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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by, May 29, 2011.

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    you need a client mod for minimap
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  2. Sucks, same as fancypack then :( they should make minecraft more moddable ... for example I would love to have multiple action bars as well (think wow) the amount of stuff you can place on the bar is really low and I keep having to swap items out and in :(
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    That is a client mod.

    But wait! Would it be possible to make a mod to let maps be used as minimaps? This could be an interesting idea...
  4. Hmm nah, id like a real minimap, having to switch between maps / minimaps as maps doesn't seem that convenient to me :( Notch should add addon functionality, I mean look at wow, you can have lots of addons that change the gui, adds action bars, changes the maps etc and it doesn't require a modified wow.exe..
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    Matt Gill

    I think I heard awhile ago that Spout would integrate it into spoutcraft. If not I'm sure it can be made as a plugin for spout.
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