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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by captianbob, May 10, 2014.

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    I am looking for a dev that is willing to make a plugin, help and maintain it. It is going to be based off of a arcade game on SC2. I already have one youtuber(bashurverse) that said if we can get it out he would come check it out.
    Any more questions about it, comment below or add me on skype
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    Things not to do
    Lastly, we have the things you should not do in your post.
    "PM me for details" - If you cannot describe your plugin requirements in public, people are not likely to care to reply. Keep your discussions to the thread and suddenly more people reply! Posts without a plugin description will be deleted without warning.
    Money offers/payment - As per the forum rules, monetary offers are not allowed. Posts offering payment will be deleted without warning.

    "Hiring developer for server" - Post those in your server's topic in the server forum. Maybe add a [NEED DEV] tag to that post. This forum is for plugin requests not dev team requests.
    Claim the plugin as your own - Do not take a fulfilled request and post it as your own plugin.
    Personal Requests - If your request is for you and you alone, and no one else can use it, you might want to learn Java!
    Fix or modify current plugins - Submit a ticket to that developer on BukkitDev!
    Huge, huge huge requests - Not actually a "not to do" but do not be surprised if an extremely complicated request is ignored. The simpler a plugin, the more likely it is to be made.
    Requesting a plugin that is better served by online-mode=true - If online mode already solves your problem, a plugin should not be requested.
    PM me your Skype so we can talk - If you wish to fill plugin requests, you do so freely. This is not a site to solicit sales for your desire to make money filling plugin requests. If there are extra details you need to fill the request, ask for them on the post itself.

    Everything in red is a rule that you broke, read up first bud.
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    Locked. This is not a private developer recruitment forum.
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