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    Version: 1.2.1
    Download: EasyEnchant v1.2.2
    BukkitDev: Here

    EasyEnchant is a complete overhaul of the current enchanting method, using commands to get accurate enchantments while also allowing for server owners to completely control how much the enchantments cost (using a multiplier and adder) and each enchantments maximum level. This also allows for users to add enchantments to their already enchanted tools, weapons and armor.

    Test Build: EasyEnchant v2.0.0a BETA for CB 1.4.5 R0.2
    To use the test build:
    1. Let a clean config generate
    2. Crouch and Right Click an Enchantment Table
    3. Make sure to have the item you want to enchant in hand
    4. Tell me what you think. Feedback is appreciated
    Whats different/new/not implemented yet:
    • First attempt at a GUI using the inventory
    • No Combos/Eco support yet
    Note: **When updating to v1.2 let a new config generate** IMPORTANT

    Servers using EasyEnchant:
    • BigDogsPvP:
    • MC Legends Realm:
    • BoarderLine:
    • SemiCraft:
    • Land Of Ch'bey:
    • damNation:
    More will be added to this list as I find them.

    • Vault (Only if you choose to use money as currency)
    • /ee
    • /ee list
    • /ee combos
    • /ee exceptions
    • /ee comboinfo (combo)
    • /ee combo (combo)
    • /ee (enchantment) (level)
    • /ee cost (enchantment) (level)
    • /ee remove (enchantment)
    • /ee plugininfo
    • /ee (page number)
    Permission Nodes:
    • easyenchant.use
    • easyenchant.notable
    • easyenchant.nocost
    • easyenchant.combo.(combo-name) ie. easyenchant.combo.example
    Basics Demonstration (thanks to dannybtw):

    Combo Format:
        cost: 15
        enchantments: protection_environmental:5&protection_fire:3&oxygen:2
    Example Max Level Combination List (open)

        cost: 0
        enchantments: protection_environmental:4&protection_fire:4&protection_explosions:4&protection_projectile:4&oxygen:3&water_worker:1
        cost: 0
        enchantments: protection_environmental:4&protection_fire:4&protection_explosions:4&protection_projectile:4
        cost: 0
        enchantments: protection_environmental:4&protection_fire:4&protection_explosions:4&protection_projectile:4
        cost: 0
        enchantments: protection_environmental:4&protection_fire:4&protection_explosions:4&protection_fall:4&protection_projectile:4
        cost: 0
        enchantments: damage_all:5&damage_undead:5&damage_arthropods:5&knockback:2&fire_aspect:2&loot_bonus_mobs:3
        cost: 0
        enchantments: dig_speed:5&durability:3&loot_bonus_blocks:3
        cost: 0
        enchantments: dig_speed:5&durability:3&silk_touch:1
    ComboList: maxhelmet maxarmor maxlegins maxboots maxsword maxtool silkmaxtool

    How it works:
    1. Click on an enchantment table
    2. Use /ee (or /easyenchant or /enchant) to bring up a list of help commands
    3. Use /ee (enchantment) (level)
    4. If it passes all the checks (ie. level <= maxlevel, (playerLevel - cost) >= 0, etc) the item is enchanted and the player looses the amount of levels.
    5. When finished click on the table again or walk away from the table
    Pictures (open)





    • Modifiable alias list
    • Extremely configurable (maxLevel/Level costs per enchantment)
    • Easy to use (simple drag and drop)
    • Original enchantment method can still be used
    • Choice of using Levels or Money as currency
    • Full list on BukkitDev page...
    To-Do for Next Version:
    • Incorporate book shelves
    • More ideas (?)
    Change Log:

    Version 1.2.2
    - Added "easyenchant.notable"
    - Added "easyenchant.nocost"
    - Changed combo permission nodes

    Version 1.2.1
    - Added remove function
    - Changed how it displays the enchantments in some commands

    Version 1.2.0
    - Cleaned code somewhat
    - Added choice of money/levels as currency

    Version 1.1.0b
    - Added '/ee exceptions' to show the exceptions avaliable for the item in hand

    Version 1.1.0
    - Added Exception list for non standard enchanting
    - Added MaxEnchantmentStack
    - Changed a few methods

    Version 1.0.5
    - Changed how players can move while enchanting
    - Removed /ee break
    - Now skips enchantments in combos
    - Ratio for combo costs based on how many are added
    - Added bow enchantment support
    - Updated to new EventHandler

    Version 1.0.3
    - Added Permission Nodes
    - Added combinations
    - Added a conflict check
    - Show max level in enchantment list
    - Fixed death respawn bug

