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    BiomeSound - Biome-Based Ambient Sounds:

    Version: v1.1

    This plugin requires BukkitContrib or Spout, and only clients using the BukkitContribSP mod or SpoutCraft client will benefit.
    Running the server once with BiomeSound installed will generate an example config.yml in the BiomeSound folder.
    Edit this as required (it will do nothing in its default state).

        desert: http://your.site.here/desertwind.ogg
        range: 45
            night: http://your.site.here/forest_night.ogg
            day: http://your.site.here/forest_day.ogg
        boat: http://your.site.here/rowing.ogg
            night: http://your.site.here/rainforest_night.ogg
            day: http://your.site.here/rainforest_day.ogg
        nodeseparation: 20
            night: http://your.site.here/nighttime.ogg
            day: http://your.site.here/daytime.ogg
        volume: 70
        train: http://your.site.here/train.ogg
        arctic: http://your.site.here/arcticwind.ogg
        nether: http://your.site.here/nether.ogg
        underground: http://your.site.here/underground.ogg
            night: http://your.site.here/swamp_night.ogg
            day: http://your.site.here/swamp_day.ogg
        lava: http://your.site.here/lava.ogg
    The plugin works by causing a client-side sound to play at the player's current location.
    Another sound will play when the player has moved a certain distance from the last location where a sound started playing.
    You can adjust this distance with the nodeseparation parameter.
    The reason for doing it this way is to create subtle volume variations and the possible mixing of sounds (i.e. between two biomes).
    Exceptions are the boat and train sounds; these have no world locations and play at a uniform volume.
    The range parameter defines how far away the sound is audible.
    The volume parameter defines the absolute volume at which sounds play. Adjust this to taste.
    Sounds must reside on a webserver from where clients download them automatically. Downloaded sounds are cached, and so will only be redownloaded if the cache is deleted.
    Soundfiles must be long (10-15 minutes), with the exception of the boat and train sounds (these should be about 10 seconds long)..
    A set of royalty-free soundfiles that work well can be downloaded below.
    A silence.wav file is included, and can be used in case there are instances where you don't want a sound to play.

    This plugin is based on BiomeMessage by robin0van0der0v, and retains the /biome command functionality from it.

    • Causes client to play ambient sound appropriate to Biome.
    • Plays different sounds in the day and in the night, where appropriate.
    • Plays specific ambient sound when the player is deep enough underground.
    • Plays sound effects when the player is using a minecart or boat.
    • Plays sound effect when the player is near lava.
    • Use the /biome (or /b) command to learn what biome you're standing in.
    • Ops can use the command to check the biome locations of other players.
    Download BiomeSound v1.1 (for BukkitContrib 0.1.7)
    Download BiomeSound v1.1 (for Spout 1.0.1)
    (source code included in .jar)

    Download Sound Pack
    (85 MiB)
    Download only the lava sound (for those who have the old Sound Pack)

    Version 1.1
    • Project split into continued BukkitContrib support as well as Spout support.
    • Lava effect added.
    • Clients now always play ambient sound at their login location. Before, they would only do so the first time they logged in after a server restart.
    Version 1.0
    • Release
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    ogg files are stored forever by clients, so they only download once.
    Notch music could conceivably be blocked, as BC/Spout's stopmusic command works on it. It is, however, outside the scope of this plugin; it's not for music.

    You could do that with BukkitContrib Essentials (works for bukkitcontrib), or http://www.wyrms.net/~rcook/mc/SpoutEssentials.jar which is an unofficial update of that to be compatible with Spout.

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    Yes, unfortunately. I don't have much of a choice. Minecraft doesn't work on my ridiculously high-end Alienware laptop(I get ridiculous graphical errors where black lines jut out of blocks and flicker rapidly, eventually causing my computer to crash), so if I play I have to play off the computer I run the server on.

