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Does this plugin seem nice?

  1. Awesome! Would code it if i could!

  2. Yes!

  3. Maybe!

  4. No!

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    Plugin category: Fun, (Anything more?)

    Suggested name: Silly Towers

    What I want: There are four teams with 5 players each = 20 player game. Essentially each team player is stacked on top of each other. One on the bottom is driver and the rest have to defeat the other teams by throwing projectiles of any kind to other stacked players. They should aim for the driver because if the driver dies the whole stack topples, explodes, and DIES (But driver is a TANK). You could kill each person in the stack one by one. Last stack alive wins! (OPTIONAL) Make so the map explode at the end :D

    Ideas for commands:
    Aliases: /st , /sillytowers
    Commands: /st join [arena] , /st leave , /st spectate [arena] , /st create ,
    /st setspawn [lobby, players, lose] , (Anything more?)

    Ideas for permissions:
    sillytowers.player - Every basic command like, "join", "leave" and "spectate".
    sillytowers.admin - Every command of this plugin
    sillytowers.donor - Don't know this one but seemed nice =)

    When I'd like it by: Well, No rush but at least before summer ends? Later if needed.

    Credit: Thank you Gater12 for coming up with this idea!

    Did i miss anything?
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    I love this idea! It sounds very original, if I'm not mistaken. I haven't had much time lately, but it's surely something I would be interested in if I did. I may see what I can do, but it's unlikely that I will be able to do this. Good luck!
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    Ok, awesome, thanks! Gater12 came up with the idea! Must put him on the credits!
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    Sounds like an amazing minigame :') too much work for me tho (I do not really like huge projects), I wish the dev that picks this up good luck, and I would like to see the result!
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    Sounds awesome! I'd love to give it a shot, but I have some questions:
    1) Do the people above get controlled by the "driver"?
    2) Do you want the player tower spawn points created by the plugin or assigned by the user?
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    1. Yes, and what I think Gater12 mean't with the players above that they have snowballs (I think?) to shot at the other towers.
    2. Assigned by the user would be good =) (That's why I made the "/st setspawn players" but I wasn't clear enough, sorry, and would be easier if you would write "/st setspawn players [1,2,3,4]" instead of "/st setspawn players"

    lol bump
    especially Trevor1134 .
    And JungleSociety , could you make this project?

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    timtower Moderator Moderator

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    oh, didn't notice i wrote here today xD sorry
    Btw, timtower , why don't you like the idea of this minigame? (You voted no :( )
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    timtower Moderator Moderator

    killerline10168 I vote negative on every poll on here. They are pretty useless in this section.
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    Umm that's weird, I didn't see the alert that you tahged me :(. But I don't think I can do this, as I kind of got my self worked up in a bunch of projects :D. However I do like this idea and may give it a shot if no one does this in 1.5 to 2 weeks.
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    killerline10168 I'll do it if no one else is doing it. I'll post it on BukkitDev for everyone too :)!
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    Lol, ok?

    Hmm, TheWolfBadger already gots this but he may need your help :D (if something is to hard)

    Awesome! Thanks! How long do you think you need? And if you wonder anything about how it should be done, just ask! A minigame must be coded with awesomeness and be awesome!
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    killerline10168 One problem I've found is that if a player who is in the stack leaves and how to handle that. I would have to go through the current list and set the passengers again or something like that. Anyone got a good idea for how to handle that? Thanks. - Jack
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    public void SneakBlock(PlayerToggleSneakEvent event){
    Player player = event.getPlayer();
    if (player.getVehicle() != null){
    I think that should work?
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    simgar98 I meant leave the game haha :p
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    public void playerQuitShit(PlayerLeaveEvent event){
    Player player = event.getPlayer();

    if (player.getPassenger() != null){
    if (player.getPassenger() instanceof Player){ // could be made into 1 if statement, but why not...
    Player passenger = (Player) player.getPassenger();
    if (player.getVehicle() != null){
    if (player.getVehicle() instanceof Player){
    Player vehicle = player.getVehicle();

    and ofc do something similar to leaving commands of the minigame?
    shouldn't be too hard...

    my code is probs full of mistakes, didn't use eclipse c:
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    Haha, XD "public void playerQuitShit(PlayerLeaveEvent event){" lol

    TheWolfBadger Btw, everything going well? I forgot to mention some things like:
    - Signs (etc, join, leave, shop, spectate)
    - Donator perks - Maybe to have different kind of classes =D
    - User assigned tower spawn points - So (I) can set 4 different spawn points
    - "/st remove towerspawns" So you can remove all tower spawn points. (If you want to set them somewhere else)
    - "/st remove [arena]" - Obvious...
    - "/st shop" - Could maybe be added later on if your going to put in Bukkit Dev.
    - Oh, yeah! Forgot to mention that you have a amount of lives so you don't get 1-hit'd by (snowballs?).

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    had to do something :p
    I also forgot to add something to detect if they start/quit crouching, since this event does both, but it shouldn't matter...
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    Hmm, yeah, so long as it works I'm/were all good =)

    TheWolfBadger Sorry for asking for so much features but I just thought if this project is going to have it's own dev page then these features would be pretty awesome. Forgot to mention (again) to add economy support =) (both Iconomy and/or EssentialsEco and Vault)

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    killerline10168 Okay. Please stop tagging me so much though...

    killerline10168 Gater12 Plugin can now be found here!

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    Awesome! Thank you very much!! :D
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    killerline10168 I have tons of progress on this right now! I really want to set up a github so everyone can see the progress. Anyone know how to set it up with intelliJ? Please help me via PM. Thank you. - Jack
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    Nice to hear it's going well? Btw, I would really appreciate if you could keep me updated with how it's going =)
    If you got time for that?
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    TheWolfBadger Awesome! But I don't know code =D
    In a easier way, can you tell me how far you've gotten? (What you've coded and what not)
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    killerline10168 Please do understand btw that this will take a while to create. I have other plugins to create and such and this is an unpaid job. I will make it an amazing minigame nonetheless! :)
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    TheWolfBadger , yeah, I know... I would pay you if I had any money though :p
    And thanks for trying your best, your like the only one who would do this project (for free atleast) =D
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    The Fancy Whale

    To be honest sounds a lot like the game double trouble on the chunk.
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    Nice idea!
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