    Version 1.0.2
    - Fixed one spelling error
    - Added "protection_explosions" to config (forgot about it......)
    - Added "/ee remove" to easily remove the table

    Version 1.0.1
    - Bukkit Release
    - Slight help list change

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    i gonna try that one with alias
    im not sure if i understand you good but do you mean i go to alias.csv

    and make something like this


    /ee combo1 <level>

    and it will enchant my sword with fire aspect and bane of arthropods ??

    and well dam thats what i mean if this is the answer

    cause i mean like lets say we hav

    what i mean its like you just type
    /ee sword max
    /ee sword 4

    and my sword (if im holding it right now) gets all that 6 enchants on lvl 4 (or lower level if max lvl for any is lower like lets say loot for example can be max lvl 3)

    and if i can name combo than i can make shortcut to it so like

    /ee z 4

    if thats how alias works than my suggestion is made already

    ow you mean config file not alias

    og so i put this there

    cost: 0
    enchantments: damage_all:10&damage_undead :10&damage_arthropods :10& knockback:10&fire_aspect :10&loot_bonus_mobs:10

    and it only enchant damage all and dont enchant rest why ?
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    You seem to have spaces between some of the things (ie. damage_undead :10). Make sure you format it correctly or it wont work.

    And about your suggestion for quick enchanting, i cant do that since some of the enchantments conflict or wont work on other armors, Oxygen on Helmets only for example. Or even Sharpness with another damage modifier. For swords however the Combinations that i added works around this and you can have multiple damage modifiers.
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    yea i notice it before but when i named it "sword" it didnt work anyway i changed it to "blade" and seams to work now

    anyway would it be possible to make combos just ignore wrong enchants and not to cancel all combo ?


    i got sword in hand
    my combo is

    cost: 0
    enchantments: fire_aspect:4&protection_fire:4

    so when i do /ee combo firemix 4 on my sword it will give it fire aspect and just ignore fire protection , and not cancel all combo cause fire protection is there ?


    and how i add more combo to combo list

    ComboList: example blade
    ComboList: example,blade
    ComboList: example&blade
    ComboList: example:blade
    which is correct ??
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    You Cannot have conflicting enchantments and expect the combo to work. Fire Aspect is for swords, Fire Protection is for Armor. The combo will just not work, not even the fire aspect will be added to the sword. And also, /ee combo firemix 4 ? The command is /ee combo (name).
    To add combos to the list just type them in however you like, The command simply prints out the ComboList as a string.
    In the config for your new combo are you making sure there is the correct number of spaces? config files are very particular about spaces. I just tested with the combo name "sword" and it worked out fine.
    Also, if i was to make it simply not add the enchantments that cant be added they would still loose the same amount of levels so isnt that a bit unfair?
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    you misunderstand me
    i wanted something like this
    in config.yml file

    cost: 0
    enchantments: protection_fire:4&fire_aspect:4

    and when i in game type

    /ee combo firemix
    while holding sword i would get only fire aspect lvl 4 on the sword and protection fire would be ignored cause its for armor
    and if that works that it would be possible to make 1 combo with all enchants so i can type on every armor part tool or sword just 1 command to have it enchanted to max

    and even so do you think any 1 who use combo to enchant all items at once would not be able to pay their lvls for getting all enchants ?

    or like me set cost of all to 0 :D
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    Ok, i will add this to the to-do list. How ever my main worry for this is that people will be getting over charged if they combo only does 2/5 of the enchantments. Maybe i will add a system where if it DOES do only 2/5 of the enchantments it is only 2/5 of the cost. How is that?
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    anyway you solved my problem and suggestion
    i would want to thank you for your plugin and your help it was more than enough :)
    ok Ty again :)

    hmm i see it in very simple way
    how much you want something describe how much u r going to do for it
    so if someone want enchants very bad and dont wanna loose accidentally levels will do it command by command but for ppl who dont care they will be ok with loosing some levels
    its like wanting cookies and going to shop to buy some if you feel too lazy to go for them it mean you didnt really want them so much

