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    CommandHelper is a utility plugin for working with commands.

    • Build your own commands without knowing Java or having to make a plugin
    • Repeat your last command with /.
    • Per-player command aliases
    • Global command aliases

    [​IMG] CommandHelper 3.2.0

    [​IMG] Requirements: Java 1.6+ required. Mac OS X users may have to update their Java version. In addition, you need "WorldEdit," but the download linked above has a version with WorldEdit already bundled.


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    Where do you put the global-aliases.txt ? I have it in the bukkit root/aliases/ folder, but no one has access to the commands, even admins.
  3. You have to create it in the main-Folder. Where the craftbukkit-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar located.
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    Can i repat world edit commands, witch has // ?
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    How would I set an alias that involves a user such as /love Player which would output '*Me loves Player'.
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    Okay, I updated the plugin so it works again.

    I'll answer questions later... if I don't forget.
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    can i use this to recreate the /i command?
    I was wondering if i could and i tried something like "/alias /i /give (player name)" but i have no idea if there even is a variable anything like player_name =O
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    Awesome mod. Love the rules thingy. Any way to put colors to text?
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    It's doable... but I don't remember how to >.> (CH was written last year).

    You could also use CommandBook for items:

    You have to find the section character and put it in your text, followed by a number.

    You could also use CommandBook if just want rules:
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    Yes you can do this with it! This was the first alias I made because of it. The lines in your .txt should look like this:
    /item %1 %2
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    Well that worked! Thanks ยง ! I really like your CommandBook addon, but I need to find a way to put permissions :( I don't want people to give items and such.
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    Both a big help! Thanks verry much! (sk89q & tehseano)
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    With this plugin, how might one make an alias that runs a sequence of consecutive commands?

    Ex: /alias /sequence /me is eating /eatfood 5 /heal
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    I have a quick question about using MyWarp with this. To create warps on that plugin you use /warp create <warp name>. I wanted to make an alias /setwarp, so i put in:
    /warp create
    When I type /setwarp <warp name> in game, it says "No such warp create" Instead of trying to set a warp, it is trying to warp to a warp called create. Know a way around this?

    Edit: OK I get it now. I had to put
    /warp create %1
    %1 is used as the variable otherwise it won't allow input commands. For multiple variables, you would do %1 %2 %3 ect...
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    Could you make this capture any returns so we can replace the commands "usage: whatever" with our own?

    Also, what about commands that have a : in them? won't that break this?
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    Does the actual command have a : or is it just the input that contains a :?
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    /bb rollback r:# t:#


    can you please parse color codes with @read ?
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    it'd be nice if there was some way to get the command the player actually typed down to the plugin - or some way to figure out ways to call a command - like a way for the end plugin to check possible ways for it to be called ( through aliases ).

    for example, how about /<command> help messages - if someone is calling /x as an alias for /command - should the help messages be saying /x or /command?

    maybe this is inconsequential, but it's just a thought.... it'd be nice to repeat back the commands someone was using instead of a possibly extra long command. Example again: if you want '/buy' to map to '/someshop buy ' then it could make for a lot nicer help screens if you could just spit out help commands saying /buy ( what with the limited screen space for text ).

    I spoke with Layton in irc who sounds like he may have some cool features to add to this too.

    sounds like a promising project, I may start using this
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    Please support the auto-updating plugin CraftBukkitUpToDate. To do so please provide a permanent direct link to the author of CraftBukkitUpToDate.

    The below is information they provide
    Show Spoiler

    My Plugin didn't supported, how i get it to work with CButD?
    Give me a permanent link to your Plugin, i will add it. That's all no changes at your SourceCode or something else, all I need is a permanent link to the newest version of your Plugin. A good place for this is or for OpenSource

    I really enjoy using your plugin and would like to see it work well with the above listed 'updater' plugin.
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    Just a quick question, can we do pass the entire arguements line to a command?

    So, instead of
    /cmd %1 %2 %3 %4 ....%99 %100

    we can do
    /cmd %0 {0 for ALL args, otherwise number em as needed}
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    Where do I have to put global-aliases.txt ? I put it in plugins directory, in the aliases directory, but it doesn't seem to work.
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    @D-Kalck: In your main server directory

    @sk89q: It would be awesome to not need spaces before and after the variable. We have an area where we define plots with a given prefix as WG region, so I like to "/region define prefix_%1 %1". I will try to do it myself, but still would like to see it in the official version too.
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    Some news: There will soon be a new version with a very powerful language you can use to make advanced aliases (if you want).
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    ok so tell me what Im doing wrong here, I put this file called global-aliases.txt under aliases folder it created, heres the contents of the folder
    /manuaddp %1 snowballz.*
    /money deposit %1 500
    /manuaddv %1 prefix %2
    /manuaddp %1 //
    /manuaddp %1 snowballz.*
    /manuaddp %1 monstertamer.*
    /money deposit %1 1000
    /manuaddv %1 prefix %2
    /manuaddp %1 //
    /manuaddp %1 snowballz.*
    /manuaddp %1 monstertamer.*
    /money deposit %1 1500
    /manuaddv %1 prefix %2
    /manuaddp %1 //
    /manpromote %1 mod
    it does nothing, I also reloaded it what am I doing wrong?
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    Jonathan Bloom

    This plugin conflicts with SimpleAliases, what should I do? Also, I don't see a global-aliases.txt
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    Hm, every aliases I do, gets multiplied with the number of players online oO'
    I guess it's some conflict with another plugin.
    Anyone else that have/had this issue?
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    I am attempting to use it from the Console, but it keeps spitting out its help text:
    >each * /kick ^
    00:51:27 [INFO] /each <targets> <cmd>
    >each * "/kick ^"
    00:51:42 [INFO] /each <targets> <cmd>
    >each * "/kick ^"
    00:51:54 [INFO] /each <targets> <cmd>
    >each * kick ^
    00:52:03 [INFO] /each <targets> <cmd>
    >each * /kick ^
    00:52:08 [INFO] /each <targets> <cmd>
    >each /kick ^
    00:52:11 [INFO] /each <targets> <cmd>
    >each /kick * ^
    00:52:13 [INFO] /each <targets> <cmd>
    >each /kick
    00:52:15 [INFO] /each <targets> <cmd>
    >each * /kick
    00:52:19 [INFO] /each <targets> <cmd>
    >perform * /me hi
    00:52:38 [INFO] /perform <targets> <cmd>
    00:52:43 [INFO] /each <targets> <cmd>
    >each * /kick
    00:52:49 [INFO] /each <targets> <cmd>
    >each * /kick ^
    00:52:52 [INFO] /each <targets> <cmd>
    >each Default /kick ^
    00:56:07 [INFO] /each <targets> <cmd>
    Also this:
    >say test
    00:56:40 [INFO] [CONSOLE] test
    00:56:41 [INFO] /.
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    Hi, can you please make a link to the .jar (or .zip if you have to) to the latest version of this plugin, wich will never change? The link is needed for CraftBukkitUpToDate, wich downloads a plugin when a new version is released.


    PS: Also post the created link to the .jar or .zip on that pagina plz.

    Thanks in advance.
  31. I am using MultiVerse, and have added the alias /spawn to /mvspawn, and /setspawn to /mvsetspawn.
    However, noone seems to have access to them, even thou they still have access to /mvspawn.
    I could not find any information about permissions in this thread, so could someone please explain how i get this to work?
    It works fine for me, but is suspect that's because i am an OP, but i need quite a few of my aliases to be accessible by everyone who has the permission

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