Minecraft Updated! Bukkit out of date.

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by DannyCare, Mar 31, 2011.

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    @OmegaII Notch is developing the game mainly at the moment, he will be adding mod API, and then further developing the server for customizeability. The game is still in Beta, and as such, things are still being developed.
    @p4ndepravity Man, I thought I was a douche, but you, you don't even deserve to use bukkit, go play on Vanilla. If I could get your IP address I would ban you from ever downloading any of my plugins again.
    @Livewire There is no reason to be upset at Mojang, they develop a game, Bukkit hooks into that game, they're two completely different groups of people working on different things. Minecraft is still beta, it's still under development, and they're still adding features. It's not like they release updates just to break Bukkit, they do it so that there are new things for users.

    @adrewkm and everybody else complaining about the fact Mojang released an update. If you don't like it, stick to 1.3, never update past 1.3/b556/b602. Just pretend that that's the latest and last version of Minecraft, and have fun with your bugs, because apparently updates are bad :)
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    Woah wtf? I can play now!!

    EDIT: Nope, never mind.
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    www.CraftPlz.com Use our client its 1.3_01
  4. As what i've read, notch said that he would be implementing the whole achievement system on the next update of minecraft :/
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    And to people saying Mojang should take Bukkit into consideration, they have no reason to, Bukkit is a community-developed hook with no official relation to Mojang. It would be nice if Mojang threw a release our way a bit before an update, but they have no obligation to, just as they don't have an obligation to help hMod, or the C++ servers, or the C# server, or the custom Java "implementations."
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    Worked perfectly on PC, my cousin uses MAC. Does anyone know how to do the same thing but on mac?

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    Lemme hear an AMEN!
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    Already reversing the 1.4 server myself incase the bukkit guys are lazy. I'll have compiled craftbukkit for 1.4 by tonight.
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    Its the same proccess, just find the .minecraft folder and replace it. I don't know the exact string though.
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    That's easy. Go to (Username)>Library>Application Support>minecraft

    Then just do the same thing as on windows. It runs on Java so pretty much the same thing on both OS'
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    Does anyone knows when we could expect an update?
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    Honestly what is Notch doing these days other then creating stupid addons to this game? Seriously wolves.... are you KIDDING ME?

    How about work on economy addons, world editing addons, region addons for your minecraft server, how about releasing a real update for once.

    It seems as though the bukkit community/plugin developers can create a better game/multiplayer experience then this notch guy is doing recently.

    I MEAN COMON WOLVES?! ARE You for real?!
    Sorry but im so vented right now. Wolves...WOLVES, whats next 1.5 butterflies?!
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    i hope for cats.
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    I want to respectfully counter-argue this point a little. No, they don't have an obligation to - but minecraft multiplayer would not be very successful without Bukkit. I think many sales of the game Minecraft are in-part thanks to the hardwork of the Bukkit team and the plugin developer community. Minecraft vanilla server is unsecure and just open for grief and unpleasantness, in my opinion. Yes it is still Beta, but they are capitalizing on the success of the game NOW. I don't see Mojang's sales soaring through the roof after the game releases - I think most people who want to buy the game have bought the game (unless they do a butt-load of marketing - but how can they surpass the virility the game has already achieved?)

    Anyway. My two cents. It is my opinion that not only should Mojang help Bukkit by giving them a heads up, but that they owe - if not money - at least a debt of gratitude to the Bukkit team.
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    maybe weed!
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    @andrewkm He's doing more than you, and making far more money for it ;) Now stop being a dick, and as I said, if you don't like his updates, stick to 1.3 and enjoy your bugs and lack of features :)
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    Honestly this is the message hes sending...

    "Hey guys, im rich i feel like james bond, i got drunk last night with some guys on a private jet, by the way 1.4 gonna mess you all up bahahahaha , off to mingle with the rich folks :)"


    features ... wolves?.... beds? a ladder fix? lol ....
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    Absolutely no idea. As I mentioned previously, when going to 1.3 it took a few hours so we may be seeing another repeat. :(
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    Ouch, was hoping for half an hour max :p well i guess ill wait :)
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    Hmm. I see people saying tell the launcher not to update the game but is that option not available in OS X? I don't recall seeing it when people recommended it for the 1.3 update. Rather annoying if it's a windows only thing since java is completely cross platform.
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    A large portion of the sales were made before Bukkit was even out, 90% of the sales of Minecraft were for single player, and the knowledge that multiplayer was coming later. I know the Vanilla server is not secure, it's a griefer magnet, but that's because they haven't done much work on multi-player, and that makes sense to me, make the single player work how you want, then work on the server.
    And no, Mojang owes nothing to the Bukkit team, or to the plugin developers. We chose to do this of our own free will, to offer this service to the community, not to Mojang.
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    Shay Williams

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    It's the same thing on OS X. I have both OS' and the game or updater is no different on there, the launchers are just in different languages.

    EDIT: The one thing I notice the difference with is the texture packs, you have to manually place the pack in the folder on OS X but not on Windows
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    same >_>
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    @GhostToast Just some numbers for you. There's ~42,000 users on the Bukkit forums, say 10% of them run servers, and average it out to ~30 players per server. That comes out to ~126,000 players, now say that is the number of sales directly related to Bukkit, that's only ~7.4% of the total sales of Minecraft. And that is being rather generous on the numbers.
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    Shay Williams

    You do realize there is such a thing as false positives right? It was coded in BASIC and has a .dll for extracting .zip files embed in it.

    Also, read the damn detection. Says less than 5 people w/ norton have used the file. Idiot.
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    Minecraft is like "Social Network" movie, but Notch stopped in half of the movie and he's making it alone.

    He had lucky that Hmod and Bukkit teams made a lot of work to make this multiplayer playeable...

    It's just 40 mb game, and he want to realese it in 1-2 years ? Come on, he have money to do it better.
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    ... are you guys serious?
    Sure, I'm as annoyed as anyone that Bukkit isn't working right now, but c'mon.
    This game is still in developmental stages. Notch has no obligation to anyone. Honestly, you have got to be joking when you say that you don't want any more updates for the game. You would rather play on an incomplete version of a game forever than wait a bit for a better version?

    I thought most of this community was better than MCF, but this is a horrendous.
    You didn't buy the game with multiplayer in mind. Almost no one did. 99% of players will hop right into single player, and not look at multiplayer for a month or two. They will then flow into that. Why would Mojang begin working on something that barely anyone would use first, if they could work on what is mainly used?
    Mojang is a business, and it makes more sense for them to follow the pattern their new users follow, than their already paid ones.

    MineCraft has to attract new players, and if Wolves gets us to 2 million, then so be it, I don't mind my Bukkit server being down for a day, or two.

    By the way, those 2 million new players would bring in more $, and in turn, better multiplayer support.

    The option to update is available on OSX, by the way.
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    Exactly what I said a few posts back.I think what some people lack in knowledge,makes up for their stupidity.People seem to take what you and other Bukkit/plugin devs for granted.And thats very appalling.The type of society we live in makes people so incredibly selfish,and blame things on others.To whomever has an issue about Bukkit updated,plugin updates,MC updates,Notch complaints,listen closely:Complaining to the world won't help you a slightest bit.It only aggravates others and makes you look bad.So if you feel the need to complain for some reason,keep it to yourself.Leave the people that work hard for you alone.They deserve no flaming.
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