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    Version: v1.0

    Ever had the annoyance that you had built a super neat house and then you see that dramatic creeper walking towards your house and explode? Well, you can prevent these horrifying creepers!

    This plugin just prevents all creepers from spawning, this can be useful on servers which are pure construction. I use it on my server and in my opinion really great to be able to build without having to worry about creepers, that's why I am sharing this. I am not sure if there are other plugins like this around, but I didn't find anything.
    Features (open)

    Preventing creepers from spawning

    Changelog (open)
    Version 1.0
    ** Release of AntiCreeper

    Additional usable plugins (open)

    Download AntiCreeper

    If you still see creepers while running this plugin, please tell me, but I don't think that's possible.
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  2. Will this work with the new bukkit update? :confused:
  3. It still works fine for me, really amazing plugin :D
    And I also wanted to say that it also works fine in all my other worlds ;)
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  4. thanks
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    i sall a creeper :(
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    I know this post is a bit aged, but I was looking for a way to do this for 2 reasons:

    1. I need their drops for TNT, we try to limit the server commands as much as possible as we feel it takes away from the actual game.
    2. I have a massive lava/water cascade encased in glass and I don't want to have to clean up a huge mess when it gets sssssssssssssploded.

    I currently use this:

    You add:

            preventTerrainDamage: true
    into the the config file.

    This may also give you a starting point if you wanted to add it into this plugin.
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    Ha, thanks! Now I only will have to add multiworld support which isn't very working :mad:
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    @Infernus Got some source for me to look at? I might be able to help.
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    Thanks for your offer, but I don't need help ;) I just need to sort this out and copypaste some parts from Adminchat to this so it will NOT give a huge error message while loading settings :p
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    looks like I spoke to soon. The plugin I mentioned does not seem to be stopping creepers from blowing gaping holes in everything. or for that matter modifying the radius of TNT. I will speak to the plugin dev and see what the word is. either way their code may help you on the way.

    edit: My own nubness was the issue at hand. His config file has to have active bounds as an option in the config, even when you leave those values blank, thereby preventing all creeper terrain damage.
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    Good god... I love creapers but I just cant stand them running around blowing up your hard work. Good job with the plugin! Works fine with no problems on build 670.
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    I don't know if this has multisupport, but "Essentials.jar" from Essentialsplugin is working at me. it has also in the config since a few days:
      # General physics/behavior modifications
        creeper-explosion: false
        creeper-playerdamage: false
        creeper-blockdamage: true
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    There's certain difference between crepper and mob.
    a crepper is a monster which runs and explodes when near of you.
    Mobs are the monster in general
    You can't turn off creeper in properties.
    You can turn mobs off in properties
    This is a plug-in for the people who wants to have zombies,spiders,skeletons and other stuff triying to kill them, but don't want a kamikaze blowing up their house.
    Sorry for late reply :D
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    this was about a month late reply
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    I dont know if anyone has done this yet... but you should make an anti squid plugin >:L thoughs things are like rabbits!!!
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    ahh, i have this permissions plugin and its disabling the anti creeper plugin >_<!
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    Steve Member

    Hey dude looks like you copied and pasted the plugin.yml from admin chat so the plugin has the wrong name when it loads as far as bukkit is concerned this could well cause issues.
  19. I now updated my server to craftbukkit 699 and it still works! I tested it with /spawnmob and essentials svn.
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    جاري ........................!
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    Will this stop creepers on all worlds or can it be used to stop then in select worlds only
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    How can that happen? I can use both Permissions and AntiCreeper

    Sorry for my late reply, but I fixed it a short while after you said that.

    Thanks for testing :)
    It will prevent creepers from spawning on all worlds, but I will this weekend add a feature to only prevent it from spawning in specified worlds.
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    They still explode for me...
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    Explode? That means they are still spawning.. They shouldn't even be spawning, could you list me the plugins you're running?
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    I'm looking forward to this other world support, but I was wondering... will this interfere with MultiWorld? (Or any other plugin for that matter)

    I hope you make sure it works with certain plugins, and make a list on your topic post of what other world plugins this runs with.

    All this is for after you actually make the other world support anyways...
    Good luck, and good job! ;)

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    i use blastcontrol now, its works for me and tnt cant be set ^^

    my plugins:

    Flight (i don't know how to get that use), please tell me how i can use that :D
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    i think this is a simple but very usefull plugin ... good work :D
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    sorry for bitching, but i just want to mention that the functionality of this mod is covered by the essentials plugin.
    in plugins/Essentials/config.yml you can prevent any mob from spawning:
          chicken: false
          cow: false
          creeper: false
          ghast: true
          giant: false
          monster: false
          pig: false
          pig_zombie: false
          sheep: false
          skeleton: false
          slime: true
          spider: false
          squid: false
          zombie: false
          wolf: false
    Set any of these values to true and the mob won't spawn.
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    nice plugin
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    OMFG, a CREEPER blew the plugin up!!! Wait, no, thats just the epicness of this plugin! Thanks!
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    Yes BUT essentials is not compatible with world edit and many other plugins and this is just more simple just drag and drop JOB DONE

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