Minecraft Update?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Pyrohair, Jan 18, 2011.

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    Did minecraft just update? I couldnt connect to Minecraft and no one could connect to my server. Does that mean it updated and now requires a new version of Bukkit?
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    Whenever your having connection issues with your server/login please check www.minecraft.net. If the site doesnt respond than you have your answer. All client logins are authenticated through his main site as well as client/server downloads. So if his site is being bogged down then your not going to be able to login to the game and if you happen to be already logged in and try to connect to your server it authenticates your account once more on server login. You can only imagine the stress on his web package.
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    Ahh! Thank-you very much!
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    I think there was an update to Minecraft because my client downloaded some stuff, and I had to re-patch it with Minecraft Automap. The alleged update did not stop me from connecting to my Bukkit server so I'm pointing my finger at Minecraft.net's authentication server being the weak link.
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    So Bukkit should still work without an update?
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    I think he only added in the various taglines again :p
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    They migrated Web Host there server couldnt hold the amount of players so they upgraded it :D
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    Ok, I still cant connect to my server after the update. Is there going to be a new Bukkit?
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    Any updates on this? i cant connect to my own server :( unsure whether its because of the update or because of minecraft.net being on a rollercoaster.
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    Mojang is splitting up the server workload into multiple servers on the cloud, and it's my guess they are in the middle of it and haven't finished yet. Patience young grasshopper.
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    Ah righteo. Good news :D
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    Edit your server.properties file.
    Change the following line
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