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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by jakestar30, Jan 8, 2015.

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    Plugin category: MINIGAMES

    Suggested name: Shifting Sands

    What I want: This minigame is an original that I thought up, but I'd like to see it made! The basics are this: Each player starts off in a certain area on a map. The maps format is sort of like a maze, and can't be too big (Don't worry I have that covered) When the countdown finishes, each of the players has to go around the map and eliminate the others. But here's the catch. Every 15 seconds, red sandstone rows/areas will appear in random places on the map. After 3 seconds, some will fall, and some will turn into walls. This will last for 3 seconds, and may eliminate some players through either the void or suffocation. The blocks will all return after 10 second like this. The last player standing wins! The item's each player gets are leather armour and an iron sword. The countdown for the game should last for 10 seconds, and look like the following:
    The countdown has begun!
    Game starts in 10 seconds
    Game starts in 5

    Ideas for commands:
    /SS set lobby <ID>
    creates a game lobby for the game.
    /SS set waitlobby <ID>
    creates a waiting lobby
    /SS set Startpos <LobbyID> <PosID>
    Sets a starting position for the game
    /SS set map
    Sets the map (Map borders) using world edit
    /SS forcestart
    Forces the game to start.
    /SS changemap [Map}
    Changes the map randomly or to a specific map
    /SS ? [#]
    Lists commands
    /SS kick <Player> <Reason>
    Kicks the player from the game (Not the server)
    /SS join <lobby>
    Sends player to the lobby they type in.
    /SS leave
    Sends player to hub
    Ideas for permissions:
    ss.modify gives player all commands
    ss.admin allows player to have forcestart, kick, changemap and all default commands.
    ss.default allows player to join lobbies and leave lobbies.

    When I'd like it by: Whenever
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    @jakestar30 This looks like a fun plugin, not sure if i've got time on it, but i'll look at it
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