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    Cycle through maps on left/right click


    How to use:
    left/right click with a map item in hand

    13 - July 2011 - released plugin alongside the MapAPI

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    how about permissions?
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    This works great! Now I can actually share maps!

    Say, do you think we'll get an option to DELETE maps? I stupidly made my map_0 in the nether and now it's super useless
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  6. It's one line of code to add permissions.

    if (!player.hasPermission("mapcycler.use")) {return;}
    If the developer doesn't want to do it and doesn't mind, I have a version I compiled I could upload with that line implementing permissions.
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    You should make it so that you can let it cycle through only selected maps.
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    Ah never seen this before.
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    You can take over development of this plugin - providing you keep the name - if you like.
  10. Ok here's my updated version: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=FVY46P6V
    sorry for the megaupload link I'm not sure how else to upload it.
    Permissions node: bananamapcycler.use

    In addition to adding permissions, this version also limits your scrolling to maps that exist. Right clicking past a certain point doesn't generate a new blank map anymore.
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    Sweet! I have a few suggestions as this mod could be incredibly useful:

    I'm creating an in-game server tutorial listing server commands, rules, etc using the MapAPI, but have found that I need about 5 or 6 maps to list everything. I was just going to spawn every new player with map_0 to 5, but just clicking through one map would be much cooler than flooding their inventory with a bunch of maps.

    Would it be possible to set certain maps as scrollable, then set a range for that map to scroll through? For example, set map_0 as scrollable, and have it scroll through map_0 to map_5. That way I could spawn map_0 on each new player, which would be their tutorial listing commands, their usage, and server rules. They could click through the pages to read it all, essentially creating a single, scrollable, multi-page book. Best of all it wouldn't affect player-made maps at all (map_6 and beyond).

    It would revolutionize the learning process on modded servers! No more going to a web page to learn all the commands on a particular server, just flip through the in-game manual.

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    so its a menu?
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    Would still love to see the ability to set a range of maps that can be scrolled through...

    For example, the ability to set map0 to scroll from map1 through map6 in a config:

    map0: map0-map6
    map7: map7-map9

    A server owner would modify those maps with BananaMapLoader to display whatever they wanted... it could be a set of rules, a list of server commands, clues to a treasure hunt, etc.

    In the above config example, let's say map0 was the 7-page list of server commands. Each new user could then spawn with a copy of map0 (via other plugins or with additional functionality here) and have a full guide to the server at his fingertips! Map7 could be the list of server rules, or any other information the users need. And since only a set range of maps are affected, normal map functionality would be unaffected for the rest of the players! This would essentially turn maps into readable, multi-page books!
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    is there any way to stop players from being able to scroll through the maps? like with permissions, and if there is could someone school me on how to update a plugin because I really really want this to work.
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    @codename_B Hiya, any life left in this one? I'd still jump for joy if the map range functionality I mentioned in October in posts 11 and 13 were to be implemented. :) In-game graphical tutorials?! You know you want it! :D
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    I would consider not updating this plugin a good thing now, it was the motivation I needed to get off my butt, set up Eclipse and figure it out myself. :)

    I've managed to add the range functionality I was looking for, and am currently working on adding a config (right now my ranges are hard-coded), and converting to the new event system.

    The config is what's driving me the most crazy, I can't quite grok the idea of getters and setters yet, i.e. I can't yet utilize my config variables outside of onEnable. Being brand new to Java and coming from (limited exposure to) procedural languages, the whole idea of encapsulation seems incredibly redundant... Just let me access my variable! :)
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    You need your own category called "Bannacode" XD
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    Long time no see codename_B. You will notice that this thread has now been placed into the Inactive Plugin subforum.
    If you wish to revive this plugin, please ensure that you update and test compatibility with the latest recommended Bukkit build before reporting your original post, asking for it to be moved back to the release forum.

    Thanks for your time.
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