    As far as my hardware, here's the basics of what I run:

    Windows Vista(I haven't really had problems with this actually)
    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 280 Graphics Card
    Intel Core Duo CPU 3.00GHz
    32-bit OS

    I've tried altering my start.bat to accept more RAM, but I always get errors; it can't allocate that much or something, no matter how much I give it.

    The people on my server get lag issues as well, but not nearly as frequently as me. For me it's nearly constant.

    EDIT: It's funny because I ran another server prior to this and we NEVER had this many disconnect & lag issues unless the squids ran rampant, and then it was just that noone could ever log in until I deleted the chunk.

    2x Edit Combo: A player on my server recently started using Spoutcraft and has reported that no sound is coming through his game whatsoever. He checked his in-game sound levels and they are maxed. Is this a normal issue?
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    Hmm, well, keep an eye on cpu usage while you're playing. If it maxes out, there's your problem.
    No need to get defensive about Vista :D
    I have the same operating system as you, but I don't get the same issue with lag, so that's not it.
    Minecraft is weird about memory allocation, actually. Sometimes it performs better with less than with more, the reason being that with more memory allocated it's more likely to have to use the pagefile, which slows things down greatly. Try -Xms512m -Xmx768m
    That's the most stable configuration for me.
    It's worth noting that I use the Oracle Jrockit VM rather than the regular Sun Java. Before I did so, I would get nasty client lag while running a server on the same machine. With Jrockit, I don't. It's better at making use of memory, in that it can use non-contiguous space where Sun Java can't. It's also optimized for performance in other ways.
    You might also consider allocating more RAM to applications and less to the windows kernel. To do this, open a command line window and type:
    bcdedit /set IncreaseUserVa 3072

    I've seen the Spoutcraft issue mentioned before. Have that player download the sound pack manually and put the files in the audio cache folder for BiomeSound. People say that works :)
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    Wasn't really getting defensive, it's just that usually when people mention Vista I get this over-harshed hate reaction to it like that is all of the problems that I will ever have. xD

    Lowered the xms and xmx, seems to be running better, but I won't know until more people are on tomorrow. As for the windows kernal thing, I don't even know if that worked or not.

    Also it turned out all my player needed to do was relog, apparently. xD Thank you,though.
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    Forgot one thing.
    For applications to actually take advantage of the extra memory, they must first be patched with this:
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    Ok, this isn't going to mess up Minecraft/Spoutcraft/the Server, right? :p

    Tried it anyway xD; only works on .exe's, so it's not really useful for using on my server/spoutcraft since they're both .jars. :( Thanks though.
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    Ok, I'm loving the idea, and trying to get it working, but I get this from the client:
    Downloading File: http:/www.kpsden.com/mine/bsound/forest_day.ogg
    Download Failed!
    	at sun.net.www.ParseUtil.toURI(ParseUtil.java:261)
    	at sun.net.www.protocol.http.HttpURLConnection.plainConnect(HttpURLConnection.java:905)
    	at sun.net.www.protocol.http.HttpURLConnection.connect(HttpURLConnection.java:836)
    	at sun.net.www.protocol.http.HttpURLConnection.getInputStream(HttpURLConnection.java:1172)
    	at java.net.URL.openStream(URL.java:1010)
    	at org.getspout.spout.io.FileDownloadThread.run(FileDownloadThread.java:58)
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    It should be applied to java.exe
    It is completely safe, as it doesn't really change the exe. It does set a flag to make the application large address aware.

    Looks like that feature was taken out. It was there in BukkitContribEssentials,

    That's a new one to me...
    For all I know, something may have broken in the current Spout. It's being developed and updated often.

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    Did it on Java.exe and Javaw.exe. Not really noticing any difference, unfortunately. Psychotic lag spikes on my desktop like always, and my laptop will either play it sometimes (with it's ridiculous black-line issue), or load up only the chunk I started on. Dunno what the issue is in either cases. Never had this problem running my old server.
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    Can you do it instead? :)
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    Well, I do have this version of BukkitContrib Essentials that I made Spout-compatible back when I was testing whether or not I should move to Spout on my server. You can try that, but it comes with no guarantees. It should work exactly like the original :)

    EDIT: Forgot the link :eek:
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    Thanks I will try it, but I hope that you can implement it here in the future :)
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    One thing about sound pack. Overall its great, only one thing in "forest_day.ogg" those "magpies" are just anooooooooyiiiingggg after few munutes!!!! Other part birds and some wind are cool. Any posibilities to remove them from there?