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    Hmmmm, good point.
    And also thanks for the very nice feed back, and your welcome :p
    I will deffinately add your maxLevel Combo List to the description so thanks for that too.
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    man last 1 big favor can you give us option in config file for example like

    handcontrol: true/false
    manuallcontrol: true/false

    so like on my server 90 % of ppl dont know english at all (im the remaining 10%) and 1 guy just by accident punch enchant table and he didnt know why he cant move and was stuck like 10 min and he give up and leave server and i was taking shower so i could not help him

    so like

    handcontrol: true/false
    manuallcontrol: true/false

    when true if we punch the table than we access easyenchant and if false nothing happen (wold be better) or it say you dont have access to that command or something

    or give permissions node for being even able to use 'punching enchant table'

    or make easyenchant reset if someone rejoin server cause now it works awesome as freeze player command

    hope you understand me :D

    and i get this error when try to move [​IMG]
  11. oh wow, this is really useful plugin! Thank you
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    This error is not caused by my plugin. It looks like it is from a plugin called TreeAssist. Possibly there is some conflict between the two.
    Also, i will not be adding a "handcontrol" toggle since that is the whole interaction method behind this plugin. Maybe put a sign at spawn telling how to use EasyEnchant, thats what most servers do for big plugins. I will however make it so that (in the next version) when you leave you are no longer enchanting.
    I also get a feeling that you may ask me to do multi-language support. No, i don't know any other languages and i also don't want to have to support many different versions of the same plugin.
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    I have a problem ... when I write: /ee protection 4 , it don't work :|
    In the console appear: An internal error occurred while attempting to perform this command
    What I can do ???
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    I just tested using the latest from the download link above and /ee protection 4 works perfectly fine. CB Build and EasyEnchant version please. Also other plugins that you are running.
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    man change in combo list
    cost: 0
    enchantments: dig_speed:5&durability:3&loot_bonus_blocks:3
    and add
    cost: 0
    enchantments: dig_speed:5&silk_touch:1&durability:3&loot_bonus_blocks:3

    cause i just notice whenever you have silk touch on pickaxe you are not able to drop bonus blocks and it will make you drop you full blocks so from coal ore you dont get coal but coal ore same goes for diamonds you will get diamond ore but alos it will allow you to drop glass or any other block you destroy with in their native form
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    By far one of my favorite plugins, but then everyone gets stuck 'using the enchant table' which is absolutely stupid. There should be a command-only using permissions feature. I do NOT like my players breaking their enchant tables and then being permanently frozen until an admin puts another table in front of their frozen character and telling them to left-click it. Especially when I personally only use the plugin myself and for admins. Please change this. If it's not changed in two weeks, I'm just gonna stick with essentials or get my friend to write up a simple combo's enchant plugin.

    When fixed: 5/5

    As it is now: 0.5/5

    EDIT: That or permissions for the plugin altogether. I would be okay with only users with "this.permission.node" being able to be frozen when they click the table, and everyone else doesn't even know the plugin exists, as left-clicking the table would have no effect.
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    or better would be choice(option in config file) if we want to use table as trigger to start easy enchanting or we want being able only starting easy enchanting by typing command /ee
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    Zero, if my friend codes the change would you like a copy of the JAR? :)
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    Is it so hard to either hit the table again or type /ee leave?
    Also, i don't respond well to ultimatums so if you don't like this plugin, don't use it, especially if you are too lazy to read the instructions that i put in the /ee command.
    "Hit the table again to leave or
    /ee leave"
    Theres nothing thats broken and i will also be adding the feature that when the table breaks the person is released.
    So i say again, is it so hard to hit the table again or type /ee leave?
    And if your friend does change the code of this and publicly releases it i will make sure it is taken down as i haven't given my permission for your friend to do anything of the sorts.
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    yea why not just post it here so erver 1 can use it
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    The whole point of this is to use the table to enchant. Is it so hard to either hit the table again or type /ee leave?!
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    It's not an ultimatum, it's what will either make or break this plugin. It's clearly a problem... forcing interaction that FREEZES you and quite buggy at that. Players on my server aren't to know of this plugin's existence, so why should I have to tell them to read and use /ee leave? One thing about my server is I'm not forcing words and reading material down my player's throats. They play for fun, and some don't like complications and commands.

    If you add that break-table feature, great, or even better, not to freeze the player at the table. I'm not trying to be rude here.

    If that is the whole point.... I must say I really don't like the whole point. What I'd like is as many permissions nodes as possible in all my plugins (you have to unlazify yourself to get into the messy coding in order to accomplish that), and commands only, or optional enchant table use in this plugin as an example. As things are with NO permissions, players can use EE. I had to jack cost and multiply to 5000 so they could no longer do so.

    That said, I apologize for coming off as rash. I really do appreciate this plugin, otherwise I'd not have taken the time to let you know how I feel about certain things.

