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    omggrim <-----

    Plugin category: Fun
    Suggested name: Zombie Escape
    What I want: Similar to Zombie Escape on Counter Strike. Two teams. Zombies and Humans. Humans will have you run through an obstacle course made by the players. The humans will have 15 seconds to start running, after the 15 seconds are up. One random player will become the Zombie (Teleported to the starting where every one starts to start running) [Optional; Humans can run into a barricade where they will have to press a button or step on a button to open the door but it will take 30 seconds to open / or this could be added in to the map by redstone] When a player dies by a zombie or some death by lava or void or fall. They will become a Zombie. The Zombies have a wooden sword to start with and the Humans have 16 snowballs and a wooden sword. [[[This is recommended if shop is added; Points, 1 point per kill, 3 points per win]]]

    Shop and Points can be configurable in allowed in config! ALSO! Hopefully this will be multi-world/multiverse compatible! <3
    Shop? [Optional, if so must add points] If customize able through a config, it would be better.
    Snowballs (3) - 500 points [One time per game]
    Stone Sword - 1,000 points [One time per game]
    Stone Sword - 3,000 points [Unlimited]
    [[[Zombie Shop also? May contain Jump Boost or Strength Boost or Speed Boost or Invisibility for 10 second Boost]]]
    VIP? [Optional] --- Permission
    - 2x points [2 points per kill, 6 points per win]
    - Join Full Game
    Signs? [Optional]
    <#/#> [Automatically added after [ZE] and map]
    Ideas for commands:
    /ze create [Map] --- Default to OP [Map is protected by World Guard or any protection plugin]
    /ze setlobby --- Default to OP
    /ze setspawn --- Default to OP
    /ze setspawn next --- Default to OP [Allows multiple spawns for humans in beginning]
    /ze setend --- Default to OP [Allows Humans when run to, they will win the game]
    /ze start --- Default to OP
    /ze stop [Map] --- Default to OP
    /ze join [Map] --- Permission ze.member
    /ze leave --- Permission ze.member
    /ze shop? --- Permission ze.member [Shop can contain things for humans to purchase in the first 30 seconds]
    Ideas for permissions: ze.admin, ze.member,
    When I'd like it by: Anytime.
    Did I leave anything out? Some setup commands or permissions? Please let me know below.
  2. Sounds like a good game mod. But 1 point per kill and 3 points per win? You'll have to play very long to get 500 Points and then you just get snowballs for one game.

    And what happens to the Inventory? Should it store the Inventory of a Player befor the game and give it back after the game? (It would be easier if the Inventory gets deleted if you join the game)

    If nobody wants to make this I'll try it after christmas (if I have time to ;)).
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    Like I said, if the developers want to let OPs / Admins or whoever has access to files, allow them to configure it, [Points, Shop, etc] I'll update OP.
    Inventory can be deleted to be honest, but if other players want inventory keep. They can decide. Because this plugin MAY be more multi world?
  4. This sounds like Infected from Call of Duty, with a few added features. :3
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    Yeah, I based the Shop and Point system off the Infected Plugin. Only spin off is Humans have to ALWAYS run.
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    omggrim Could you elaborate a little bit more regarding the [Map] portion? Is it going to be a randomly generated world with a border or do you want the users to go download custom maps and place them in a certain folder?
  7. I was talking about Call of Duty... but ok :)
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    Usually minigames either have world edit to classify the arena. If the developer could add a world edit selection to make the arena. That'd be easier.
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    I've seen it done before but I wouldn't mind having this plugin puble
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    I think I have too but I think that was probably a similar mini-game. Seems like most Zombie Escape servers are now shut down. Couldn't find any open.
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    I found it the ip is
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  12. I'll have a try
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    bluegru Any progress? [I don't mind waiting, just want some heads-up information]
  14. omggrim
    Nearly done with the basic,
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  15. The plugin works now, but I have to add some stuff:
    • There can only be one arena
    • A player might be in the arena after the game if he logs out during the game and joins after the game is over
    • There is no /leave command
    • No shop/points
    • The game starts after 20 seconds after the first player has joined
    • No finish or timer for the players, the game lasts until everyone is a zombie
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