[MINIGAME] [DEVS. WANTED] "Stop It Slender" G-mod minigame ,played by UberHaxorNova

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How many people would honestly play this if it was a MineCraft mini-game?

  1. Yes, I would 100% love this mini-game.

  2. No, I would hate this mini-game and never play it.

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    Hey guys, calebbfmv here, I was initially working on this project, I have come to a 1/4 completion with it. My services have been needed to be taken else where, so I come to you guys here, saying, I have a source that works fine for a manual play style, which is not idle for a minigame, so if anyone would like to take up this project, let me know, and I will send you the source so you can continue working.


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    Is this your way of saying that you are done working on the server as the head dev.? On a Bukkit Dev. post... o_o Well, it was honestly fun working with you for the short amount of time that we did :D Have fun with your friends server and I hope it all works out! I will always be here if you ever want to return you will always be welcomed back! Thank you for the help, it was much appreciated!
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    Famous Guy

    Low chance you'll get a mini game plugin on these forums btw.
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    Why do you say that?
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    Check your skype when you get a chance, more info there. :)
    I am not totally done, just need to explore some other options.
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    I will check my Skype, but I just needed to respond to this post as it was presented :D I will make sure I check!
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    Famous Guy

    Half of the people that request Mini Games never get them :(
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    I think most of the Devs. do not wish to waste their time coding a plugin that will be too involved, nor do they wish to join another server Dev. team that does not have monetairy compensation to offer.

    But something Devs. tend to lack seeing, is the potential servers will bring to the table if they are helped out along the way. So really, this is an investment rather than a waste of Devs. time. Also, is it a waste of time if you are doing what you love doing; coding? Should is also be called work, since work entitles effort or not being happy doing what you are doing? Which these are all common themes when the word "work" is used.

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    I think Herbert_The_Pervert might want to take on this job he is making a minigame for me right now but i think it is up for the challenge
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    WELL. Today is summer and it hasnt hit your requested date.
    :) SorryNotSorry :)
    Edit: Upon being a noob, its summer in 'merica.
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    I appreciate the offer and would love to, but I am slightly irritated with the fact that you re-posted my post exactly and claiming it to be your wonderful idea by not giving credit to the creator, myself. I am not mad or angered at your re-post, but I would have loved if you asked to repost this and I would have kindly said "yes" or "could we discuss more". As you may have already read my other posts over at your repost, I am not too thrilled with how you copied it exactly. I would have loved to worked with you on something and maybe we still can if you are not too distraught by my excessive commenting.

    Best Regards,
    Tyler M.

    Sorry for attacking you Herb, I just noticed my careless mistake of looking at your post and thinking you posted it without realizing how a different person reposted it. My strongest of apologizes right now. Also I apologize for this confusing response...

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