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    Version: 1.2.1
    Download: EasyEnchant v1.2.2
    BukkitDev: Here

    EasyEnchant is a complete overhaul of the current enchanting method, using commands to get accurate enchantments while also allowing for server owners to completely control how much the enchantments cost (using a multiplier and adder) and each enchantments maximum level. This also allows for users to add enchantments to their already enchanted tools, weapons and armor.

    Test Build: EasyEnchant v2.0.0a BETA for CB 1.4.5 R0.2
    To use the test build:
    1. Let a clean config generate
    2. Crouch and Right Click an Enchantment Table
    3. Make sure to have the item you want to enchant in hand
    4. Tell me what you think. Feedback is appreciated
    Whats different/new/not implemented yet:
    • First attempt at a GUI using the inventory
    • No Combos/Eco support yet
    Note: **When updating to v1.2 let a new config generate** IMPORTANT

    Servers using EasyEnchant:
    • BigDogsPvP:
    • MC Legends Realm:
    • BoarderLine:
    • SemiCraft:
    • Land Of Ch'bey:
    • damNation:
    More will be added to this list as I find them.

    • Vault (Only if you choose to use money as currency)
    • /ee
    • /ee list
    • /ee combos
    • /ee exceptions
    • /ee comboinfo (combo)
    • /ee combo (combo)
    • /ee (enchantment) (level)
    • /ee cost (enchantment) (level)
    • /ee remove (enchantment)
    • /ee plugininfo
    • /ee (page number)
    Permission Nodes:
    • easyenchant.use
    • easyenchant.notable
    • easyenchant.nocost
    • easyenchant.combo.(combo-name) ie. easyenchant.combo.example
    Basics Demonstration (thanks to dannybtw):

    Combo Format:
        cost: 15
        enchantments: protection_environmental:5&protection_fire:3&oxygen:2
    Example Max Level Combination List (open)

        cost: 0
        enchantments: protection_environmental:4&protection_fire:4&protection_explosions:4&protection_projectile:4&oxygen:3&water_worker:1
        cost: 0
        enchantments: protection_environmental:4&protection_fire:4&protection_explosions:4&protection_projectile:4
        cost: 0
        enchantments: protection_environmental:4&protection_fire:4&protection_explosions:4&protection_projectile:4
        cost: 0
        enchantments: protection_environmental:4&protection_fire:4&protection_explosions:4&protection_fall:4&protection_projectile:4
        cost: 0
        enchantments: damage_all:5&damage_undead:5&damage_arthropods:5&knockback:2&fire_aspect:2&loot_bonus_mobs:3
        cost: 0
        enchantments: dig_speed:5&durability:3&loot_bonus_blocks:3
        cost: 0
        enchantments: dig_speed:5&durability:3&silk_touch:1
    ComboList: maxhelmet maxarmor maxlegins maxboots maxsword maxtool silkmaxtool

    How it works:
    1. Click on an enchantment table
    2. Use /ee (or /easyenchant or /enchant) to bring up a list of help commands
    3. Use /ee (enchantment) (level)
    4. If it passes all the checks (ie. level <= maxlevel, (playerLevel - cost) >= 0, etc) the item is enchanted and the player looses the amount of levels.
    5. When finished click on the table again or walk away from the table
    Pictures (open)





    • Modifiable alias list
    • Extremely configurable (maxLevel/Level costs per enchantment)
    • Easy to use (simple drag and drop)
    • Original enchantment method can still be used
    • Choice of using Levels or Money as currency
    • Full list on BukkitDev page...
    To-Do for Next Version:
    • Incorporate book shelves
    • More ideas (?)
    Change Log:

    Version 1.2.2
    - Added "easyenchant.notable"
    - Added "easyenchant.nocost"
    - Changed combo permission nodes

    Version 1.2.1
    - Added remove function
    - Changed how it displays the enchantments in some commands

    Version 1.2.0
    - Cleaned code somewhat
    - Added choice of money/levels as currency

    Version 1.1.0b
    - Added '/ee exceptions' to show the exceptions avaliable for the item in hand

    Version 1.1.0
    - Added Exception list for non standard enchanting
    - Added MaxEnchantmentStack
    - Changed a few methods

    Version 1.0.5
    - Changed how players can move while enchanting
    - Removed /ee break
    - Now skips enchantments in combos
    - Ratio for combo costs based on how many are added
    - Added bow enchantment support
    - Updated to new EventHandler

    Version 1.0.3
    - Added Permission Nodes
    - Added combinations
    - Added a conflict check
    - Show max level in enchantment list
    - Fixed death respawn bug

    Version 1.0.2
    - Fixed one spelling error
    - Added "protection_explosions" to config (forgot about it......)
    - Added "/ee remove" to easily remove the table

    Version 1.0.1
    - Bukkit Release
    - Slight help list change

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    Yea im pretty sure i fixed all the typos in the plugin. Its just i havent updated the pictures yet.
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    Yeah you got them nice plugin.
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    Hi, I just installed this on my server because my players have been asking for a way to control enchants. I'm staring at the config file trying to figure out how to set enchant prices. However, if I understand this correctly it seems like this mod is only useful for higher level enchants because it seems impossible to make low level enchants cheap while making high level enchants expensive.

    For example, without the mod I can use 1 level and get Protection I on my pick. But with the mod the only way to make Protection I cost only 1 level is to make ALL levels of Protection cost only 1 level (assuming I understand the formula correctly). My understanding is that:

    Protection I Cost = ( 1 x CM ) + CA

    So unless CM = 1 and CA = 0, there is no way to make Protection I cost 1 level.

