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    ChairCraft - Seats in Minecraft!
    Version: 1.2.7 - Download
    Source: Github

    ChairCraft makes it possible to make chairs in Minecraft!
    Permission-node: 'chaircraft.sit'
    You need to sneak and right click to sit!
    It is configureable to check for signs at the sides, and the max width of a chair (or sofa).
    A chair can be a stone or wood stair or a slab (any type):

    Heres a tutorial in German: (Thanks @TheGamePlaza !)
    Heres how it looks in-game: (Thanks @iffa !)


    • Version 1.2.7 - Download
      • Updated to 1.1-R4 (works with 1.1-R5).
    • Version 1.2.6 - Download
      • Added config to use permissions, default false.
    • Version 1.2.5 - Download
      • Updated to MC 1.8.
      • Removed heal when seated.
      • Added support for the new stair blocks (not slabs).
      • Removed the exclude list, the player must now sneak to sit.
      • Possibly fixed the memory leak bug.
      • Dropped support for Permissions, now works with superperms.
    • Version 1.2.4 - Download
      • Updated to CB 928.
    • Version 1.2.3 - Download
      • Fixed arrows floating over the chairs!
    • Version 1.2.2 - Download
      • Fixed several bugs.
      • Added heal when seated, with config.
      • Added check if the block below is air, which would cause a glitch sitting inside the chair.
      • Added 44 to the default exception list, so you can now make doubleslabs as normal!
    • Version 1.2.1 - Download
      • Fixed the broken sign-check.
      • Added support for slabs.
      • Added config for arrow respawn-time. (Good for laggy servers)
    • Version 1.2.0 - Download
      • Added check for signs at the sides, with config.
      • Added Permissions-support.
      • Fixed the bug when the arrow despawns.
      • Fixed the bug when changing seats.
      • Only one player can be seated at one block at a time.
    • Version 1.1.0 - Download
      • Fixed seating when holding a block.
      • Fixed player beeing stuck when the stair is removed.
      • Added support for stone stairs.
      • Removed the check for signs on the sides.
      • Added check for the block above, it must be air. (Will add transparent blocks as ok)
    • Version 1.0.0 - Download
      • Initial release.
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    hey you should use snowballs instead of arrows! mount the snowballs on the side of the halfsteps and/or steps and then players on snowballs! (im not a plugin programmer but i know players can only mount on entities) at the very least as it is the snowball wont be this long shaft up your players ass when you sit down...
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    I don't think that would work since snowballs despawn the moment they hit something while arrows stick to it and despawn later. Might be possible to reset the movement speed of the snowball to 0 on every axis and make sure it's placed so it won't collide with anything. But it's a long shot.
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    Since the stair and the slab is a full block to Minecraft, I dont think it matters what entity you use.
    I could do a task which teleports the arrow into the block very fast though, that could work.
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    Teleporting an entity every tick, won't that bring tremendous lag to the server if 5 or more people are seated (maybe 3 for hosts with dual-core processors)? Maybe even less...
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    Not every tick, but if I add it Ill add config for it too.

    I fixed it, update coming in a sec! :D

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    yesh! I really want this to be fixed :D
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    yaya new update :)
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    BUG: Other players see you 1 block lower than you see yourself (the correct location).
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    I guess that proves its client-side.
    Theres currently nothing I can do about it.
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    Its not working for me anymore but I did use it and I loved it, is permissions a requirement?
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    Yes that's not pretty fun if we can see others guys one block lower. But really cool plugin!
    Is there really any solution ? :eek:
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    How about sending a packet to all the other players telling them it's one block higher? I don't know if it would work but there is some packet to do that...
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    Maybe, or make it the other way around.
    Send the packet to the player which is on the chair.
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    First of all, great plugin, love it!
    Secondly, a suggestion: Can you possibly make it when it checks for signs on chairs, it also considers a sign if the chair is placed next to a full block, like this:
    You know what I mean :)
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    Yeah, Ill add it. :)
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    Hey, something's wrong, when you sit down, and get up, you get stuck like 1-2 blocks below, and die unless you reconnect asap
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    This is extremely wierd, players are getting different results with the same plugin. "/
    What CB build do you use?
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    Had to remove it ASAP so my user's don't complain, or get upset if they die.

    I'm pretty sure it be the same result, it was on dirt, afterall. I think it has to do something with blocks under the chair, can't guarantee it, afterall your the dev.
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    This is getting on my nerves. :(

    What OS?
    x64 or x32?
    Same result after updating Java?
    What host, if you have one?
    What OS on the host?
    Same result with unmodded copy of Minecraft?
    What other plugins do you run?
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    I have Windows Vista 32-bit (it's x86 FYI)
    I have the most recent version of Java.
    I run it on my Vista and play on the same machine.
    I only have HD Texture patch, haven't tried unmodded but the other players that saw me 1 block down also had the HD texture patch.
    I run: AimCannon, chatbukkit, CnC (a work in progress, not public, I assure you it's not conflicting) CommandSigns (it's outdated and doesn't work, dunno why I have it), CraftBook, Essentials, GroupManager+FakePermissions, iConomy, Lockette, MusicCraft, PhatLoots, PorteCoulissante, RetractableBridge, scrapbukkit, SignLift, VanishNoPickup, WeatherControl, WorldEdit, WorldGuard.
    I can get on and off chairs without any problems, it's just the other players see me one block lower.
    I think as a tempfix you would have to send a packet to all the other players about that players location. I don't think sending the othe player a packet would work since the other players would still see him in the block and the player himself as well.
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    their heads are in them?
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    Linux VPS
    Everythings updated, has to be updated to run the RB.
    I run,

    To much to type out, so here the list (Scroll down)
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    Thanks for the plugin.
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    is it me or do i still hear and see arrows
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    Cool Men !!!
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    hey what ever works, aslong as my players dont have an arrow up their ass im kool with anything lol.
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    It would actually be nice to be able to set the scale of an entity then the arrow would be virtually invisible but that would probably require a client-side mod to recieve the scale info.

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