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    Right Click Player Info

    • Reasons to use:

    Ever wanted to quickly know someone's IP address, exp level, food level, etc. ?
    Than RCPI is the solution for you !

    • Features:

    - Get the gamemode, IP, health, xp level and food level of the right-clicked player.
    - Permissions support.
    - Configure the colors used in the info.

    • Usage:

    1. Put the "RCPI.jar" into your plugins folder.
    2. Run the server and let it create the config file.
    3. Go into your plugins folder and search for the "RightClickPlayerInfo" folder.
    4. Edit the information inside the config.yml
    5. Reload the server.
    6. Right click a player in order to see his information.

    • Editing the "config.yml":

    Color_of_name : The color you want the right-clicked player's name to be in.
    Color_of_asked : The color of "GameMode", "IP", etc.
    Color_of_given : The color of the stuff that comes after "IP" or "GameMode".

    IMPORTANT : Even though the color names filled in the config aren't case-sensitive, you still have to write them correctly.

    Colors available : go to : and choose from the "enum constant summary" section.

    PLEASE do not use "MAGIC" as this one just scrambles your text...

    • Permissions:

    - "RCPI.*" -> The wildcard permission.
    - "" -> Gives permission to see others' gamemode.
    - "RCPI.ip" -> Gives permission to see others' IP.\\
    - "" -> Gives permission to see others' health.
    - "RCPI.level" -> Gives permission to see others' xp level.
    - "" -> Gives permission to see others' food level.

    • Download
    • To do:

    - Change back to the default colors if a wrong color name is set in the config.
    - Add per-feature permission. ADDED

    • Changelog:

    - v 1.1 : Added per-feature permissions.
    - v 1.0 : Release
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    Thanks :D
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    Please use an rb in the title
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    Please approve.
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    YEAH!!! Ooooow
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    It's great! Maybe inventory checking on right-click?

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