    I could make Protection I cost 2 levels by CM = 2 and CA = 0, but then Protection IV is only 8 levels which seems too easy.

    Do I understand this correctly? Am I missing something?

    If not I would suggest a small modification to the formula that would fix this.

    Cost = [(level -1) * CM] + CA

    This means I could set CM to anything I want, CA = 1 and get Protection I at 1 level while still making higher levels of protection much more expensive.
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    You could make Protection I cost 1 level and have the cost grow quite high at later levels simply by making the CA a negative number.
    For example.
    CM = 8 CA = -7
    Protection I = 1 cost
    Protection II = 9 cost
    Protection III = 17 cost
    Protection IV = 25 cost
    Protection V = 33 cost

    Hope this clarifies it slightly
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    Negative numbers...doh! Never occurred to me. Thanks.
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    only one question, how do you type the command in while the enchantment table is up?
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    You dont type it once you have the enchantment GUI up, instead you simply HIT the enchanting table and you will begin enchanting with this plugin. Then you can type the commands.
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    well then its not working for me but however when i do /ee the command pops up saying to click on an enchantment table, but i click the enchantment table and nothing happens whether i left click or right click it
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    What version of CB are you using? The latest version of EE only works with RB 1.1-R1 or higher.
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    Dunno if this has been asked yet or you are working on it or if it has even been done but could you please make it so you can do this with bows also?
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    Bow enchanting was added in the last version.
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    oh ok yeah i forgot to update it
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    Thx Laserhog great plugin.

    Could you add an optional iconomy support that lets enchantment cost lvl and money if desired.
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    Hey bow entchant doesn´t work for me this note comes if i trie it "[EasyEnchant] infinity is not a valid enchantment"
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    I think the problem may lie in that you need to let a new configuration and alias list generate as they actually changed since the last version (adding the bow enchant info to the config as well as bow enchant aliases)

    hmmmmm, possibly, but for now i want to keep this as close to normal enchanting as possible. But if you really want to add some sort of Eco system to enchanting you could always get an exp buy/sell plugin.

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    Does this support PermissionsBukkit? I have PermsBukkit configured for this plugin, but it just seems to default to op only.

    EDIT: Never mind, turns out I was in the spawn area while I was trying to test permissions :p
    Great plugin, only thing I'd like is a way to turn off the no permissions message if someone can't use EasyEnchant and is breaking an enchantment table.
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    I would if i could but i cant. The who EE system is based off of interaction and you cant break the table without interacting with it so if i was to turn off the no permission notification when someone is breaking the table i would have to turn it off all together.
    I guess its just one of those annoyances people need to get used to unless someone can conjure up some way around it. Sorry.

    In other news. Version 1.1.0 is here! Quite a big update.
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    Awesome mod, thanks!
    Laserhog likes this.
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    You are very welcome! As said on the BukkitDev page, I AM working on a spout GUI but since University started progress on it is very slow.
    But glad you like it :D
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    Ya I hear you. Im taking a double major at college so I know how tight time can be. Are you planning on possibly making it so like the sword can have all the enchantments other than just 2? Then there could be an option to enchant the item with everything to the highest level
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    That's where Combos come in. With combos there is no limit as to how many can be put on an item but the item will only take the enchantments that are meant for it.
    So if i have a 20 cost combo with fire_aspect, protection_environmental, infinity and flame and was to use that combo on a sword only one of them (fire_aspect) would be placed on the sword (unless the others were specified in the Exception list to be allowed on that item type) and so the cost of the combo would ultimately be only 5 levels (since 1 passed and 3 failed ~1/4 * 20 = 5~).
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    Oh okay. I get it now. Well it is fine the way it is. It is gay that it doesn't show you what you are enchanting anyways so I think this mod is awesome so I'm not getting fucked by spending my exp on a gamble.
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    Will this be updated to work with 1.2.3? Since installing it on my server my players have become totally addicted!
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    Currently i haven't found any problems with the current version working with 1.2.3 dev builds (latest tested with #2037) and in 1.2.3 there was no new enchantments added so, if the compatibility stays as it is now, the version of EE now should work when a new RB comes.

    *Side Note*
    Going to release EasyEnchantSpout as a seperate plugin. So there would be no problems if something broke in spout while Bukkit was still working fine that you don't have to wait till it is fixed.
    + i think it will be easier for me to maintain.
    I have most of the buttons up for it already, just need to think about how i can display the info (ie. how in EE currently you can check what enchantments are in combos, cost, etc. I need to think of an easy and good way to show this to the player)
    Will test a bit more on this and HOPEFULLY have a beta version soon.
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    EasyEnchant seems to be broken for 1.2.3. When trying to enchant, we get "can't stack more enchantments" and more random error messages. No enchanting seems to be possible anymore.
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    What bukkit build are you using?

    I just tested all the features of EE v1.1.0 with CraftBukkit build #2052 and i haven't seen any problems.
    The "Can't stack any more enchantments" error message only occurs when you have reached the maximum number of enchantments for that item type (the amount:type is specified in the config)

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    Sorry, my fault - we used configs from January, that was the reason!

    I'll get me coat and go somewhere to bang my head on the wall now.
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    No! lol.
    Its ok, you aren't the first to make this mistake, and im sure you wont be the last.

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