[MISC] AlphaChest v0.0.1 - Virtual chests. And workbenches! [1.1-R1]

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    AlphaChest 2 - Virtual chests. Always, everywhere.
    Version: 0.0.1
    Last tested CraftBukkit build: 1.1-R4
    [Download] (Temporarily off)

    My server


    Thanks to

    For helping me update it

    Hay This plugin was originality made by Mast3rPlan and then got over to kroimon and now I am gonan try to take it over. I did update it and changes the source a little and now it is fine.

    This plugin enables to give users a virtual chest, which can come in handy on survival servers and also on creative servers. When you die you will not loose the contents of the chest. You can simply open it by typing /chest and admins can open other player's chests by typing /chest [player]!

    Please post any bugs that have happend

    • /chest - Open your virtual chest (requires "ac.chest")
    • /chest [player] - Open someone else's chest (requires "ac.admin")
    • /clearchest - Clears your virtual chest (requires "ac.chest")
    • /clearchest [player] - Clears someone else's chest (requires "ac.admin")
    • /savechests - Saves the contents of the chests (requires "ac.save")
    • /reloadchests - Reloads the seperate configuration file if in use (requires "ac.reload")
    • /workbench - Opens a virtual workbench (requires "ac.workbench")
    Configuration file:
    Only needed if you don't have permissions:
        - ac.admin
        - ac.save
        - ac.reload
        - Mast3rPlan
        - kroimon
    AlphaChest 2 Changelog

    • 0.0.1
      • Works for 1.1-R1
    AlphaChest 1 Chnage log

    • 1.8.0
      • Fixes for MC >= 1.8
    • 1.7.2 (4,123 Downloads)
      • I failed. Fixed NPE in /craft command.
    • 1.7.1 (67 Downloads)
      • Fixed for CraftBukkit API changes (b937)
    • 1.7.0 (2,747 Downloads)
      • Added a virtual workbench!
    • 1.6.4 (417 Downloads)
      • Fixed errors in loading/saving chests
      • Added auto-saving for chests every 10 minutes
    • 1.6.3
      • Fixed NPE in /savechests
      • Some cleanup
    • 1.6.2 (jar)
      • Updated to latest CraftBukkit version (b714 / Minecraft 1.5_01) by kroimon
    • 1.6.1 (jar)
      • Fixed bug saving chests in wrong location
    • 1.6 (jar)
      • Updated to latest CraftBukkit version (b493)
    • 1.5 (jar)(zip)
      • Minor bug fix (changed name from "Alpha Chest" to "AlphaChest")
    • 1.4 (jar)(zip)
      • Minor bug fixes
      • Add support for servers that don't use Permissions
    • 1.3 (jar)(zip)
      • Minor bug fixes
    • 1.2 (jar)(zip)
      • Added functionality for clearing chests
      • Minor bug fixes
    • 1.1 (jar)(zip)
      • Fixed item data saving (colored wool)
    • 1.0 (jar)(zip)
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    You're supposed to use Dropbox, Mediafire isn't allowed :p
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    You must have permission from the original author to continue this project here, which I do not see.

    If you do have such permission please PM me the information and I will unlock this thread.
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