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    Plugin Name: MineScape

    When I Want It: When ever it is finished.

    What Is This Based Off Of?
    This is based of a well know MMORPG game called RuneScape.

    What Is RuneScape?
    It's an online multiplayer game. The game is set in medieval times, and you have a bunch of skills you can develop, like magic, combat, fishing, cooking, ranging, prayer, etc. The more you practice the skill, the higher level you are, and the more things you can do with it. Besides skills, there are also quests to do. They can be short or long and vary in difficulty. There are also shops where people can sell and buy stuff that other players make and or find. you can also trade with players items for items.. or items for gold.

    How Can This Be Put Into Minecraft?
    Well.. Minecraft allows you to do a lot of Epic and cool things. you can use the scoreboard as a way to keep track of all the skills and you main level. you can also create npc to be the npc you would find in RuneScape. just like Minecraft in RuneScape there is swords, bows, magic, dragons, zombies and so much more!

    Main Idea Of The Plugin:
    What I was thinking of starting basic. Creating levels for the skill and the main combat level. and as time goes on maybe adding NPCs to give it the real feel of RuneScape. My main focus of the plugin right now is getting all the skill to work like the real game. the skill are kinda like MCMMO if you think about it just a little more advanced.

    Extra Ideas
    Scoreboard - With all the different skills on it showing the levels you are and your total skill points.

    Quests - Based off the ones in RuneScape.​
    Mobs - With strength levels need to be able to choose where they spawn.

    Ores - The ores spawn in a specific location and require a specific level to mine and a respawn timer.

    Hit Points - So that not every hit does same damage

    Magic - Will Be Based Of.. Water, Fire, Air, Earth. Water will cause them to start to drown after a couple of hits by it. but every hit by water will to very little damage. Fire will cause the to catch on fire after couple of hits by it. but will do more damage then water maybe 3 points more. Air will cause them to lose air just like water cause them to drown does same amount of damage as water. Earth will cause them to take more damage then fire maybe 2 points more. all magic will be controlled by snowballs.

    Sign Death - When a player dies it leaves a sign that says there name and the time they died in Minecraft time. (Despawns after 5 min)


    /ms help - shows list of commands

    /ms setlvl - sets the players total level

    /ms setskill [skill] [level] - Manually set skill levels

    /ms setore [type] - based of Minecraft ores but the ores will be spawn on the block you are looking at and you can set a respawn delay

    /ms setnpc [type] [lvl] - types are Varied based on lvl and the types are the mobs.

    /ms setspawn - Location You Go After Death Or First Time On Server

    /ms tp - shows you the different towns you can to too via a chest gui

    More then just the commands above.

    I know its a large project :/​
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    I wouldn't mind joining in if anyone does take this. This seems pretty mad. I might just start working on base stuff for it now :)

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    Sounds Great Could we talk for a little bit just so i can get to know you?
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    I'm not sure if my Skype will work (I have 2 bars connection) but I'll try it and I've already messaged you.
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    Removed Skype.

    kreashenz ig88hk
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    Bump Still looking for someone to Take the job.
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