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    Plugin category: Informational
    Suggested name: For developers choice
    What i want: This plugin could get info about player, how many time he is playing on server, kills/deaths, last join. Maybe even hunger level and exp level and hp.And i wanna that plugin sends info to database (mysql). It would be awesome.
    Ideas for commands: /stats reload
    Ideas for permission: stats.gain

    Im sorry for bad english. Still learning.
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    I'm SURE that theres a plugin for that already
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    Why do you want SQL for this?
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    Website probably
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    Yes website.
    There are lolwman stats (if i remember correct) but there are many things to record in stats and for many players it can reduce lag for server :/
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    I will code that for you.
    I'll do it as for "educational purposes" ;p
    PM me here so we can talk what you exactly expect from that.
    It won't take long, I'm done with some parts of it already.
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    Hmm. I wanna that this plugin sends information about players last join,time played,kills/deaths/, hunger level, exp level and health is that possible.
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    Yes, I have that already implemented, just hunger, exp and health level left. Shouldn't take too long ;p
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