweaks & other stuff to do before.
    released !

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  11. ok i might sound like a complete retard but how the heck do u get this to work.. i have a server up and running but i started a clean and un modded server with bukkit on to try this mod.. no commands with /empy works it just sends /empy in chat instead.. it wont save any configs or settings anywhere in my server folder for plugins. and ofc a complete list of commands for this and how to get the spout for it would be really nice.. since i dont have spout atm. and its the only thing the server console is saying is a "serious" error.. fast respons is appriciated...

    sry for my bad english but im swedish..

    (edit) um ok tried the latest stable version and now its running w/o and spout and all.. time to try it out.. feedback upon finish(/edit)
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    Bonjour, pourrais tu expliquer comment fonctionne le type de quête EXPLORATION , ect... Car je ne comprend vraiment pas, merci :)

    ps: dans la version 2.0.2 je n'arrive pas a modifier le message d'accueil, je tape bien la commande mais rien ne se passe.

    J'ai aussi une suggestion, les PNJ regarde le joueur et le suis de la tête quand il lui parle, pouvoir aussi modifier leurs skins est possible avec spout je crois :) (pourquoi pas le skin des joueurs aussi?)
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    Le type de quête EXPLORATION est une quête qui se prend à un PNJ A et se rend à un PNJ B sans avoir besoin d'accomplir d'autre objectif.
    Les deux autres types de quêtes, c'est à dire COOP et GATHER sont destinés à envoyer dans un "donjon" pour le premier, et récolter une quantitée fixée d'un objet pour le second.

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    Merci de votre reponse, j'ai un autre soucis, la commande pour creer des autres mondes ne fonctionne pas, rien ne se passe.
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    Quelle est la commande que vous tapez ?

    Normalement la syntaxe est la suivante :
    "/empy multiWorld Add <WorldName>"
    Par exemple, si votre nouveau monde doit se nommer MondeDesCieux, alors tapez :
    "/empy multiWorld Add MondeDesCieux"

    Si cela ne fonctionne pas, veuillez me le signaler, je transmettrais.



    At first sight, your problem is resolved.

    Pay attention to have always the latest version of Spout & Empyrium Mod to limit the risk of bug.

    If you have problems, do not hesitate to return towards us.


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    je viens de tester et ca ne fonctionne pas, pas de retour d'erreur non plus.
    la commande /empy chat setwelcome ne fonctionne pas non plus
  17. Hi Ethneldryt, please do /empy chat setwelcome <your message>
    No message = nothing to do
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    /empy chat setwelcome Bienvenue
    Not work :/
  19. Alright it's a bug.
    At this time you can do this add " <message>" like this "Bienvenue <message>".
    welcome message need at least 2 words to work, and i will fix this too.

    And multiWorld menu dont show the right command.
    it's /empy multiWorld add <worldName> <Environnement> <seeds>
    Environnement = NORMAL, NETHER, SKYLANDS
    Seeds = numeric value
    NB: you have to know that take some times to create & generate the new world (may take several secondes)

    Thanks to feedback this, i will fix it soon.
    fixed i will post release in few minutes.

    [2.0.4beta] released!
    nb : fix (chat) setWelcome cmd & (multiWorld) add cmd
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    I am really bad at finding out this kind of stuff, i have been sitting for literally 5 hours trying to find a quest mod that works.

    I got the mod to work, but i dont know how i make quests and such, is there a possibillity to help me with creating a quest where i have to kill 5 chickens, i would apreciate it! :)

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    Actually, there is no quest which has for objective a certain count of killed monsters.

    With the quests, you can :
    - EXPLORATION : Tell the player to find a NPC,
    - GATHER : Tell the player to gather a resource (Cobblestone, Raw_Fish, Diamond_Sword, etc ...)
    - COOP : Send the player to a Coop game.

    BUT, if a monster drop an item, you can tell at the player : "Kill 5 pigs and bring me 3 Raw Porkchop."

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    Fast responds, thanks!

