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    Version: v1.0

    Ever had the annoyance that you had built a super neat house and then you see that dramatic creeper walking towards your house and explode? Well, you can prevent these horrifying creepers!

    This plugin just prevents all creepers from spawning, this can be useful on servers which are pure construction. I use it on my server and in my opinion really great to be able to build without having to worry about creepers, that's why I am sharing this. I am not sure if there are other plugins like this around, but I didn't find anything.
    Features (open)

    Preventing creepers from spawning

    Changelog (open)
    Version 1.0
    ** Release of AntiCreeper

    Additional usable plugins (open)

    Download AntiCreeper

    If you still see creepers while running this plugin, please tell me, but I don't think that's possible.
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    lol ? why dont u just turn them off in the properties? no need for a whole plugin for 1 single mob
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    There is no property to disable a certain monster, that's why I created this plugin. ;)
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    LOL? Then show us if you know. ;)
    Thanks mate I knew that. Installing and trying now...
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    lol? way to be a troll ? i was alread corrected? and yea i do no? its called go to PROPERTIES and switch the FALSE,
    you must run a what 3-5 man server? lmao
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    Me troll? Nah. I'm serious, show me. If it means just a simple file edit. By all means go right ahead. One plugin and time I could save, not sure how you got a trolling out of that, when I'm only getting answers. I look forward to your answer. :)

    But if your talking about this edit in properties, then yes that would disable it but it would disable them all, zombies, spiders ect.
    Having said that it, this plugin would be good if you wanted the rest, I find creepers the only annoying monster.

    Edit: Me run a 3-5 man server? What's that got to do with the topic at hand?
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    dark_hunter, I think the best solution is not to feed him. ;)
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  8. Big thanks for this plugin! I'm using craftbukkit 556 and it works perfect! I simply added it and creepers are gone! I even created a creeper mob spawner and no creeper comes out! Please let it simple and small.
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    Thanks for the advanced feedback! I will sure keep it small and simple, and if nobody gets issues with this it won't even be changed. :)
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    Excellent plugin, keep it simple, and it does the work.
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    Thanks! :)
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    Hi, great plugin indeed! Would it be possible to do something similar but for ghasts also? Minecraft is just spawning too much of those in the nether making it a living hell (extreme irony). Plus, with multiworld you keep hearing the ghast explosions even in normal world. Thanks!
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    mmmmm i can see creepers !!! WHYYYYY?? Im trapped!
    PD-> Yes, im trapped, because creepers....

    Aaah i checked that the plugin is enabled: IS ENABLED but i can see creeperssss.
    ¿WORKS WITH BETA 1.3? I reset the server 3 times!!

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    Thanks! And about the Ghasts: I am going to take a look into this.
    Are you running any other plugins besides AntiCreeper? I am sure there is another plugin causing this since other plugins can allow the event and not even ask my plugin if it should be allowed.. That's a bad thing coders can do, forgetting to 'call super'.
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    Jm Erestain

    cool plugin doesn`t get errors... well for now ^_^
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    Thanks :)
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    Will this mod conflict with Essentials? Anyone know? I sure hope not. I am making a CO-OP Adventure map and need creepers off for it.

    I would try it now but I dont have the files on this computer. If it DOES work, you will be my hero. :D
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    Yea i still get creepers but not many, Still i dont want any destroying my stuffs :(
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    i to am still getting creepers maybe there's a conflict with other mods?
    these are what i currently got running..
    • Anticreeper
    • CraftBukkitUpToDate
    • EasyTP
    • FishPeople
    • godPowers
    • HomeX
    • LoginMessage
    • MagicCarpet
    • Nether
    • PumpkinDiver
    • runecraft2.4.5
    beats me what it could be for issue...
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    That can't be my plugin. When my plugin is active and gets the chance to watch a creeper it will instantly prevent it from spawning. That's the only bad thing in my opinion about bukkit, no good plugin chain. And damn, I even put the event priority on highest..

    Do you have a plugin list so I can mark a few of those plugins?

    Below you can see the list of the plugins that I totally trust running with AntiCreeper:

    [] Anticreeper
    [] CraftBukkitUpToDate
    [] EasyTP
    [] FishPeople
    [] godPowers
    [] HomeX
    [] LoginMessage
    [] MagicCarpet
    [] Nether
    [] PumpkinDiver
    [] Runecraft 2.4.5

    [] Should be alright
    [] May conflict, try testing the server without seperately this plugin

    Please try testing the server without the orange marked plugin and report back, I would really appreciate this!
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    Could you make an AntiSkeleton please. My PVP server needs a way of disabling those things,
    Possibly upgrade to a plugin that lets you disable seperate?

    #if true then they spawn
    Zombie: true
    Skeleton: false
    Spider: true
    Creeper: false
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    The difference is simplicity, I made this specificly for the creeper because the creeper in my opinion is the most annoying and dangerous creature in minecraft, I don't like to have more options than neccesary. ;)

    Please take a look here first, if you don't like it I will code this for you. ;)
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    @Infernus What about to create a plugin that ONLY disables the Environment-Block-Damage of creepers? So creepers are active and will still hurt players but no damage to environment? i believe MANY admins will love that small plugin only for that feature, cause all olders are inactive/broken and i don't know one for this features since 1-2 months.
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    I'll add a configurable setting for this soon! :)
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    thank you very much. i love you xD when you will add it? can't wait :)
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    I'll code it about... NOW!

    Will add it in about 30 minutes..

    By the way, you registered on my birthday!!

    EDIT: Having trouble with Eclipse, will take longer..
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    i hope to see it as soon as possible, but i don't want to stress you :) by the way, today it's 3 months "birthday" of my servercommunity and I launch new forum for them in a few minutes ;)
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    Feature suggestion: Multiworld support. ;)
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    Doesn't that already work? - I think it should since it responds to every spawnCreature event.

    Ah that way, I will take a look into that.

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