    And great plug in after all. Useing it on my server.
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    How would you go about removing a bunch of magpies from a sound file? :D
    You could look around for another file to replace it with, of course, but short of that I don't really see a way.
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    I tought that you made those sounds from variotions of sounds, so than you can make new one and left those magpies out :)
    Than ill put someting together and maybe even post it on this tread.

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    Needs an underwater sound, but looks sexy. Giving it a go. Great work on the sound pack, by the way. It's what sold me on this.

    It was a no go using a COMPLETELY fresh dropbox account, so it wasn't an exceeded bandwidth issue. Finally said fuggit, and started experimenting with a LAMP setup on my server...We'll see how that goes after the ridiculously slow ftp session finishes.

    EDIT: Okay...I'm not getting the custom sounds. I checked in audiocache in .spoutcraft, and yep...there's the ogg files for the biomes I've been in. I'm going to try reinstalling both Spout on the server and SpoutCraft locally. I'll keep you posted.

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    Trust me, this is one of the best, "enchancers" ever.

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    Seriously. After listening to the provided sound pack it looks sexy as all hell. Between this, AmbientSeasons, and PhoenixTerrainMod...ohmahgawd.

    I just need to beat on it some more, as it's decided to be a bad dog. I don't think that's the plugin's fault, it's got to be some sort of PEBKAC issue. I think it's either how I'm hosting the files or how I've got things configured. That and AmbientSeasons is doing the same thing (nothing), so it's gotta be on my end.

    EDIT: dunno what the hell I did to fix it, but it's working like a charm. Dropbox, no less. GO figure
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    a sound for the water would be great :)
    only when we move to an ocean like MatmosMod :)
  22. Can I link to the sounds under my IP address, somehow? I don't own any webspace on which to put the sounds.
    I run Spout, and if we could resolve this I can let you know how well it works.
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    Could you add a command to disable sounds ? Some of my players find it annoying (Doh...), and even if I find it fantastic, it's sad that you can't turn it off as you do with minecraf sounds and music.

    Anyhow, thanks for the plugin, which is, in my opinion, the best Spout enhancement so far.
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    I find it kind of annoying after a bit, however, this can be easily solved by:


    Add a pause interval (configurable (Default 5 mins)) between each loop (For each area)
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    Sounds appear to play outside of the game.

    For instance: If you quit the server, it plays on the main menu..
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    That's Minecraft, not the mod...try signing out while default music plays, and you'll see (err...hear) the same thing.
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    Out of curiosity, is this plugin still in development? On hiatus? This is a pretty awesome plugin and has incredible potential, especially if it could be paired with WorldGuard regions (think tavern ambience, cups clacking together, etc). I'm not sure the depth or complexity of this plugin's code, but I'd almost be willing to learn Java to help code it.
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    On the WorldGuard regions, I think there already is another plugin that does that (KRegions? I forget), although I agree having it in one plugin would be even better. An on-join sound would be pretty slick too, a little intro snippet.
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    KRegions only does announcements when you enter a WG region, so that doesn't help with sound effects. SpoutEssentials has on-join music as well as music through WG regions, but that is music, not sound effects, and I'd love to be able to do both.
  30. I really like this plugin, I found some amazing sounds for my server, but the issue is, it only plays a sound like once while ur ingame, and never plays another one. Is there a way to fix this? or is this intended?
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    I suspect this is why he says to use very long ambience files, 10 minutes or greater. The assumption being that you're likely to move into another biome and thus trigger another effect file to play. Afaik, looping is not possible yet, but I could easily be wrong

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