[MINIGAME] Jetpack "Minecraft" Joyride!

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    "Minecraft" Joyride

    Plugin category: Minegame or Gamemode

    Suggested name: "Minecraft Joyride" or "MC Joyride"

    What I want: A MiniGame based off the popular game application "Jetpack Joyride" (Please download the app for free if you haven't heard of the game too get a better understanding of what I'm saying.)

    I want the plugin too have:

    *Self generating maps (Type in a command and it will generate a map, kinda like skyblock)
    *Zappers (Something like primed TNT that explodes on touch of the player)
    *tokens (I'm not sure what you can use for it, but save the points too buy powerups that you can use at the start, like super speed for a limited amount of time)
    *powerups (an ender crystal block that when you punch it you get a random powerup, you can decide the powerups, and by that I mean the future developer of this plugin, not the player.)
    *speeds up (Game speeds up the longer you've been playing)

    Ideas for commands:

    1. /Joyride or /J: Main command, help list.

    2. /Joyride Generate or /J Generate: Generates their own private map to play constantly and to invite friends to see who is the last one standing in the game, Kind of like the SkyBlock plugin

    3. /Joyride invite <player> or /J invite <player>: Invites player too the game of the owner.

    4. /Joyride accept or /J accept: Accepts users invite to the game.

    5. /Joyride decline or /J decline: Declines users invite to the game.

    6. /Joyride join <player> or /J join <player>: Joins game that the player generated, if you add the <player> string, it joins the game of the player specified. No access if you weren't invited or didn't accept the invite.

    7. /Joyride start or /J start: starts the game. Only owner of the map can execute the command

    8. /Joyride stop or /J stop: stops the game. Only owner of the map can execute the command

    9. /Joyride tokens (give:add:remove:amount) <player> <amount> or /J tokens (give:add:remove:amount) <player> <amount>: when a player does "/Joyride (/J) tokens give <Player> <amount>" it gives the amount of tokens specified over to the player they specified. when they do "/Joyride (/J) tokens add <Player> <amount>" (Only an admin/Owner command) it adds the number of tokens to their scoreboard. When they do "/Joyride (/J) tokens remove <player> <amount> (admin/owner command) it removes the amount of tokens specified from the specified user.And finally, when they do "/Joyride (/J) tokens amount <player>" (Default command, but only admins and owner can use the player extention) It opens a scoreboard with the amount of tokens you have, add the <player> string, and it opens the scoreboard and shows the amount of tokens that player has.

    10. /Joyride powerups or /J powerups: opens a GUI with the icons of the powerups, a lore or description of the powerup, and the cost (In tokens) when they select the item it goes into their inventory and subtracts token amount from their scoreboard.

    11. /Joyride reset <Player> or /J reset <Player> : resets all the history of the user who executed the command (deletes world, tokens, and powerups). when they add the string <player> (admin/owner command) it resets all the history of the user specified (deletes world, tokens, and powerups)

    Ideas for permissions:

    joyride.help: access to command 1.

    joyride.generate: access to command 2.

    joyride.invite: access to command 3.

    joyride.accept: access to command 4.

    joyride.decline: access to command 5.

    joyride.join: access to join own map. (command 6)

    joyride.join.other: access to join another players map when invite is accepted. (command 6)

    joyride.join.*: access to all joyride joining commands. (command 6)

    joyride.start: access to command 7.

    joyride.stop: access to command 8.

    joyride.tokens.give: access to give another player your tokens. (command 9)

    joyride.tokens.add: access to adding tokens to your scoreboard. (command 9)

    joyride.tokens.add.other: access to adding tokens to another players scoreboard. (command 9)

    joyride.tokens.remove: access to removing tokens from your scoreboard. (command 9)

    joyride.tokens.remove.other: access to removing tokens from another players scoreboard. (command 9)

    joyride.tokens.*: access to all joyride token commands. (command 9)

    joyride.powerups: access to command 10.

    joyride.reset: access to reset your entire history. (command 11)

    joyride.reset.others: access to reset another players entire history. (command 11)

    joyride.reset.*: access to all joyride reset commands. (command 11.)

    joyride.*: access too all joyride commands.

    When I'd like it by: As soon as possible, but take as much time as you need.

    Reward: Developer on my server!
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    I'd recommend someone for a comission.
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    Where can I get one? And how much do they normally cost?
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    I am going to try this out. Mhmk?
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    As In try too develop the plugin, then thank you! I greatly appreciate your effort. :D
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    I am putting all my time coding towards this. Even so, it may take some time.
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    You can do it!
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    Thank you, If this minigame gets recognition you can get alot of donations and fans! Thank you so much!

    Thank you for supporting him, It means alot to me and him.
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    This would be cool! I'm gonna watch this thread.
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    I don't know the copyrights on the JetPack JoyRide label, so I am going to call the plugin "JetPacker".
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    Lol... Better safe than sorry!
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    np haha! If need help with any code hmu! Too busy to code this whole thing though :p
    EDIT: SxeLlama
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    Thank you :}
    Right now I am can code it all, it is just the BULK of the project that is slowing me down. But I will get it down :)
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    Haha lots of things to code I see :p. You can do it tho mate haha! Good luck and good night(For me at least haha).
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    That's why I wanted the name to be Minecraft Joyride. :3

    The more the merrier! Go ahead and help, you'll both recieve equal credit and recognition, and a nifty rank on my server ;3
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    Wow.. I hit 1000 lines of code on this project and I haven't even gotten into world generators or powerups...
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    You will be well recognized for this project, and can the project be for me only? Or are you planning on releasing it?
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    Releasing it for all. Sorrys, but I believe that everyone should get access to the same resources.
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    I think releasing it to you only would be ridicoules, first off because the author is putting hours of work into this for free in his spare time and you want him to give it to 1 person? Or release it and potentially give it to thousands.
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    Private plugins aren't supported
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    Lol I like it how be both are like "Dont make it private! Nooo!!!!"
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    I am just telling what the rules say :p I don't need this plugin
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    Oh lol
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    It's fine, But can you put my server on the release and as like a "Try this plugin" and say that this plugin was made for my server? (Ip is vlasic.no-ip.org) I'm getting a host as soon as the server is complete. :D
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    Why do you want credit so badly? You didn't code it. If you coded it you could do this yourself.
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    I want him to have credit for coding the plugin, I mean I want him to list something like "Want to try this plugin? Try it at <Removed advertising - Necrodoom>"
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    If your server is still under construction then maybe somebody else should be on there.
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    The thing is that I don't want another server to recieve credit for the minigame idea, this original minigame is supposed to be the thing that makes my server stand out, all original gametypes do that for other server, like "Hide and seek" on the hive or "Smash" and "MineZ" on the shotbow network
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    How is having somebody elses server in the "Try it out here! ******.****" area gonna give them credit for the idea of this plugin?
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    I would love somebody to be on there to finish the other gametypes, but nobody else hase direct access to my console, And I'm not getting a host until the server is complete.

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