[MiniGame] Sheep Kill!!

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    Sheep Kill

    All of this happens in the set arena!


    What I want:
    Basically, a minigame/PvP plugin. What it is, is that players are sent to an arena when a command is typed, they then have to shear as many sheep as they possibly can before the timer runs out. BUT the sheep have custom drops! After the time of the shearing of sheep is over, pvp begins with the items you have equipped from the sheep.

    During the x amount of time for sheep shearing, there is NO pvp what so ever. But after the (sheep shearing) pvp IS allowed until there is only 1 player standing. You DO drop items.

    When a player joins an arena they are given a stack of shears to shear the sheep. (when you shear a sheep, the drops come out instead of wool)!

    /sk createarena [arena name] (creates an arena)
    /sk setarena [arena name] (selects the arena)
    /sk setspawn [arena name] (sets the spawn for arena)
    /sk deletearena [arena name] (delets an arena)
    /sk leave (leaves the arena/game your in)
    /sk join [arena name] (join arena)
    /sk list (Lists the arenas and how many players in each)
    /sk stats (lists your stats, *kill and deaths*)
    /sk top (Shows top player, with most kills and death*)

    sheepkill.admin (able to create and delete arenas, etc, etc)
    sheepkill.player (able to play the game)

    How arenas work:
    First of all you must create an arena with /sk createarena [arena name]
    Secondly you make a cuboid area of the arena and type /sk setarena [arena name]
    Thirdly you set the spawn with /sk setspawn [arena name]
    Lastly, your finished making the arena

    Also, upon joining an arena there inventory is stored so that when they are in the arena they only have the specified items with them, when they leave an arena they are given there stuff back. Also, there gamemode, potion effects, disguises and vanish is removed, but given back upon leaving arena.

    Countdown until match starts and ends (configurable)
    Custom Winning message

    Match: #Match config
    Players: 4 #Amount of player to start the match
    Sheep: 100 # Amount of sheep that spawn at the start of a match
    Sheepmin: 10 #Amount of sheep that spawn every 30 seconds in the arena
    Time: 160 #Amount of time to shear items from the sheep
    SheepDrops: #itemid:meta:amount:chance (in percent)
    1:0:3:50 (would drop out 50% of the time)
    5:0:62:100 (would drop all the time)
    99:0:29:1 (would drop 1% of the time)
    Winnings: #itemid:meta:amount
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    What does +1 mean?? xD
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    Means that LaxWasHere agrees that it's a good idea :)
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    Anyone wanna make it

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    I would love to take this on ;) If you want, I can get it released by Late April or Early May ;) PM me if you want me to take it ;)
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    Why would the permissions be "fishslap."...?
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    I think he copied and pasted his other thread and forgot to change that. Im liking this idea too. +1
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    Someone could write a pvp-arena module for this probably. would be a fun thing to have on your server.
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    Sweet idea
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    I did xD Ill fix it :D

    Just thought of this at school.. :p Thought it'd be awesome to have!

    lc, when will you be finishing that super smash?


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  15. I'll do it :) I can't tell you this will be ready very soon since I am working on another Mini game, but if you would like to add me on Skype, PM me your username.
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    Hmmm, nice minigame, but this will take a lot of work. I am working now on another minigame, but if I have time, not this month probably, but next month, i will think about this to make this. But i am now making a minigame, and i have another cool in my head. But good idea
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    Hahahahha omg I really didn't expect something crazy like this after reading the name! :DD

    I'll see what I can do, I'm always looking for more minigames.
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    Do you want that there is an event, so everyone that is currently online joins the game, or do you want that only the one who will click on the sign [join] will join the game?
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    Only people who click the [join] sign
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    I can do this. No guarantees about completing it soon, but I would love to do this.
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    Pretty sure you could do this in less than a couple of hours or even less if you used BattleArena as the API.

    only methods you would need to create are give people 1 point for the sheep shearing, and dropping the custom items on shear. All the rest would be handled. You could check out the source code for ArenaCTF on github... it would be like that but much less complicated... anyway just an idea
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    Why using the BattleArena API, if you can do it better on your own, if you write all the code yourself it would be much more better. Because then you can ajust anything you want, and when BattleArena isn't yet updated, or doesn't work anymore, then your plugin also don't works anymore.

    I say: Whatever you do yourself, will be better most of the time
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    +1 I would love to see this plugin in use, and to actually use it myself! Good job to whoever can do it.
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    TnT Can you take this thread down? I've started making this for myself privately and people are taking the idea.I wanted this to be private. So please take it down.
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    Anyone one on this thread that would like to collaborate with me to make this plugin, just shoot me a PM!

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