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    Plugin category: Fun

    Suggested name: Twerk Off

    What I want: I would like a plugin where you are teleported to an arena and you and 24 other people "Twerk" (pressing shift) as many times as they can and you can join a game with signs and the top two people will then be teleported to a seperate area like in the survival games deathmatch and then those two have a twerk off and the person with the most twerks wins! You can also hit people so they will stop twerking and each twerk is worth one point. and on the side of the screen it will show how many points you and the other players have

    Ideas for commands: /twerk join - joins a possible game
    /leave - leaves the game
    /twerk createarena <name> - creates a arena
    /twerk delarena <name> - deletes a arena
    /twerk createsign <arena> - creates a sign that you can click to join
    /twerk delsign <arena> - deletes the sign
    /twerk spectate - spectates the game thats being played

    Ideas for permissions: twerk.createarena

    When I'd like it by: As soon as possible
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    Lag and sticky keys would be massive issues.
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    You can disable sticky keys with a click of one button....
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    Not really, disabling sticky keys is extremely fast and shifting is not a very laggy operation.
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    Anyone want to do this for me?
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    This sounds like a really bad plugin in all honesty..
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    MajikalBlood Its just for fun its more for private use with friends more than it is with public and it will make people laugh
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    CommanderChaos The main problem with this is anyone with knowledge of Macros could just set up a spammer to spam the Shift key at certain intervals. Not to mention I've never been a fan of the slang "Twerk"...Its a horrible slang for dancing like a stripper.

    Edit: you may want to add in /<plugin> vote as a command so when x/y people vote, if there isnt enough players after so many seconds it auto starts.
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    MajikalBlood Im not a huge fan of it either its just what is popular right now and i think it might grab some people attention its like a short phase thats going through

    MajikalBlood Yeah that would be a good idea but i still need a developer for this

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    Lets say you can press the shift key ten times per second.

    That's once every 100ms.

    If someones ping is 300ms..
    Alternatively, if someones ping in 100ms..
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    AndyMcB1 Can we just stop with the hate? I just wanted a plugin to play with and use it with my friends and who cares if it lags the person if you have a good computer it wont and if you dont you can go play somthing else its your choice what you want to do.
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    It's not hate, it's fact. If you all live around the same area you will all win. This is due to connection lag, nothing to do with the computer.

    To the dev: Remember what I've said.. You might get questions like "Some players can get only get 5 a second when they're pressing it faster, I hate this plugin it doesn't even work"

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    Pretty fun Idea ;)

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