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  1. Custom Server Messages | csm

    With csm you can redefine the standard Bukkit/Minecraft-server messsages. (For example: Whitelist Message, Join Message, Block /plugin Message, and much more)


    • Define the join/leave-message in a simple config
    • Define the "You are not on the Whitelist Message"
    • Block Commands (for users, with permissions) like /plugins or /version (and more...)
    • Define the messages if a user try to use a blocked Command
    • With this Plugin, you can translate your server into your language.
    • and more ;D
    More Infos + Download on Bukkit DEV:
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    Title needs to define which Bukkit version this was made and tested on. Eg, 1.3.1-R2.0
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    Stop bumping and wait, approval can take upto 3, sometimes longer weeks as these threads are the lowest priority of all. Projects on Bukkit Dev are the highest, if you really want it approved, make it on Bukkit Dev, if done correctly, that takes no longer than 72 hours.
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    Jeez kid, just improve your plugin and hang on tight.

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