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Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by ccrama, May 2, 2014.

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    Welcome to MineVault, the most configurable data backup plugin... Ever. You specify exactly what you want backed up, and MineVault will do it in a timely and Asynchronous manner. The plugin is extremely lightweight, and will run on separate cores if needed to reduce server lag. With support for FlatFile, Dropbox, and Google Drive (coming soon), MineVault is your last stop in data protection needs.

    It's happened to all of us. Whether you were griefed, drives failed, plugins malfunctioned, or your world decided to eradicate itself, data loss is one of the biggest worries server owners have. Personally, I have had three such encounters with data loss, and I had enough of it. MineVault was born! I still have much to do on the project, but the main methods are in place and being stress tested.

    The basis of this plugin is configurability. Here is a list of all you can configure (to date):

    #Specify any direct link to a file, folder, or use * for recursivity!
    plugins/ *
    #You can set the frequency to M(minutes), H(hours), D(days), or use military time like 22:01 for exact dates
    #Files to skip. Plugin will automatically skip the backup directory (can get up to 2gb size in a minute if not D:)
    #Delay for time, in this case 5 minutes.
    Coming soon will be support for kicking the server (with configurable messages), and dynamic MOTD's like "Backing Up Server, 20% completed"!

    In the next couple of weeks, I believe the plugin will reach a point that I will need some bug-stomping beta testers to help me with the project. If you are interested, just comment below or send me a message!

    Have any ideas or comments about the project? Feel free to comment below. Comment away!

    Info including GitHub, Dropbox, and GDocs coming soon!

    Thanks for reading,
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    Created a nice startup wizard and added Dropbox support for testing. Anyone interested in the project? I'm looking for some people to enter a beta and test the plugin before release!
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    Hey, I saw your plugin and I like the name and thought that you've put into it. I'm a bit too busy to do any testing, however I'd like to say good luck and it looks very nice.
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    jleeevinnn thanks!

    Everyone I'm also including support for wildcard files (like *.yml to save all ymls), and created a super easy to use setup wizard.

    Also going to add a fully-featured player data backup system, with player data restores and the ability to save to Dropbox or flatfile. This player data would include locations, inventories, and any other important data (ideas?)

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    It has been suggested that I add FTP support, so that will be included! If you have a large network, it will be very easy to back up your data to a central database, or for server companies to securely backup (with encrypted keys, of course) to their databases, making customer data backups as easy as drag and drop.
  6. I will give Beta Testing ago.
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