Inactive [MISC] ChairCraft v1.2.7 - Seats in Minecraft [1.1-R4]

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    ChairCraft - Seats in Minecraft!
    Version: 1.2.7 - Download
    Source: Github

    ChairCraft makes it possible to make chairs in Minecraft!
    Permission-node: 'chaircraft.sit'
    You need to sneak and right click to sit!
    It is configureable to check for signs at the sides, and the max width of a chair (or sofa).
    A chair can be a stone or wood stair or a slab (any type):

    Heres a tutorial in German: (Thanks @TheGamePlaza !)
    Heres how it looks in-game: (Thanks @iffa !)


    • Version 1.2.7 - Download
      • Updated to 1.1-R4 (works with 1.1-R5).
    • Version 1.2.6 - Download
      • Added config to use permissions, default false.
    • Version 1.2.5 - Download
      • Updated to MC 1.8.
      • Removed heal when seated.
      • Added support for the new stair blocks (not slabs).
      • Removed the exclude list, the player must now sneak to sit.
      • Possibly fixed the memory leak bug.
      • Dropped support for Permissions, now works with superperms.
    • Version 1.2.4 - Download
      • Updated to CB 928.
    • Version 1.2.3 - Download
      • Fixed arrows floating over the chairs!
    • Version 1.2.2 - Download
      • Fixed several bugs.
      • Added heal when seated, with config.
      • Added check if the block below is air, which would cause a glitch sitting inside the chair.
      • Added 44 to the default exception list, so you can now make doubleslabs as normal!
    • Version 1.2.1 - Download
      • Fixed the broken sign-check.
      • Added support for slabs.
      • Added config for arrow respawn-time. (Good for laggy servers)
    • Version 1.2.0 - Download
      • Added check for signs at the sides, with config.
      • Added Permissions-support.
      • Fixed the bug when the arrow despawns.
      • Fixed the bug when changing seats.
      • Only one player can be seated at one block at a time.
    • Version 1.1.0 - Download
      • Fixed seating when holding a block.
      • Fixed player beeing stuck when the stair is removed.
      • Added support for stone stairs.
      • Removed the check for signs on the sides.
      • Added check for the block above, it must be air. (Will add transparent blocks as ok)
    • Version 1.0.0 - Download
      • Initial release.
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    Love your plugins btw, BUT can you still make normal stairs?
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    From what I have just used yeah, a chair is designated as a stair piece with signs on it.
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    Yeah, theres config for sign_check.

    Updated, now supports slabs, and I fixed the sign check-bug! :D
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  6. I found a glitch that hasn't been fixed. When you sit down and then disconnect, when you reconnect, your character is standing where they were sitting, but the arrow is still stuck in the seat.

    Awesome mod though!
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    Ah, thanks. Ill fix that in a sec! :)
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    this does look like a fun plugin, however, is there a point to it? like does it heal you half a heart every minute you are in a chair? or is it just for decoration?
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    It just adds the ability to sit on chairs. :)
    Should I add a heal when sitting down? Sounds cool.
  10. I found something else. It seems that when you set the plugin to check for signs, you can't sit on slabs.

    But that might also be because I set the arrow respawn time to 0... I can't check right now
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    How do you construct your chair?

    It cant be 0, then you cant sit anywhere without jumping on new arrows all the time. xD
    Set it to 40 or something, that would give 20 seconds to lag. :)
  12. [​IMG]

    Like this, except with a slab instead of stairs.

    Changing the arrow respawn time didn't work.
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    You can make a chair using slabs as well?
    Oh, you can. Awesome
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    Any errors or something?
    Its working just fine for me. Are you sure its not just lag?
    And just to be clear, by slab, you mean the block with id 44, right?
  15. Yeah, that was my fault. I didn't have the correct permissions set. Sorry!

    Anyway, one last thing. When I try to make it so it doesn't exclude any items, it automatically adds back 323 (sign).
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    Isn't that the default setting? Otherwise if you tried sitting with signs.......its like dividing by 0.
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    Try changing 323 to -1, the list cant be empty or itll think that it has to generate the default one again. :)
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    DELIGNY Loïc

    Since I have installed this plugin, my server crash when i try to make a chair :'(
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    Really? Thats very wierd.
    What CB build do you have?
    Any errors?
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    Can't create any sort of double slab, ChairCraft won't allow it, even if sign check is on.
    Plugin disabled again until this is fixed AND a config for blocks that can be made into chairs is added.
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    Did you add the permissions-node?
    Sounds like you didnt. xD

    Nice idea, Ill add config for what blocks what is sit-able! :D
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    I don't use permissions. It's a bug.
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    What CB build do you use?
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    pure awesome, and already improved so much since release! Thanks for all your great plugins!
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    No lie, betta than seats plugin. Me likey
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    Thanks! :D

    Does normal chairs work? (with stairs)

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    here is a concept of what i talked about before:
  29. I'm having the same problem.

    I think you misread what he said. He didn't say that he couldn't sit down, he is saying that he cannot place two slabs on top of each other like you normally can in Minecraft.
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    /me starts call everyone in the church and having a church session :D
    i love this

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