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    CoalConverter v1.0.1 - Change Coal and Charcoal
    Version: v1.0.1

    Ever get annoyed about Coal and Charcoal not stacking together?
    Just think one is better than the other?
    Use CoalConverter to swap them!

    • Change Coal into Charcoal.
    • Change Charcoal into Coal.
    Source Code

    /coal - If you have a stack of Coal selected it will be changed to Charcoal and Vice-versa for if a stack of Charcoal is selected.
    coal.convert - Allows players to use the "/coal" command.
    Version 1.0.1 - April 28th
    • Release
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    Wow Really cool plugin, simple but fantastic love permissions support. :D
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    Daniel Heppner

    No source code? :)
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    As soon as I setup Github :)

    Edit: It's in the first post now
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    why would some one need this? not trying to be meen. just wondering.
    coal and charcoal do the samething
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    That's exactly the point they do the same thing so why not stack them? and to do that you need to change them so they are the same.
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    OH ok, now that makes since
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    Daniel Heppner

    Why not make it so that it automatically does it? It's possible, but you might need a scheduler.
  9. Or maybe you can add a feature that automatically changes charcoal into coal as soon as its smelted. Just an idea -- using a text command is kind of clumsy.
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    I made it as a command so the player can choose how they want it, I'll look into changing the smelting recipe though.
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    i like this, but i find it unecessary.

    this is going into the 'maybe' folder for plugins, i'll ask my players.
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    If it would change one to the other automatically instead of with a command I would use it. Once that is added it will go into my plugin directory.
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    Okay, thanks for the feedback.
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    Make it automatic, but keep the command, so you always get coal, but if, for some (?) reason you specifically need charcoal, you can type /coal and it will change.
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    I know this seems odd, but could somebody quickly edit this so it can change reeds into sugar cane?

    I'm using the bukkit piston plugin to make an automatic sugar cane harvester, but it drops reeds, not sugar cane!
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    "Reeds" is just the old name for sugarcane. A couple of possible things I think you might have actually meant (and answers for them):

    1: It drops sugar cane and you want it to drop sugar. Put the cane in your crafting slot (any of them) and voilá, you have sugar.

    2: It's dropping wheat (somehow) and you want it to drop sugarcane (or the other way around - drops cane and you want wheat). You get wheat by farming seeds, not from sugar cane. Read the wiki page on it. If you're getting wheat when I sugar cane is broken, some other mod or plugin is messing that up.

    3: You still have an old version of minecraft for some reason and the canes are still called Reeds. I don't know how you've managed, but you need to update. That's all.

    If it's not actually one of these things, you're going to have to explain more... You're question doesn't sound odd, it sounds confused.
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    Its dropping reeds, the block. I need it to drop sugarcane (the item)

    Read it up on the wiki for the block and item values
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    I believe the reference is to the fact that when you first harvest Sugar Cane, it gives you Sugar Cane Blocks (sugar cane), not sugar. It appears he is looking to have it drop sugar without having to process the Sugar Cane Block (sugar cane).

    Somewhere in this OP you should state a person HAS TO HAVE permissions in order to use this plugin. And that is one thing I am getting sick and tired of. All you sorry Devs have to require someone to use some other plugin to use yours. Well, I can't stand permissions because it is too damn buggy. Would like to use this plugin but you seem to be in bed with the dev of Permissions so you just say screw those people who don't use WorldGuard or Permissisons.

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    I'm sorry if you've had problems with Permissisons, all you had to do was ask for a Permissisons free version...
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    And all you had to do was set to check for Permissions and if not there then default to OPs.

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