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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by FuzzyWuzzy, Jan 17, 2011.

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    after transitioning my hey0 server over to Bukkit (build 63 atm) my community has noticed a MASSIVE decrease in minecart speeds in our subway system which makes out long distance traveling to different cities pretty painful =/ and i dont want to reasort to teleporting plugins... does anyone know if Hey0 had a booster/minecart tweak for speed and will this ever be implemented in bukkit via default or a plugin? thx a ton guys.
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    Check out Minecart Mania. That may be exactly what you are looking for :)
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    The Hey0 speed increase was actually a bug in hey0, it caused all sorts of havoc. I think Bukkit should keep the vanilla speed, as Notch intended.
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    is there any way to disable all features of minecart mania, and just use the speed boost?... were seeing about half the speed we used to have on Hey0 =/
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    Minecart Mania doesn't give any speed boost, you've been misinformed.
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    With Minecart Mania Core, you should be able to just have your "speed boost" by just placing Gold Blocks as boosters, or Gold Ore if you don't want it to get such a boost - note: don't build your whole track of Gold, you will produce unsavory, head spinning results! :) On my old server, we had the whole thing installed, but mainly used that feature, and brakes/eject of course. Players with nice systems were enraged during the 5 minutes of Hey0 being down and me finding Afforess already here with a plugin, truckin' along.
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