[Mini Game] WinterSlash [NEW Release v_1.8.1]

Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by i3ick, Jul 9, 2013.

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    We already solved that bug, bugs are now updated on the bukkit plugin page and GitHub.

    Also that wouldn't work since for some reason the death animation glitches if you detect death and prevent it.
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    Respawning instantly should work this way (psuedo code):

    on player death:
    player player = event.getPlayer();

    That should be all you need (of course don't use that exact code, it won't work correctly with the "on player death thing". That would be:

    1. @EventHandler
    2. public void onPlayerDeath(PlayerDeathEvent e){
    3. //do your stuff
    4. }
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    respawning instantly by setting hp wont work correectly.

    there are two method:

    cancel damage event if it will kill player and move to respawn area
    force respawn button after death

    method A wont count as death and will require to drop items, xp and reset xp\food manually

    i can implement both in no time, but only one shoud be choosen.
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    ItsLeoFTW i3ick just use my auto respawn class in here it just forces the player to respawn instead of having to wait for them to click respawn
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    Alpha version will be released with only the most basic functions.
    However I thought it might be interesting to implement killstreaks for the next version. What do you think?
    The first thing that fell on my mind was a snow turret, a snowman that will stay where a player creates him and damage nearby players

    Update: When a player leaves the arena he now gets teleported back to the position he joined from.
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    any data can be stored on players without any issues, WSA_PlayerWrapperImpl created specially for this.
    Join location and other data (including old inventory set, xp, hp, food, anything) can be stored on WSA_PlayerWrapperImpl.

    killstreasks are very easy to implement, we store current steak and lastkill timestamps on wrapper, this data allows to track skillstreaks.
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    Hey, all of a sudden I got this error which I didn't have before. Teleportation works well until the game is restarted. After restart it just returns null and I can't figure out what's the problem. It has been working all this time.

    Everything is updated on Github, the error seems to be reading the config

    EDIT: Figured out the exact source of the problem and asked for help:
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    i was too slow to react.

    i will provide simple snippet that will allow to find exact source of issue a bit later, i can code propely only on weekend.
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    Wanna test it out?
    Jump to
    Please remember that this is only a dev server and is meant for testing this plugin.
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    Q: This beta release is all crappy and messed up. nothing works!!! What should I expect in the next update, more crappiness?

    A: No my friend, the next update will in fact be the FIRST STABLE release which will include the following bug fixes:

    • World creating works properly (finally >.>)
    • Arenas can now be deleted! Yes, that's right!
    • Teams sorting now works
    • The plugin no longer clashes with Essentials
    • Inventories are now saved and returned (now working on this)
    • Red team has according armor
    • Frozen enemies have according armor for recognition
    And many more fixes and updates!! Thanks for playtesting!
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    V 1.6 release
    If someone has the time to make a tut vid that would be great! ty
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    Ok, so after a lot of time v1,7 is here. It is a complete rewrite and include loads of features such as:
    • 3 new classes
    • Sign creation
    • Money award system through Vault
    • ...
    Hope you enjoy it :)
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    I'm pleased to announce the most stable version yet! [cake]

    VERSION 1.8

    New features:

    • Added titles
    • Fixed class armor
    • Improved freezing (still might work on that a bit)
    • Added random arena join option
    • Killstreaks & killcounts
    • Rounds
    Bug Fixes:

    • Logging gamemodes and returing them
    • Players now get correct classes
    • Classes are returned after death
    • No double items
    • Items no longer drop on death
    • Added separate class just to track round progression
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