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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by vobilli, Aug 24, 2011.

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    So far, the only mini-maps I am aware of either don't work at all or break some of the SpoutCraft features (Zans conflicts with music and colored messages). Could someone please create a functional mini-map plugin for SpoutCraft?
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    Taken from Spouts page.
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    I think he realizes that. What he's asking is since no existing client mods are compatible with Spout, is it possible to create a new one specifically for it?

    Vobilli, I think it would be awesome. I believe, however, that the development build has the minimap built into it, and I haven't seen any recent problems with the dev build as reported by others. Maybe I'm wrong? But regardless, they plan to have the minimap built in for the next version of Spout.

    Anyway, you might wanna try the dev build of Spout, unless you have already. :)
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    We are adding it soon
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    Awesome to hear! I can't wait. :) Thanks for the update.
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    (MAybe a bit to late, but as it wasn't considered here by now ...)

    Using MyCraft (with Reis or Zans Minimap) and Spout+Spoutcraft together works great, can't see any "broken" features so far. But that can only be a workaround.

    Truely nice would be having a spout supported minimap with players and mobs and stuff shown on it, where the server can set what players can see (other players, mobs, all, nothing?). In an earlier version of Reis Minimap that was possible, and I miss that ;)
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    I'm really waiting for a minimap in spoutcraft :mad:

    Do you know if someone is working on (or has made) a client plugin for this ???

    I think that it's really the thing we are all waiting !

    Thanks in advance ;)
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    ReiFNSK was an idiot to let that feature go, and I agree with Spout it could be 100% up to the server owner what his/her players can/can't see!
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    The api for it is coming and lahwran already has stated that he will make an Addon(client plugin) for it.
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    Nice !
    We can't wait :rolleyes:

    Thanks for everything ! Spout is so awesome ;)
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    @ TehSeph
    Sure he was. Did he ever explain why he killed that awesome feature?

    Better than nothing I say. At least an ugly map (compared to Rei's ;)). Anyways: hooray! ;)
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    Not exactly (ReiFNSK doesn't speak too much because his english is bad), but there was a huge flame war in the thread, so now it's kinda a hush-hush topic. Best I can tell, some server owner was complaining about his players abusing the cave-maps and radar and would keep whining even after Rei refused to remove it until it grew out of proportion and Rei finally caved to his repeated complaints and removed it. I didn't read through the whole thread, but from the last 10 or so pages, this is what I assume happened because it's all anyone talks about now. I'm not taking sides, as it was the developer's decision as the developer. I'm just saying that the plugin would be perfect for Spout because then the players can install the whole thing and decide if they want to use the cave map and radar in SSP, while the server owners can decide who uses them in SMP. The beauty of Spout.
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    Thanks for the info. I guess there would have been other means than wrecking a complete mod to this "abusing the mods features" $h1t (banning those unruly people, e.g. ;) ). I miss this minimap feature, too, and don't even ask my fellow users from my server ;). Dynmap can't just fill this whole quite well ;).

    Well, I'll keep on waiting, for some day this gap will be filled :).
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    Dynmap only works with a browser? no ?

    edit : sorry I've read : Dynmap can just fill this whole quite well
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    No problem Anavirn ;).

    As most of my users claim to have at least two monitors Dynmap is almost a minimap in the GUI. But we wouldn't be human if we stopped complaining, so .... get it on with a SpoutMinimap ;) :p

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