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Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by kTrn, Aug 4, 2011.

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  2. hmm it's already 5, sorry. ;)
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    Oh, then its okay :)

    And whats about, that the NPCs despawned after some restarts?

    And what means "Erika;locCible;0.0;0.0;0.0;0.0;0.0;null" in the NPCList?
  4. NPCs may despawn if no players are in 50 block radius from him.
    Respawn may take several secondes..

    hmm target location for mobility stuff (action: move_to)
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    This confuses me a bit.

    A 'RPG' Game. rpg stands for Roleplaygame.

    So it sounds wrong: Role play game game
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    Every good plugin needs a good fun fact, that is a good plugin, and a good fun fact :D

    With Empyrium i cant fire netherrack and netherportals with flint and steel :(
    inHand dont work for NPC .. if logout and login they have other item in the hand.
    Edit:// workaround: manually edit in the npcfile

    More desc for the Quests :D
  7. Could you please open a ticket for that.
    Fixed with link

    Manually edit with server off ? atm, you can't edit data while server is online.
    I have something to show,

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  8. If I had more time :

    I might add this later :

    What I'm trying to finish :
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    Thx for this great Plugin! ;)

    All is working just fine for me but somehow I cannot get those Magic Doors to work. I create two points in the world as "doors", link them together but nothing happens when I went through? Do I have to aim at a block when creating a door? Is it possible to create a bridge between two worlds?

    and again, thx for this dreat plugin !

    EDIT: Ok, I've found out how to use the doors. I was confused by the door position and linking commands :() Have to test the multiworld travel now!
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    J'ai vu le sous-plugin "elevator" dans tous ceux qui sont déja présent, mais je n'arrive pas à l'utiliser, c'est un ascenseur ? où sont les commandes car /empy elevator ne donne rien ?
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    How do I turn off the Connected Players msg when you first log on?
  12. hmmm have you try to turn off welcomeMessage ? (admin/config menu)
    if it does not work, please open ticket to request that. here
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    Omg, can't wait to test out the new releases! Just came back from vacation. And you are still doing a FANTASTIC work! :)
  14. :)
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    First of all, it's an awesome plugin! :)

    But there is something I want to ask:

    "How can I change the keys for the skills/spells?"

    Alex (blackanges)
  16. Les FR j'ai un message important à faire passer.

    Avec des amis on a monté un serveur il y'a quelques mois maintenant et il est publique depuis peu, on manque cruellement de staff que ce soit admin ou modo !

    lien forum : http://empyrium-minecraft.net/forum/
    lien dynmap :
    lien export web : http://katportal.free.fr/empyriumMod/index.html (quêtes, villes, pnjs, etc.)

    On recherche :
    - Soit des gens motivés pour rejoindre notre délire.. aventure et donc participer à l'évolution du serveur et du plugin.
    - Soit une équipe déjà en place et pourquoi pas envisager une fusion de staff.

    A savoir, que le serveur est le client majoritaire du plugin, et d'une certaine manière c'est notre bac à sable :)

    Voila si cela vous intéresse n'hésitez pas à me contacter par PM, j'espère pouvoir rapidement revenir à 100% sur le plugin et continuer à proposer des features délirantes pour minecraft.
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    I've got a problem with an user name with special characters: The username is _Shanev_ and I cant get permissions to work for this user. He can't place or destroy blocks, allthough I made him a citizen with "/empy user up:_Shanev_"

    It works for all other users except for this one. Doesn't the plugin recognise the "_" character of the name? I'm using bpermissions as permissions plugin and asked already there. They say bpermissions works just fine with special characters, so I'm asking you ;)

    enit: Have to try something, don't bother with my problem, I guess it has nothing to do with your plugin ;)
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    does this plugin offer jobs?
  19. Some things to do in arount the project​
    - new (external) spout GUI (using API link), internal GUI may be turned off​
    - data editor (like this link)​
    - client side (spout?) ; only used to add powerfull blocks & items,

    due to theft of digital assets (Source and content undistributed) I decided to do not deploy any new version.
    I'm sorry for all those who follow actively the project but I do not wish to continue to work hard to be robed again in end.
    Good luck to the whole Bukkit community.
    End of transmission, kTrn.

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    GG bukkit community :mad::mad: that plug roxxx....:'(
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    Thats really a bummer, we have been working all week at getting quests made for npc. We will miss your plugin greatly.
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    Possible de savoir la command comment changer le GHOST en CITIZEN s.v.p
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    slt ! normalement en fouillant un peu dans l'aide (/e) moi j'ai trouvé /e user..... quelque chose me semble
    kTrn, svp mets a jour ton super plugin depuis quelque temps il ne marche plus car il est trop outdated ! merci
    ÉDIT: registrer je ne sais pas ce que c'est (en tous cas ceci a l'air nécessaire pour empyrium) mais il fait vraiment tout planter déjà que empyrium n'est pas a jour (l'erreur la plus courantes et could not pass event PLUGIN_DISABLE to Registrer, pour empyrium je ne m'en souvient plus mais en tous cas il ne voulais plus se lancer)
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    The plugin is prolly awesome, i check the features and i loved it. The only reason i won't use this is because there is no connection to a mysql database. I would love you guys to implement that and i would REALLY use this awesome plugin.
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    Hi I need someone to set this up for me! (Cntrst is the real owner) IP: PLEASE HELP!
  26. Update please ?
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    update this great plugin please

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