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Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by clone1018, Aug 18, 2011.

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  1. Gravatar?
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    No no no no, what I meant is on my forums.
  3. I get it now... I just read it wrong.
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    Just generate your image, save it to your computer then either host that image yourselves or have imgur host it.
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    You just want the files to claim as your own.
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    dark navi

    You're an idiot. The only reason that I wanted the script is because when he posted it he had no reason to keep it online. Now that he has a substantial user base, I can assume that he will be professional about it can keep it up.

    Please, go troll a different year old thread.
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    If his server is overloaded, we can't use the script.
    If his server is offline due to technical problems, we can't use the script.
    If he decides to take it offline, we can't use the script.

    If we host it ourselves, we know for sure it is online, we can control the load on our servers, ...
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    If I made a script like this, I wouldn't be handing it out either.
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    dark navi

    Then that's your option if you made the script. I was kindly asking if I could host it my self, which again was before the OP proved them self as a reliable service.
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    bad news m8.
    i worked really hard for my status pages and its finally done.
    a total of 4 tables with each 10 rows with all 1 avatar is to much for ur server to request
    it takes for 40 images to load about 10 min to load wich is way overdue.
    the page loads completely but the images fail most of them because ur server cant handle the heat.
    please make it possible to load things smoothly otherwise let us host the script ourselfs
    with or without tracking embeded with or without encoding. i dont care as long as it works.
    my site looks messy because some are loading and some not and when they does not load then it shows double names or img instead of the avatar.

    i think its better to share the api instead of letting us use your server.
    with us i mean over the 2000 uses or loads and when ur site gets busy so everyone is loading those images.
    for example if 10 users load 1 page at my site it loads up 400 avatars 400 requests x devsites = to much
    the speed slows down.

    i do not ment this as a complain but as a warning that ur server is way to slow in responce when i callup the avatars.
    mabe its an idea to make a api wich can be run by cron that downloads/updates skinfiles with the same username as the user once a day. this will reduce load amazingly and still makes it load fast on all servers.
    even then when ur server blackout some day for a day or 2 people still have avatars.

    again this is not to complain but a a warning / suggestion.
    my stats site : stats.ubmc.co.cc < coded it myself.
  11. I understand where everybody is coming from above and their intensions are to reduce the load on his server but you have to respect that it his script and he's free to keep it private
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    hes free to do so thats why i told him he may encode it if he wish it stays private because we cannot edit it
    i dont mind his server load i mind that the pages not load completely because his server does not respond
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    Well um, it works quite good for me...
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    ye i dont say it does not work i say its that slow that on the player status after 2 times page load it does not load the images anymore. and they stay on the alt i gave them.
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    Nice tool but the servers are ridiculously slow.

    What I would do if I used this is just download your avatar and reupload it to something better like imgur.
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    Deleted user

    The website's down... ?
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    Hey there guys, it's hard to imagine the load that gets put on this poor VPS each second, which is exactly why I'm having to manually configure php5-fpm settings, advanced nginx settings and trying out new caching and serving methods.

    By the way, if anyone is curious, we do browser caching, server caching and a CDN cache.
    Oh and the current count is 180,270,057/day

    Now I do realize sometimes Minotar.net is slow, or even down, that most likely means I am asleep and not there to babysit the fpm process. It's normally fast (see right now).

    Oh and did I forget to mention the script is completely open source? https://github.com/Axxim/Minotar/
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  18. Jeez, what are the specs on that VPS?

    Any chance of HTTPs support? By the sounds of things, I guess thats a no :D
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    Donate enough money for CloudFlare Premium ($20/mo includes SSL cert and faster caching/better cdn) and I would instantly add HTTPS support :).

    It's just a simple ol 3GB ram, 8 core power machine :p
  20. How much do you want per month?
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    All I need Minotar wise is $20/mo for the special HTTPS features. I can pay for the VPS myself.
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    PM me the PayPal info and Ill cover the first month for you :)
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    I've bought CloudFlare Pro and now I'm just waiting for it to start working, I'll update you guys.
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    Hey clone, Minotar for IP.Board doesn't seem to work for me. It seems to install fine but nothing changes. Was the hook ever finished?
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    I can't get it working on my server. I downloaded the github minotar zip file, then unzipped on my debian server, then downloaded klein.php. After this, I executed pear blabla command, then it downloaded wideimage. I found it in /usr/share/php/wideimage and I copypasted the wideimage folder in /www/minotar. the index.php refuses to load.

    I have PHP 5.3.3-7+squeeze13 installed, with GD library too. Am I missing something?

    Am I allowed to do this? To host it on my home server? If no at all, I'll undo the changes I previously did.
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    additionally clone1018 you have a bug in your rendering code, I've also been struck by a similar bug, using the player Yaystenny 's skin all minotar will give is a black square with a white splodge where in game minecraft this isn't visible at all, this is due to rendering the helm at an inappropriate time, I'm still attempting to investigate WHEN minecraft decides to render the helm.
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    Anyone has a script to share?
    For player list (wordpress) with avatars?
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    What error are you getting?
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    I get an 404 error, even the index.php is present. Am I missing a component? I have the klein.php and WideImage folder.
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