    How do i make the gather quest, i am really confused. If you help me i would be really glad.
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    Ok, for make a Gather Quest, you have to do this :

    /empy questedit new <Label>
    /empy questedit set type GATHER
    /empy questedit set GatherItem <Item>
    /empy questedit set GatherQuantity <Quantity>
    /empy questedit set repeat <On/Off>
    /empy questedit set rewardxp <Value>
    /empy questedit set rewardgold <Value>
    /empy questedit set desc1 <Sentence>
    /empy questedit set desc2 <Sentence>
    /empy questedit set desc3 <Sentence>

    Now, the quest is created. The quest will appear in the quest Book if you accept it.
    You have now to select a NPC to set the quest start & the quest end.

    /empy npc edit <NPC1Label>
    /empy npc +start <QuestLabel>

    You have set the quest start.

    /empy npc edit <NPC2Label>
    /empy npc +end <QuestLabel>

    You have set the quest end.

    If you want to set a dependance, (for ex : Quest2 can't be completed before the Quest1) do :
    /empy questedit edit Quest2
    /empy questedit set depen Quest1

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    Thanks alot, ima try it in a minute or two, going to edit my post when i tried it! :)


    IT WORKED! THANK YOU SO MUCH! It works perfectly, and i understand how i should make them more "my" way now, tahnks alot it helped.

    The creator of this plugin should copy & paste your post to the original plugin post :)


    Is it possible to make the NPC's say something else than Hello <playername>?
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    [2.0.4beta] released!
    nb : fix (chat) setWelcome cmd & (multiWorld) add cmd

    done, no bug :)
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    Thanks alot, this mod is great and made me able to make a Tibia map ALOT easier, you are amazing!
  28. 2.0.5-beta released !

    check new NPC QUEST GIVER (Spout-GUI)
    report me any bug on it please :)


    2.0.6-beta released !
    • 2.0.6 - ESQuest (read/do/valid) max limit quest to show.
    • 2.0.6 - ESQuestRead > "Return" replace to "Back".
    • 2.0.6 - API > Support last spout devBuild.

    2.0.7-beta released !
    • 2.0.7 - ADD EQuest > add item/quantity reward
    • 2.0.7 - ADD EQuestType > add new QuestType : HUNT (CreatureType) / Quantity to kill
    • 2.0.7 - REFACTOR EQuestStatut > add isFinished flag, and hunt history.
    • 2.0.7 - REFACTOR ERpg > myQuest use EQuestStatut
    edit : I want to turn flag of this version to '2.1-stable', no more features while i dont have do that !
    It may take 1 or 2 days, i 'am waiting for a stable version from Spout (v1.0.5)
    edit : update todo list (@see main thread).
    edit : add 2 section to the main thread (User's Req. & Server using empyrium), feel free to impl. it.

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  29. Nice WORK!!!!
    Show`s really NICE came out the holidays and gonna test it in a few of days!
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    Hello kTrn,

    I've tried out your plugin, i really like it! You've done a great job so far.
    I have a few questions/suggestions/requests, however you want to take them.
    1. This gives permissions support, but there isn't any nodes, rather a group a group with full access (empyrium). Would it be much trouble to add nodes so people can limit who uses what commands of empyrium? (Tested with permissionsEx)
    2. I've tested out your coop, where it lets you create a dungeon like "area." In this area, anyone can walk in but it wont be active. Are you planning to add protection to this area, or an auto-force out, so it's non-griefable?
    3. What are your plans on your built in chat? There isn't much customization, and doesn't directly hook into permissions. (Currently i have it turned off, using ChatManager bundled with PermissionsEx) Is there any way to edit the groups, or will you add more permission hooks/customization?
    4. When you implement spells in the future, will you also have classes such as: mage, archer, warrior, etc. On that note, are you planning to add a mana-bar/system so skills can't be spammed?

    Looking forward to your reply,
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    Hi Xzabitor,

    Thank's for using Empyrium plugin.

    Most of your propositions are already planned.
    1) I don't know if it's possible to manage the permissions in the actually build of the plugin. But i sent this proposition to Ktrn.
    2) The Coop will be revised in the future. I don't have another informations.
    3) The chat function is not a priority for the moment.
    4) The spells system include 4-5 classes. At first sight, The mechanics will look like that of the energy in a great MMO.


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