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    ChairCraft - Seats in Minecraft!
    Version: 1.2.7 - Download
    Source: Github

    ChairCraft makes it possible to make chairs in Minecraft!
    Permission-node: 'chaircraft.sit'
    You need to sneak and right click to sit!
    It is configureable to check for signs at the sides, and the max width of a chair (or sofa).
    A chair can be a stone or wood stair or a slab (any type):

    Heres a tutorial in German: (Thanks @TheGamePlaza !)
    Heres how it looks in-game: (Thanks @iffa !)


    • Version 1.2.7 - Download
      • Updated to 1.1-R4 (works with 1.1-R5).
    • Version 1.2.6 - Download
      • Added config to use permissions, default false.
    • Version 1.2.5 - Download
      • Updated to MC 1.8.
      • Removed heal when seated.
      • Added support for the new stair blocks (not slabs).
      • Removed the exclude list, the player must now sneak to sit.
      • Possibly fixed the memory leak bug.
      • Dropped support for Permissions, now works with superperms.
    • Version 1.2.4 - Download
      • Updated to CB 928.
    • Version 1.2.3 - Download
      • Fixed arrows floating over the chairs!
    • Version 1.2.2 - Download
      • Fixed several bugs.
      • Added heal when seated, with config.
      • Added check if the block below is air, which would cause a glitch sitting inside the chair.
      • Added 44 to the default exception list, so you can now make doubleslabs as normal!
    • Version 1.2.1 - Download
      • Fixed the broken sign-check.
      • Added support for slabs.
      • Added config for arrow respawn-time. (Good for laggy servers)
    • Version 1.2.0 - Download
      • Added check for signs at the sides, with config.
      • Added Permissions-support.
      • Fixed the bug when the arrow despawns.
      • Fixed the bug when changing seats.
      • Only one player can be seated at one block at a time.
    • Version 1.1.0 - Download
      • Fixed seating when holding a block.
      • Fixed player beeing stuck when the stair is removed.
      • Added support for stone stairs.
      • Removed the check for signs on the sides.
      • Added check for the block above, it must be air. (Will add transparent blocks as ok)
    • Version 1.0.0 - Download
      • Initial release.
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    Jonas Knapp

    after a few seconds the arrow and I moves up, then im flying a bit higher than the "chair".
    Sometimes i get invalid position error, it kicks me and shows "Nope".
    Is that Normal, cant you fix that please?
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    I think the reason the arrow launches back up is because it spawns too low and is then thrusted to empty space (maybe I'm wrong?).
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    @ vildaberper
    plase update this theres an issue look in the picture i have an arrow in my ASS (OUCHIE!!) and in not on the seat.
    any news on an update for this sir? 2011-06-06_02.54.00.png
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    That's the same I have.
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    It is now confirmed, its a bug introduced in Minecraft 1.6.
    Minecraft doesnt know that the stair isnt a full size block, so it tells the arrow to stick to the "invisible side" of it instead of on the step. It is not caused by ChairCraft, try it yourself. Shoot an arrow at a stair and watch it get stuck in the air.
    Its probably related to the new feature that pushes entities out from blocks instead of suffocating them.
    "Players stuck in walls will slide towards the nearest gap if there is one"
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    So there's no workaround? :(

    ChairCraft was so fun while it lasted..
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    Its a bug so itll hopefully get fixed eventually. But Notch is not the best developer when it comes to fixing bugs. xD
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    I'm curious, are dropped items entities?
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    Yep. :)
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    u know what you could do is have the arrow on the block under the stair maby that will work
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    Are you going to continue this addon or have you already and I haven't noticed. I would be happy to test it for you.
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    It gets pushed to the upwards top point either way, plus it would clip you through the lower stair part, plus if there's an exit to the side, it will push you off the chair completely.

    I think he will, this issue is bound to be fixed soon enough (1.7?), and the plugin is still awesome, plus it works fine on slabs.
    And hopefully the next version will have a fix to allow using showcase, because I can' wait to use it! Best of luck, vildaberper!

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    Im trying to do stuff like that, but the arrow is just getting pushed to the top of the stair again. "/

    I will, but we might have to wait for Minecraft 1.7 for this to work again.

    Many thanks! :D
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    Please do it before 1.7 =_= im just now getting a stable 1.6 server
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    Why not do what Showcase does with halfblocks then? It manages to position an item on a half-block in the dead center, if it's an entity you should be able to sit a player on it and make it so that they don't pick up the item.
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    plezz update to 818 plezzzzz
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    plezz read the thread plezzzzz
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    @ vildaberper
    it works fine for me :) an dit stayed there till it despawned :)
    i can do it again if u want what i did was Shoot an arrow in to a full block then placed a half blob intop of that and POOF it worked!! ill do again if u want
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    yeah works fine with half blocks because they are rendered in a different way than stairs :p
    aka.. they don't push the arrow out like the stairs do :p
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    This plugin causes blackscreen, bluescreens and all sorts of headaches... It was a nice idea but it really needs to be triggered by something other than right clicking, and furthermore it could really use some bug fixes. :/

    ...trying to build right now with stairs and half blocks is literally impossible for specific placements... please change the trigger, this is ridiculous!
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    It's not the plugin bug, it's the client Minecraft bug! He cannot fix it, Mojang team has to fix it! I agree some workaround may be possible, but currently the only workaround to seem working was a slab, and slabs worked fine either way.

    As by request, the next version will prevent sitting on the stairs if the player is sneaking. Currently, you can enable the sit work only on stairs with sides on them in the configuration file.
    Be patient, it will all be gone as a bad dream (or at least I hope so).
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    Nononnono I can use this just fine even with slabs. What my issue is not turning slabs off and leaving stair cases on
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    Thank you for this must have plugin but I've a little problem with ChairCraft, I can't place any blocks on any slabs or stairs?
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    im the only person that can sit in the chairs.
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    Don Redhorse

    did you gave the others permissions to do so?
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    i realized that he had hidden it at the beginning without drawing any attention that there was a permissions node after i had posted
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    It's a very good job :).
    I read last message but i don't understand what is exactly the new bug with 1.6 (with stairs and arrow)

    And when can we sleep on sofa :p lol
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    It doesn't work on my server! IllegalAccessError and then my permissions goes bye bye!
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    The bug makes the arrow float above the step instead of on it. So it only works with slabs for now. :)

    Post some more info please, and the full error message.

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