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  1. What is this Minigame?

    Well, this minigame have 2 Team. The Spy, and the Humans.
    In the Spy team, is there only be one player.
    So, the game: The spy, have the human's kit, too. But, the spy have a jump potion effect, Level: IV, and Speed effect, Level: III.
    When you are in game, you can't break blocks.
    If somebody kill the spy, the gane end.
    If a Human kills a human, it will goings to a jail.
    The max player in a game: 24
    The server randomly choose a spy.
    The hide time: 6 Minute
    I want to the time on the sidebar (like the scoreboard), with these:
    MINUTE: 2
    Players: 2
    Spy: 1

    Humans' text color: Light Blue
    Spy's: Red



    If a Human attacked another human, it will says: PLAYER1 Tried to kill PLAYER2!
    If a Human attacked the spy: PLAYER1 has find the SPY2!
    If a Spy attacked a Human: SPY1 attacked a human, PLAYER2
    If a Human killed a human: PLAYER1 killed PLAYER2! PLAYER1 is now in the jail!
    If a Spy killed a human: SPY1 killed PLAYER2!
    If a Human died with unknown kill: PLAYER1 has died.
    When a Spy die: SPY1 has died. The Human team victory!
    If you win, you will got 30 Tokens
    If the time is down (Minute: 0): SPY1 win!

    Token earning:
    If you are a human, and you lose, you get 10 Tokens
    If you are spy, and you lose, you got 5 Tokens
    If you are a human, and you win, you got 30 Tokens
    If you are a spy, and you win, you got 35 Tokens



    (When the sign doned, the server will sets here the player's number. expamle: 0/24)






    Leather armor, stone sword, 64 steak

    /tsc wand (This gives you a wand tool, the slimeball)
    /tsc create <ARENA NAME> (This protects the plot, what you selected with the wand tool.)
    /tsc setspawn <ARENA NAME> <Spy OR Human> (This will sets the spawn of one team. If you choosed /tsc setspawn NAME Spy, it will sets the Spy's spawnpoint.)
    /tsc setlobby <ARENA NAME> (This will sets the an arena's lobby, when you join a game)
    /tsc setendlobby (This will sets the lobby where you stand, when the game ended)
    /ts help <PAGE> (list all the commands.)
    /tsc enable <ARENA NAME> (Enable to join to the arena, but you can't edit it)
    /tsc disable <ARENA NAME> (Disable to join the arena, and you can edit it)
    /tsc kit edit (This sets the kit to your inventory for every team.)
    /ts join <ARENA NAME> (Join to an arena)
    /ts leave (Leaves the game)
    /ts tokens (This show your tokens)
    /tsa stop (Stops the game)
    /tsa kick <PLAYER NAME> (Kick somebody from the game)
    /tsa setteam <PLAYER NAME> <TEAM(Spy, Human)> (I think, you know it :D)
    /tsa invertteam (Bonus admin command :D This will inverts the team, Spy will be the Humans, Humans will be the Spies (Spy).)
    /tsa fly <PLAYER NAME> (Bonus admin command :D This will allows to fly to a player. Like the /fly command)
    /tsa endgame (Stops the game)
    /tsa lobby addtime <Second> (At the lobby, ads <SECOND> seconds to the waiting time)
    /ts team <MESSAGE> (To talk with your team)

    The help list, for example:

    /tsc wand - This gives you a wand tool, the slimeball
    /tsc create <ARENA NAME> - This protects the choosed plot, what you selected with the wand tool
    /ts help 2 for the next page!


    /tsc wand - thespy.config.wand
    /tsc create <ARENA NAME> - thespy.config.create
    /tsc setspawn <ARENA NAME> - <Spy OR Human> thespy.config.setspawn
    /tsc setlobby <ARENA NAME> - thespy.config.setlobby
    /tsc setendlobby - thespy.config.setendlobby
    /ts help <PAGE> -
    /tsc enable <ARENA NAME> - thespy.config.enable
    /tsc disable <ARENA NAME> - thespy.config.disable
    /tsc kit edit - thespy.config.kitedit
    /ts join <ARENA NAME> - thespy.join
    /ts leave - thespy.leave
    /ts tokens - thespy.tokens
    /tsa stop - thespy.admin.gamestop
    /tsa kick <PLAYER NAME> - thespy.admin.kick
    /tsa jointeam <PLAYER NAME> <TEAM> - thespy.admin.jointeam
    /tsa invertteam - thespy.admin.invert.teams
    /tsa fly <PLAYER NAME> -
    /tsa endgame - thespy.admin.endgame
    /tsa lobby addtime <Second> - thespy.admin.lobby.addseconds
    /ts team <MESSAGE> - thespy.tell

    Other Permissions:
    Earn tokens when the game ends -
    Use signs -
    To get the kits, when the game starts -
    Colored text when you use the chat in game - thespy.colored.text
    Show tokens in game as prefixes - thespy.prefix.token
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