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    I have to "unlazify" MYSELF? I make this plugin for free. You use it an complain that theres too much reading involved (which there is only about 3 lines that are important, 1. When you first interact with it it says "use /ee", 2. The part in the /ee that says "Hit the table or /ee leave" 3. The actual enchanting command)
    Also, if i was to make it that you arent frozen then you could enchant ANYWHERE after you hit an enchanting table, which would be stupid considering that when you enchant using the vanilla methods you are also frozen in the position until you close it.
    There are also permission nodes, although i guess there was too much reading for you to find that too.
    You say you're not trying to be rude but you have no idea how rude you are in saying things like this.

    EDIT: One thing i WILL do however is to make the player only get frozen if they have the node easyenchant.use as as of now it only affects what they can do with the commands. And i am also sorry for the little rage i had, it gets so tiresome to try and please everyones needs even when it is all laid out for them...
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    its simply but tell me what does that say ?

    pacnij reką stół do ulepszań by znowu móc się ruszać

    thats was punch the enchant table to be able to move again in my language

    cause thats what ppl who dont understand english see and tell me what would you if you cant move and you see on chat pacnij reką stół do ulepszań by znowu móc się ruszać hmm??

    its not hard for us to understand that we need to table to enchant but its hard for ppl that dont understand english or are not very well with commands why you cant understand this ?

    anyway no 1 here is at your mercy there always is alternative

    so if you dont want to change your plugin to be user friendly than no 1 will use it

    i used it only once and really after few players stuck them self cause of your plugin i remove it from my plugins cause it also stuck players that dont have permission to use it < thats stupid

    but anyway i think your plugin is good idea problem is only that freezing player is bad thing

    think about it its ur choice will you make it user friendly or we will be forced to abandon your plugin which would be big waist

    or wait i got better solution if you need so much that freezing player change "you cant move while enchanting" to "type /ee leave to move again" and leave for us option in config file to translate it so we can translate it to our languages and no 1 will have problem anymore

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    1. I never said you were "at my mercy" but that is not an alternative. That is a simple enchantment plugin, not a complete cost control and max level modifier, as well as a enchantment combo plugin.
    2. I dont understand how you mean by saying they dont understand what to do when it says "was punch the enchant table to be able to move again" in your own language. Isnt that pretty self explanatory?
    3. And you have no IDEA how i have tried to make this more "user-friendly" but not being stuck in place when you are enchanting seems stupid considering that in the vanilla methods of enchanting you are frozen in place until you close it.

    Ok now we are getting somewhere. I will change the message to that however i wont add language support.....

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    Also note that since you're using the GNU Public license, one does not need to ask your permission to modify and re-release this plugin, as long as they credit you and don't charge for it.
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    i mean that

    same as you cant tell what it says

    pacnij reką stół do ulepszań by znowu móc się ruszać

    same way many ppl who dont understand english dont understand what that says

    punch the enchant table to be able to move again

    now you get it ?

    and by on your mercy i mean that no 1 here have big neeeeeeeeed to use your plugin we want it but not with that forced freezing cause

    but if you gonna give us node being able to use easy enchant so if someone dont have that node he CANT use ee and CANT be frozen than for me problem is solved and i thank you for your help
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    I am sorry I wasn't more clear. I did not mean you personally unlazify yourself. But in plugin development, getting into the messy coding for the good of having more functionality and flexibility in your plugin, one must unlazify themself and deal with the tedious bug troubleshooting, such as multiple permissions nodes. I do see in your code that the entire base begins with using the enchant table, and I can see that'd be a pain in the ass to code with what for example, zero and I are asking. But if it means anything, I'm rooting for you if you try!

    Or I have a much easier solution for you that would fix the entire problem.

    "If a player moves while enchanting, make them no longer enchanting"

    Problem solved, very easily.
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    and btw

    And you have no IDEA how i have tried to make this more "user-friendly"

    you dont have idea how we try to make our servers user friendly and we add new plugins to provide smooth easy and nice gameplay

    and trust me ppl wont get mad if something dont work so well but will get mad when they cant play and freezing them make the unable to play

    kirbys solution seams more sensible than my

    Or I have a much easier solution for you that would fix the entire problem.

    "If a player moves while enchanting, make them no longer enchanting"

    Problem solved, very easily.

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    That was my initial thought but then i thought people would always be accidentally moving or even get moved by someone else. But if this is what everyone wants then sure i will do this.

    And yes i know that, but this can always be changed. And if people do modify this without my knowing it will be changed.

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    Oh, if you like my easy solution and plan to use it, to pre-emptively combat a possible bug, make sure it no longer enchants upon server disconnection as well.

    EDIT: While typing, a player cannot move so they are safe while typing possibly complicated commands, so long as other players don't push them.. but that can be easily communicated between players without complications.
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