Minecraft Updated! Bukkit out of date.

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by DannyCare, Mar 31, 2011.

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    Was it me being stupid or did Minecraft just update again?
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    But... Thank you for your repply, but... You said a few plugins will not work after this update ? Holly Shit ! :(
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    And a good cuppa :)
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    New update ;) Youre right
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    Yea. He updated again real quick to fixa big with crashing when you made a stone slab.
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    Daaannnggg Brah!
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    And Redstone Torches...
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    Aww man, and I just updated my plugins too XD
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    Same :( Hope it´s a new update on bukkit tomorrow!
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    Can someone explain how I utilize this .zip to roll back to 1.3?

    It would be enormously helpful :)

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    Same problem everytime. As long as Notch doesn't begin caring about MultiPlayer, and releases his source to bukkit so they can update it on time ... we will have to wait every time over and over again. Stupid Notch not caring ...

    Go bukkit I love you !!! You at least really care about MC and it's real purpous !
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    Replace this folder: C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft
    with the one in the zip file. Then start the launcher and say no to the update.
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    this is so frustrating. I just went through hell trying to catch all my plugins up with CB602 which still isn't completely working and now we have to update everything again to catch up with 1.4 We've known about 1.4 for some time now. There should have been an updated link days ago. Why don't CB and plugins devs try to be a bit more proactive instead of waiting till after everything changes to start working on the updates. The people on my server don't care if the plugins are incompatible or not they just want to play.
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    it is a bit difficult to be proactive if you don't have access to the source which is being changed.. [as far as i know, notch never got around to releasing dev builds]
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    Thats sounds way too selfish man.What Bukkit devs do for us is free.They spend their own time making ours fun.You have to remember,they're doing this upon their own will.No one forces them to do anything for this community,instead,they feel the need to help "a brother out" as they say :p
    So just be patient.
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    Don Redhorse

    and what would you have in that case? a bukkit server running vanialla because NO plugin will probably work.

    looks like people just DON'T learn.. it will be that way AS long as there is

    a) NO official API from mojang
    b) there is a change in that API mentioned in a)
    c) NO fixed API from bukkit
    d) there is a change in that API mentioned in b)

    Mojang put out a new launcher since 1.3 which will ask you if you want to update. There was also a 3rd party mod since ages which would do the same. Also you should make backups of your system. Plus you could ask other people.

    Don't blame somebody else... when only you are to blame.
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    This. If folks want to be upset at someone, be upset at Mojang.

    Myself? Sitting pretty cause I remembered not to update - went through this with 1.2. Only drawback is right now there's 3 plugins that I didn't see get updated to 600 or 602 so once 1.4 rolls out, I might be short a plugin or two, but we'll see.
  23. here we go again :(

    ps. jou can always downgrad and that is what i am going to do :p
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    Same :(
    This is gonna be bad.
    Oh man, if craft bukkit updates i assume it will be a higher build then [602] which will only work with certain plugins and alot of my plugins only worked with [556]

    :( AH! Everything was so perfect and i had such a mint server running on [556] and 1.3 and now we got this stupid WOLF UPDATED!? like....seriously are you kidding me?!!!!!
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    Wonder if he really added the stat system he has been talking about.. and if so.. where do we access it? Anyway, I'm still sitting on 556.. running Vanilla right now because my users won't take the time to halt their client from updating, or downgrading if they do. Plus it gives me a chance to see how everything runs bukkit free.
  26. Can't wait till bukkit is back up. There is to much on our main map to just run a vanilla map. Until then we have a temp map up.
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    Hehe.I use to feel the same way about Notch's updates.And to be quite frank,I don't think he has much interest in the Bukkit community or any other 3rd party server software.Until Bukkit and Notch work something out,it'll be like this all the time.During hMod days,it was even worse.Updates came out more frequently,causing people to become agitated even more.Surprisingly enough,the Bukkit community seems to have gotten a better understanding of whats trying to be played out here.So,if you're a bit upset about your "mint server status",trust me,in a few days everything'll be back to normal.
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    www.CraftPlz.com go there download the client its a stand alone 1.3 scan it as much as you want its all good.
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    * Added tameable wolves
    * Added cookies
    * Sleeping in a bed now resets your spawn position
    * New Minecraft logo
    * Holding shift while climbing will hang on to the ladder
    * Spiders will no longer trample crops
    * Lots and lots of infrastructure for Statistics lists and Achievements
  30. ooh an i am real bukkit fan and don't missunderstand me but you can always try if there is a different mod avaible like hmod if you guys think i'm nuts... deal wiht it :p
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