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    ClearInventory - Remove Items From Self (Main/Bar/All)
    Version: v0.3
    CraftBukkit: 556, 617, 677, 733, 818, 860, 935, 953, 1000, 1060, 1185, 1240, 1337

    ClearInventory is an easy way to remove items from your own inventory without dropping them. It can clear either the main inventory window, the quick bar slots, or both.

    I have no plans to add any more features to this plugin. There are other inventory cleaners that target certain blocks and other players.

    • Quick inventory clear
    • Prevent dropping dangerous materials on the ground
    • Clear each inventory area separately or together
    • Only acts on the user entering command

    ClearInventory adds the command: /clearinventory (/cinv). There is no functionality from the console.
    • /cinv <main|bar|all>
    The area can be main for the main inventory area, bar for the quick bar slots, or all for both areas.


    Without permissions, it defaults to OPs.

    Download ClearInventory Plugin
    Source Code

    Version 0.3
    • properly use command aliases in plugin.yml
    • remove unnecessary if from onCommand
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    Version 0.2
    • Added permissions support
    • Fixed syntax error message
    Version 0.1
    • Initial release
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    This is a really cool plugin! I especially like that you have the option of clearing the hot-bar instead of all of the inventory. Nice work!!
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    great stuff
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    When you type "/clearinventory" or "/cinv", a message pops up that says "Usage: /clearinv <main|bar|all>". However, using "clearinv" as a substitute for "clearinventory" or "cinv" does not work. Basically, it's misleading.

    Otherwise, great plugin.
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    Oh, I'm sorry. That's a mistake.
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    This looks very useful if you only add permissions nodes to it! (Or configuration to allow only OP's to use it)
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    I don't see why you would need permissions to use this. Could you explain your reasoning?
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    I don't want my users to use the command if I run an RP server. Inventory management is part of the game and I find it a bit out of immersion to simply be able to make items disappear by the use of a command. It's a minor concern, I'm aware of that, but if it's not too hard to add it would be appreciated.
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    Sure, it isn't very hard to add permissions. I'll try to update soon, possibly tomorrow.

    Nevermind, I did it now. Added permissions support and fixed the syntax error message.

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    Hey There. Neat addon. I'd really love to use it to clear other players inventories as well though. I have an RP jail added in and there's no real way to "pat down" another player after they've deposited supposedly "all" of their items and can result in them causing some serious chaos.

    If it listed the items it cleared to the person that ran the command it would be nearly the same as a pat down :D
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    Thank you!
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    Great tool thanks for the hard work
    Hope it works with cb 733
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    Can you add the following?

    A user entering a certain region/area or passing over a certain block/sign has their inventory cleared.
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    I've never used it, but CommandSigns lets you run commands when you click on signs. It looks to be broken in 1.5 but there's an unofficial build of it.
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    can you add the function of armor removal?
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    Get the portal stick plugin, it has the reed thing that allows you to clear it
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    Is it possible to set it up in such a way with permissions on entering another world to loose all your items on entering that world (multiworld)?
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    Hey I get an error saying an internal error occured, im using group manager and all, so i installed the permmissions in the config, and even tested in YML Parser or whatever, and I get 'An internal error occured while attempting to perform this command.' help?
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    What Craftbukkit version are you running? I just tested it on #818. I don't think your permissions plugin would cause that error, but with Permissions 3.1.1 it works.

    What is the full error message section from the log?
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    thanks this plugin i really needed for my server
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    Would it be possible to get a /ci command? I'm missing that from Essentials I think it was, or General maybe.
    As I'm not using those anymore it would be great if this plugin could give us that commandsyntax as well :)

    Perhaps also without <main|bar|all>, so default would be all :)
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    You can add the /ci alias pretty easily.
    (I use 7-zip. winrar should be able to do it too)
    1. Open ClearInventory.jar in zip program
    2. Right-click plugin.yml
    3. Choose Edit (open with notepad)
    4. Change "aliases: cinv" to "aliases: [cinv,ci]" (or drop cinv altogether)
    5. Save & Exit
    6. Zip program will update .jar
    I'm trying to keep this plugin as simple as possible, but I could be persuaded to make it force 'all' if you really want.
  24. Theres a plugin called something like bShortcut that is a lot easier than this sort of thing.
  25. Im liking this. :)

    and here is a silly request. can u make it so you can use /cinv main cobble ... then only cobble will be cleared for example
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    The latest CraftBukkit added server-wide aliases. See bukkit.yml for an example.
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    works greate ! i love you :D
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    Thanks alot! This was just the plugin i was looking for. Me an my friends always made an lava pool to vanish our items. Haha.
    Sincerly thank you ltguide.
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    For those who don't know, 'Essentials' supports this (clearinventory) also. This being said, the command /clearinventory will most likely be "ruled out" if user has Essentials.
    I'd also add ability to clear others inventory. Essentials has this also and many users I know of use it, and like it. Other than that, nothing I'd comment about. Good plugin.
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    Ahh will install right away, just what I wanted :)

    Can you please post a ZIP file? My computer is being lame right now and whenever I try to download a JAR,
    it keeps saying Java Virtual Launcher Error :(

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