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    hey i was wondering how to get the withdraw chest to work, im probably just missing a step on how to use it but im unsure so some help would be amazing, i have a network made which consists of the drop chest, and 4 sort chests in the network that are MISC how do i use the withdraw chest i labeled the sign for the chest *bank and if i right click on the sign it comes up black and nothing happens, some clarity would be amazing thanks for the help in advance
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    First of all, I hope you mean you labelled the sign for the withdraw chest "#bank" The # symbol designates it as a withdraw chest. Second, MISC chests are incredibly bugged in the latest version, and delete anything put in them. The withdraw chest won't work if there are no items in the network to begin with. I'm working on a fix for this.
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    hey thanks for the reply, and no worries i got it working later that night just wasnt able to get on here and edit, but ive never had a problem with MISC chests, they have always worked for me, so maybe its just a random error
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    TheJuggernaut0 add a feature to eliminate console messages? Not all of them of course, but the getting "added a chest" can clog up console. Other then that it works most of the time.

    You know what though..that added chest message could be you're other plugin chestenforce. I'll leave this here because I'm not sure which plugin this is from.
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    I thought I removed all the debug messages from both plugins... Most likely I missed one in ChestEnforce.
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    El Rojo524

    Is there a way to add chests? Currently it does not recognize gold or iron chest from the iron chest mod.
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    I currently do not support mods. However, in the future I may make a version of AutoSort for Tekkit and add support for other popular server mods.
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    El Rojo524

    Either way it rocks!!! Kuddos I am already a big fan.

    One more suggestion (not that it isn't already cool enough) would be the ability to add items to an existing group without having to rewrite the whole group.

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    That's a good idea, it'll be in the next release.
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    That command is now in 0.6.5, along with a few other features
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    El Rojo524

    Thank You! The modasgroup command is a life saver. I love it. were you able to fix the misc chest deleting items bug? I am kind of afraid to try it again
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    Ha, yes, it was a isolated bug left over from testing that I did on my testing server, where a chest was somehow set as both a drop chest and a misc chest. Everything should be fine in the latest version.
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    Where is the download link?
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    Darn it, I did it again. I copy/paste my description fro BukkitDev and I forget to put the link in. Anyway, I'll edit the post to put the link in, or you can search BukkitDev for "AutoSort." All my plugins are on BukkitDev.
  15. TheJuggernaut0
    Is it possible to add a number to the direction on the 4th line?

    Im after putting my signs below my chests so my store room looks nice.

    D:U looks for a chest directly above the sign, i would need to do something like D:U2 to look 2 blocks above the sign for a chest.

    Have tested your plugin and it works perfectly!
    we used to use minecart mania to sort chests, but this will be 100000* better!
    can see us adding this to the server if you can possibly change the direction variable :)
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    That's a good idea, and easy to do too. It will be in the next release.
  17. Thanks!!!

    look forward to it :)

    One other question.

    how do i assign both a Direction AND a priority on the 4th line?

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    Simply write them both down there, separated by a space. For example "D:L P:3" or "P:1 D:NW". Order doesn't matter.
  19. ahhh! I tried everything but a space! lol
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    Whenever I set a chest in a network if it has anything inside it the items disappear. I assume that is known since instructions explicitly state to use an empty chest.
    If I stop my server any autosort networks I have set undo themselves and require me to set them again. Is this also a known issue?
  21. @ TheJuggernaut0

    Hi, do you have a way to list networks while in game?
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    Items disappearing shouldn't happen... Make sure they aren't being immediately sorted if you're putting down a drop chest or a MISC chest. About the networks not saving, try making a network with 3-4 chests, and typing "/ascleanup." If that gives you a bunch of messages about chests or networks being removed, tell me.

    No, there is not, but that's a good idea, as then you'd be able see if you are a member of a certain network or not.
  23. TheJuggernaut0

    Does this only work on the default world?

    I setup a Test network on my workshop world, (we run WXW for multiworld) but the log says this when i restart the server.

    2012-07-23 08:31:45 [INFO] [AutoSort] Enabling AutoSort v0.6.5
    2012-07-23 08:31:45 [INFO] [AutoSort] Null world: workshop . Does this world still exist?
    2012-07-23 08:31:45 [INFO] [AutoSort] Null world: workshop . Does this world still exist?
    2012-07-23 08:31:45 [INFO] [AutoSort] Null world: workshop . Does this world still exist?
    2012-07-23 08:31:45 [INFO] [AutoSort] Null world: workshop . Does this world still exist?
    2012-07-23 08:31:45 [INFO] [AutoSort] Null world: workshop . Does this world still exist?
    2012-07-23 08:31:45 [INFO] [AutoSort] Null drop chest location! workshop,-186,39,89 Does this world still exist?
    2012-07-23 08:31:45 [INFO] [AutoSort] Null withdraw chest location! workshop Does this world still exist?
    Tried it with a test network on our main world, and this works.

    possible to add some sort of punch the sign to make it work again? lol
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    Ooooh, I had forgotten about that bug. For some reason, Bukkit decides to load AutoSort before multiworld plugins, so it ends up trying to find worlds that haven't been loaded by the multiworld plugin yet. For a quick fix, open up the AutoSort.jar, find plugin.yml, and add this line at the bottom:

    softdepend: [WormholeXtremeWorlds]

    That should fix the problem until I officially fix it.
  25. @TheJuggernaut0

    I have been creating some groups and have noticed that if I modify a group by adding an extra item I have to remove the sign and recreate for it to sort the new item added to the group.

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    Yes, it's because the list is read when the sign is created or the plugin is loaded. Reload your server (or use /asreload) and the items should update.
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    So I got this error today, starting at roughly 2pm to 5pm before I noticed.

    Plugins: Coreprotect, PEX, LWC, WorldGuard, WorldEdit, MultiHome, Essentials, VanishNoPacket
    I don't believe there would be conflict, but there it is.

    These lines were spammed for roughly 3 hours, basically every second or two from what I can tell.

    I hadn't used /reload at all, but I had recently used /asreload. After a shutdown and restart it started spamming again with the same messages. So I have since disabled it.

    Ideas? Thanks.
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    I would tell you to look for errors when it enables, but I can see right there there are none. It looks like the materials for one of the chests didn't load right and ended up being null somehow... Then it saved that null value and won't work when you reload. Anyway, I'll modify the cleanup code to look for that, unless I can find how it messed up loading.

    Not soon. Sorry, been busy.
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    Awesome, I'll also mention that I am still using 1.2.5 R4.

    Edit: Oh wait, so does that mean I can't really enable that plugin right now because there is some null value stored somewhere?

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