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Do you think a MineCraft Real Time Strategy mod would be cool?

  1. Yes, I think a MineCraft RTS mod would be cool.

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  2. I have a better idea about how to make a MineCraft RTS mod and I will explain.

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  3. No, I don't think a MineCraft RTS mod would be cool.

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    I think this game would really benefit from an rts mod. Based on small Starcraft maps, each map would be 6chunks*6chunks or larger. Each team could have a few players who would start with nothing to prevent worker rush cheese. Each team spawn area would start with a pile of above ground ore that would have to be mined and some trees. A water source could also be placed nearby. Basically, it would look a lot like an aoe start area. MineCraft has huge potential for map design. Each map could have a biome theme just like in SC2. There could be Nether maps, desert maps, hilly maps - the possibilities are literally endless! This mod could then be exported, shared and refined until it becomes almost a game unto itself, just like Counter Strike did back in the 90s.

    A series of mods could be used to simulate building construction. The fast build mod could be programmed to hold a few buildings like bunkers, barracks, pig pens etc. Victory would be achieved upon the destruction of all enemy buildings just like in Starcraft. It would be cool if we had a mod to add NPC workers and soldiers, but as far as I can tell no such mods exist.

    As for factions, I don't think we should add any until the alpha and beta levels of testing are finished. We could see what strategies develop from the metagame, and add factions that specialize in each strategy (e.g. zerg, toss, terran, Greek, Egyptian.)

    I think an rts mod would make our server even more popular. It would also put us on the map, since it would be the very first Minecraft RTS mod.

    note: maps would of course reset after each match.
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    If you want a plugin especially for you to make your server more popular then you should do it yourself I think.
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    I'm a programming n00b. I can't yet.
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    This is a good idea, but this requires quite a bit of work. Maybe someone will be using this?
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